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Moroccos Minister of Education Denies teachers Right to Pursue Higher Education

Taroudant, Morocco – Moroccan Minister of Education Rachid Belmokhtar said Thursday that the Ministry is refusing to allow teachers to pursue higher education because “of the negative impact of their absence on student learning.”Speaking at a press conference following a meeting of the Government Council on Thursday, the Minister said the teacher is an “employee who is accountable to the Ministry and also to students (…) and I do not agree with those who continue their education at the master’s or doctoral level to improve their administrative situations at the expense of students.”The Minister confirmed that his ministry “will not allow any teacher to pursue university studies, and those who want to pursue the study should apply for full-time undergraduate study.” The Minister’s decision prompted dismay and disgruntlement from teachers who are already completing their university studies or aspiring to enroll in master’s studies this year.“Teachers are the ones in the most dire need of master’s programs and advanced training to provide them with enlightened knowledge, innovative techniques, and advanced strategies to cope with the challenging tasks they are up against,” said Mohamed, a teacher at a middle school, pursuing his studies in the university.“I see no purpose behind the minister’s move but keeping teachers tight and controlled,” said Faissal, a high school teach in Agadir.“Any country that despises its teachers and educators should not expect much from its educational system,” he added.On the other hand, some people hail the Minister’s decision, believing that the teacher, with an already busy schedule, will not be able to cope with a “demanding job” and university studies, which require more dedication at the expense of the students.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more

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UNbacked World Cup initiative scores goal for environment

“The German Local Organizing Committee has put down a clear and unequivocal environmental foundation from which future host countries can now build,” UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Executive Director Achim Steiner said of the so-called ‘Green Goal’ project set up by the Committee with UNEP cooperation. The report, launched at the Global Forum for Sport and the Environment in Lausanne, Switzerland, came just a day after the release of another study showing that UNEP-backed initiatives won a gold medal for the 2006 Winter Olympics with the Games in Torino, Italy, setting new records for offsetting global warming gas emissions. “Organizers of future FIFA World Cup events will now have to consider playing the environment up front as one of the leading strikers in their planning and policy strategies,” Mr. Steiner said, referring to the International Football Federation. “Otherwise, they risk own goals and off-sides from domestic and international public opinion.”The legacy report on ‘Green Goal’ highlights how, through a range of domestic measures including deploying renewable energy at venues and boosting the use of public and non-motorized transport by fans, significant greenhouse gas reductions were achieved.Apart from domestic measures, the organizers offset rises in emissions by supporting clean energy schemes in India and South Africa, host country for the 2010 Cup. These offsets saved an estimated 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the global atmosphere, over-compensating the additional emissions in Germany by 8,000 tonnes.The report shows that the amount of greenhouse gases saved by these combined actions more than compensated for the emissions generated, so much so that the flights to and from Germany by soccer stars like Brazil’s Ronaldino and England’s Rooney and FIFA officials were also offset.“UNEP has been proud to have been associated with the ‘Green Goal’ and not just for its achievement on climate but for its achievements in areas from waste avoidance to the harvesting of rainwater for pitches,” Mr. Steiner said. “We stand ready to assist the organizers of the 2010 tournament in South Africa score their own ‘Green Goals’ and in doing so send a clear signal to organizers of all mass audience events that environment deserves top billing, is no longer a support act but a big draw in its own right.” read more

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