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Brock calendar packed with high school events

Now that Winter Term has come to an end, it’s high season for high school students on campus.Brock has been buzzing with activity over the past two weeks, with secondary students from across Niagara and the GTA taking tours, listening to presentations, participating in lab demonstrations and getting a taste for life on campus.That jam-packed lineup continues this week, with the addition of the popular Scientifically Yours event May 10 and 11, and the Ontario Classics Conference May 10 to 12.“For many high school students, University campuses can seem very intimidating at first,” said Jamie Mandigo, Brock’s Vice-Provost, Enrolment Management and International. “Some have never set foot on a University campus while others may be the first in their family to apply and attend University. Providing students with a welcoming first impression of Brock is critical to reassuring them that they will have a positive student experience during their time with us.”Included in the many high school events that have happened recently or are scheduled to take place on campus this week are:April 27 — Stamford Collegiate performed at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts (MIWSFPA) as part of In the Soil Arts Festival.May 1 — Grimsby’s Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School was at Brock as part of a Psychology Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) program.May 3 — Brantford’s Assumption College School was at Brock for a Health and Wellness SHSM program; District School Board of Niagara parents were also on campus for an introduction to Brock.May 4 — The District School Board of Niagara’s Programming Contest was held in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science’s computer labs.May 5 — The Department of Dramatic Arts held its invitational and weekend tours for high school students.May 7 — About 500 students from the District School Board of Niagara rehearsed at the MIWSFPA for Music Monday, before performing at the Meridian Centre that evening. May 8 — DSBN Academy held its Grade 11 student visit; Mississauga’s John Fraser Secondary School brought students from the Health and Wellness SHSM program for a campus tour, Health Sciences lecture and lab activity; About 60 Grade 10 and 11 students from Thorold High School, Eastdale Secondary School and Port Colborne High School visited for campus tours, presentations and a Dramatic Arts activity with Professor Joe Norris and his improv students; The Grade 9 drama students from Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School performed their original self-produced children’s play in the Marilyn I. Walker Theatre for elementary and secondary school students of the NCDSB.May 9 — About 14 students from Pelham’s E.L. Crossley Secondary School will be on campus for a tour, Kinesiology presentation and lab demonstration; the Brock-Niagara French Competition will be on campus all day; Niagara Catholic District School Board students will be rehearsing and participating in workshops at the MIWSFPA for Music Day before performing at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre in downtown St. Catharines.May 10 — About 42 Health and Wellness SHSM students from Mississauga Secondary School will be on campus for a tour, Health Sciences lecture and lab activity; The Grade 9 drama students from Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School performed their original self-produced children’s play in the Marilyn I. Walker Theatre for elementary and secondary school students of the NCDSB; The Scientifically Yours event begins; Ontario Student Classic Conference begins.May 11 — Scientifically Yours; Ontario Classics Conference.May 12 — Women’s hockey will host its recruit day; the Ontario Classics Conference will have its final day.Throughout the coming weeks there will be various youth programs and tournaments; the Niagara Principals’ Awards will be presented.Is there an event missing from this list? If so, please email details to [email protected] read more

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Is there life on Mars Ten years on the Opportunity rover is

first_imgWithin just months of landing on the surface Spirit had verified that the 100km wide crater it landed in was indeed a vast lake in its early history, Opportunity’s landing was nothing short of remarkable. It scored a ‘cosmic hole in one’ by inadvertently landing within a tiny 22m wide crater upon a vast flat plain called Meridiani Planum, suspected to have been a sea on Mars billions of years ago.When Opportunity sent back images from the Meridiani Planum, the structure and salt deposits shown verified for that it had indeed been a sea on Mars billions of years ago.John Callas, Mars Exploration Rovers project manager. (Pic: AP Photo/Reed Saxon)Since then, Opportunity has survived four Martian winters at temperatures below -100 degrees Celsius and trekked for three years across 20 km of sandy plains to its current location at the rim of Endeavour Crater.“It has been reprogrammed from Earth to be an autonomous artificial–intelligent ‘thinking machine’ capable of planning excursion and scientific investigations on its own and without instruction from Earth,” explains Nolan.The power levels on the solar-powered rover have unexpectedly improved and a recent selfie by Opportunity showed dust on its solar panels wiped away by blowing winds.(Youtube / NASA)In 2012, Opportunity was joined on Mars by Curiosity, which is currently rolling across bumpy terrain toward a mountain.With snazzy tools like a laser, Curiosity quickly became the world’s favorite rover.But Opportunity snatched some of the attention back earlier this month when it discovered a rock shaped like a jelly doughnut that suddenly appeared in its field of view, probably after its wheel kicked it up. Scientists said it’s unlike any rock they’ve seen on Mars before.It costs about $14 million a year to maintain Opportunity and NASA periodically reviews missions that have been extended to decide where to invest scarce dollars.In several months, Opportunity will decamp from its winter haven and head south to what scientists are calling the mother lode a clay-rich spot that should yield more discoveries.- Additional reporting was provided by Associated Press.More information on Opportunity and its ten years on Mars can be found on the official NASA mission website. Read: Meet the Irish man who’s been shortlisted to go to Mars and never come back >Read: NASA’s MAVEN Mars mission launches from Kennedy Space Center > ON 24 JANUARY 2004 NASA achieved the still rarefied feat of successfully landing a rover on Mars. Opportunity was only supposed to explors the Martian surface for 90 days but today, 10 years on, it has driven driven for 40 km and is still going.One of its six wheels and two instruments stopped working long ago. It has an arthritic joint. Its flash memory occasionally suffers a senior moment, but it is still going.Opportunity’s twin, Spirit, stopped working in 2010 after getting stuck in some Martian sand.Their original goal was simple, to investigate whether there were once large bodies of standing water on the Red Planet.Kevin Nolan of the the Institute of Technology Tallaght and the Irish coordinator the Planetary Society, says their success was almost immediate:last_img read more

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