New Polypipe brochure focuses on water management in mining

first_imgHighlighting water management solutions for all aspects of mining operations and showcasing several high profile projects, a new brochure dedicated to mining in Africa has been produced by Polypipe. The company states: “Relying heavily on water for mineral extraction processes, effective water management is essential in mines – particularly those in remote locations without a natural water supply. Polypipe, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic piping and water management systems, provides plastic piping systems and solutions for a host of applications in mines, including transport infrastructure, water delivery and distribution, dewatering and storage, processing, water treatment, and welfare infrastructure.”Taking a detailed look at major projects with which Polypipe has already been involved, the brochure also includes an in-depth case study on the supply of Ridgidrain to the Marampa mine in Sierra Leone for tailings management ponds. Philip Wood, Export Sales Manager for Polypipe explains: “Mining and mineral processing simply cannot take place without water. As well as products which are rigorously tested to prove their suitability for the often harsh and rugged conditions within mines, Polypipe is also able to offer a consultancy approach to mine water management, working with operators and contractors to design effective solutions for every stage in a mine’s water cycle.”The brochure also introduces the product ranges specifically identified by Polypipe as ideal for mining, including corrosion-proof PE100; Polystorm, a water storage system; and Ridgidrain, ideal for surface and sub-surface drainage. The brochure can be found at read more

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