Egyptian Professor Do Not Leave Work for Prayer

Rabat – Amna Nasir, a professor of Islamic philosophy at Cairo’s al-Azhar University and a member of Egypt’s parliament issued a fatwa (a religious opinion) on Tuesday, April 30, saying that leaving work for prayer is inappropriate.Nasir argue that dhuhr (noon) prayer can be delayed to overlap with Asr (midday) prayer in a phone call on a program titled “Public Opinion” presented by Amr Abdel Hamid on the television channel Tahrir Egyptian Network (TEN). Arguing that leaving work for prayer is putting off the interest of citizens, Nasir called on all breadwinners to “stay devoted to work” as is licensed by God, adding that “love for work is proof of one’s love for Allah.” She also argued that “the prophet (PBUH) kissed the hands that worked, saying it is a hand that Allah and his prophet love.” Read also: Libya’s Grand Mufti Call On Muslims to Boycott Hajj and UmrahNasir’s fatwa came just two days after the Libyan grand mufti Sadiq Al-Ghariani called on Muslims planning to perform a second Hajj or Umrah to abstain as a boycotting strategy against Saudi Arabian rulers. He argued that Muslims “put money in the pockets of Saudi rulers” enabling them to “kill our Muslim brother and sisters.” read more

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