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In Tunisia UN Chief commends African nation for staying true to ideals

“The President and I just had a very productive meeting. I welcomed the way he runs the country without compromising on principles, at this critical time in the history of Tunisia,” said Mr. Ban told journalists in the capital of Tunis. Tunisia’s upcoming elections will mark an important milestone on Tunisia’s road to democracy, Mr. Ban said pledging that the UN will do its utmost to ensure that elections are open to all, transparent and peaceful. The UN has already “actively supported the democratic transition with technical assistance on elections, transitional justice and Tunisia’s extremely valuable Constitution,” he added.Last January, Tunisia’s Parliament adopted the constitution, the country’s first since massive public demonstrations ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in early 2011, the first regime to be toppled in the so-called Arab Spring. “Tunisia raised hopes across North Africa, the Middle East and the globe when the Arab Spring was born here. And Tunisia has risen to high expectations by staying true to its ideals,” Mr. Ban said, adding that both he and the Tunisian President are both deeply concerned about the situation in Libya.“Here we see that with integrity, leadership, civic engagement and commitment, peaceful revolution leads to promising stability,” Mr. Ban told reporters, commending the Tunisian Government and the Tunisian people for the great success they have achieved. “Tunisians have shown the power of inclusive national dialogue. This is an important example for countries of this region. When leaders listen to their people, respond to their needs and work for their aspirations, countries enjoy peace and prosperity,” he added. Mr. Ban’s meeting with the Tunisian President was followed by a discussion with Mustapha Ben Jaafar, President of the National Constitutional Assembly, as well as the Presidents of a number of Parliamentary Groups. At a later press conference following what he called a “very productive” meeting with Foreign Minister Mongi Hamdi, the Secretary-General said he looked forward to speaking with members of civil society. Mr. Ban is planned tomorrow to meet with representatives of non-governmental organizations, journalists, activists and others who have helped create the “new Tunisia,” he added. Referring to the progress Tunisia has undertaken, Mr. Ban said this is “promising ground to build on.” Now Tunisia needs to create new economic opportunities, advance social justice, promote human rights, secure gender equality and counter terrorism.“You deserve international support as you solidify this progress,” added the Secretary-General. read more

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World record Daredevil Felix Baumgartner skydives from 242 miles above Earth

first_imgSKYDIVER FELIX BAUMGARTNER has made aviation history – setting a new world record for the highest ever skydive.The Austrian daredevil jumped from a record 24.2 miles above Earth – setting new world records for the fastest human freefall, the highest skydive and the highest manned flight in a balloon.The 43-year-old jumped after a 140-minute journey brought him from a base at Roswell, New Mexico to 128,000 feet above ground at about 7:10pm Irish time.He was in freefall for about four-and-a-half minutes before deploying a parachute and gliding to the ground – landing on his feet.A spokeswoman later added that Baumgartner had broken the sound barrier in his freefall back to Earth – becoming the first person ever to do so unaided.His capsule was being parachuted back to Earth, and carrying a trove of readings and data which engineers hope can eventually be used to ensure the safety of regular civilian spaceflight.Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil and skydiver, had been preparing for the mission for years – and in July successfully jumped to Earth from 18 miles.Two attempts earlier this week had to be aborted due to inclement weather conditions, and today’s attempt was delayed for several hours as mild ground winds posed a risk to the balloon that was bringing the Austrian into the air.The mission director for the Red Bull Stratos project, Joseph Kittinger, held the previous record for the highest skydive, at 19 miles.last_img read more

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