Moroccos Minister of Education Denies teachers Right to Pursue Higher Education

Taroudant, Morocco – Moroccan Minister of Education Rachid Belmokhtar said Thursday that the Ministry is refusing to allow teachers to pursue higher education because “of the negative impact of their absence on student learning.”Speaking at a press conference following a meeting of the Government Council on Thursday, the Minister said the teacher is an “employee who is accountable to the Ministry and also to students (…) and I do not agree with those who continue their education at the master’s or doctoral level to improve their administrative situations at the expense of students.”The Minister confirmed that his ministry “will not allow any teacher to pursue university studies, and those who want to pursue the study should apply for full-time undergraduate study.” The Minister’s decision prompted dismay and disgruntlement from teachers who are already completing their university studies or aspiring to enroll in master’s studies this year.“Teachers are the ones in the most dire need of master’s programs and advanced training to provide them with enlightened knowledge, innovative techniques, and advanced strategies to cope with the challenging tasks they are up against,” said Mohamed, a teacher at a middle school, pursuing his studies in the university.“I see no purpose behind the minister’s move but keeping teachers tight and controlled,” said Faissal, a high school teach in Agadir.“Any country that despises its teachers and educators should not expect much from its educational system,” he added.On the other hand, some people hail the Minister’s decision, believing that the teacher, with an already busy schedule, will not be able to cope with a “demanding job” and university studies, which require more dedication at the expense of the students.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more

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