Dozens killed in trio of terror attacks

There have been horrific terror attacks on three continents. This morning gunmen killed at least 27 people at a beachfront hotel in Tunisia, the same day terrorists brutally beheaded one person in France and bombed a mosque in Kuwait. In Tunisia, gunmen opened fired at a beach resort near the city of Sousse. At least one of the attackers was killed by security forces. Witnesses say a gunman came onto the beach hiding a machine gun under an umbrella. Guests at the resort heard at least 30 seconds of sustained gunfire and saw bloodied bodies lying in the sand. 36 others were wounded. In France attackers stormed an American-owned industrial chemical plant. One person was decapitated; two others were hurt. There was also an explosion at the plant. French president Francois Hollande is calling it a terror attack. Two Islamic flags and a note written in arabic were reportedly found at the factory near the city of Lyon. At least one man has been arrested. Meanwhile, many more are dead after a suicide attack on a shi’ite mosque in Kuwait City today. According to the city governor, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the packed mosque during Friday prayers. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack targeting shi’ite muslims. The bomb filled the hall with smoke and according to a local newspaper, 24 were killed. it’s the first suicide bombing attack on a shi’ite mosque in Kuwait. This morning British prime minister David Cameron commented on the acts of violence. “Our hearts all go out to the victims of these appalling terrorist acts.”“I spoke to president Hollande at the European council and offered my sympathy and our solidarity with the French people at this time. I hope to speak later with the Tunisian government and again offer our sympathies and condolences and our solidarity in fighting this evil of terrorism.”The attacks today killing dozens comes just days after ISIS urged supporters to unleash quote : “a month of disaster” during the Muslim holy period of Ramadan. Governments around the world have gone into high alert. read more

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