Six dishes can make the chest size surge in health network

In fact, no need for

chest size is too anxious, 6 dishes made of 17 kinds of food here will help you to have a full chest, charming figure. Although Sibu will not happen overnight, but as long as you step by step, it will usher in the

cup upgrade surprise!

1 qingsun + yam + liver

Nutritionist private words:

yam is a respected Chinese tonic Jiapin, rich in protein, with the role of invigorating spleen and tonifying kidney and replenishing essence Qi; liver is rich in heme iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin B and so on, not only conducive to the synthesis of estrogen, or the blood of the preferred food; lettuce is the traditional breast vegetables. The combination of the three, is nursed back to blood effect, can promote breast nutrition supply, can improve the skin’s moisture and color sense. read more

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Use soap to clean up breast breast health net

anatomically, sebaceous glands and large sweat gland breast, breast skin surface of the oil is under the areola of the sebaceous glands. During pregnancy, increased secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands also areola nipple hypertrophy, become soft, and increase the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands also make the skin surface acidification, leading to cuticle softening. At this time, if the commonly used soap cleaning items, from the nipple and areola. The breast skin secretions, wash away the protective lubricating grease, the women’s breast health is bad. read more

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Health warning 12 kinds of signs of disease of the female breast health network

1 mass. Most of the tumors with slow growth and obvious pain are benign hyperplasia or inflammation. The rapid growth and the unclear boundary mass need to be examined as soon as possible.

2 nipple inversion. The cause of the inverted nipple: there are several clothes too tight, especially in female breast development period of the underwear is too tight; the improper use of the bra is too small, too tight, the use of early genetic factors.

3 skin ulcers. In patients with breast cancer, some patients will have skin problem, manifested as local ulceration Jiuzhibuyu, with a lot of bloody, purulent secretion odor. read more

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