Hassan: “Cristiano’s departure left a hole at Real Madrid”

first_imgThe Egyptian said that “the current break is a great crisis and something negative for all teams, and that world football is going through an extraordinary situation that occurs for the first time.” And regarding the options to resume the competitions he said: “there is no possibility at the moment, the coronavirus crisis will not be resolved by anyone responsible. You just have to wait until the current situation is controlled. Surely this break will produce great economic losses for both federations and clubs, as they all suffer from a lack of income, bearing in mind that they must pay salaries to their players and employees. “ Finally, Hassan spoke of Sergio Ramos’ options to beat his record as the player with the most games wearing his national team’s shirt, saying: “Beating records is a legitimate right for all players. Ramos has to make a great effort and represent his national team so that he can beat my record. Perhaps, the conditions have been in his favor due to the possibility of his participation in the Euro, but now the conditions are in my favor due to his postponement to next year, in addition to the stoppage of the international agenda of the national teams, This will stop him and will make me keep this record for a longer time, since he needs to play 17 games to match my record. “ Ahmed Hassan, Former player of the Turkish Beşiktaş and Belgian Anderlecht, he gave an interview to this newspaper in which “He urged everyone to follow both the instructions of the health foundations and the WHO to control the spread of the coronavirus.” Ahmed Hassan declared that “he is a Real Madrid player and that Real Madrid is his favorite team in La Liga.” Regarding the second stage of Zidane he said: “He was a legendary player and he is a great coach, who was able to achieve many great achievements and titles in his first stage, but he is currently going through the team rebuilding stage, of course there are so many differences between the two stages, but the most outstanding is to lose Cristiano Ronaldo, who was his first star. Ronaldo’s departure affected the team a lot, especially at the offensive level. It may be that the results before the break were not good, but Zidane still struggling to win the title with BarcelonaIn addition, he has the possibility of eliminating City in the knockout stages of the Champions League and signing his pass to the quarterfinals “.center_img Hassan, who was the captain of the best generation of the Egyptian team, indicated that “Hazard has so far been unable to fill the gap created by Ronaldo’s departure. ” With reference to the initiative of the Barcelona players to reduce 70% of their salaries, he said: “It is a very good initiative by the Blaugrana, including their captain Lionel Messi, since they gave up 70% of their payrolls, in addition to other donations to the club, so that the employees receive their salaries one hundred percent “. The former Egyptian midfielder had his opinion on the determination of the champions in case of ending the season: “there are many leagues were about to end as the Premier. Liverpool leads the table by 25 points advantage to Manchester City, so his fans hope to lift the title after thirty years of absence, but as it is known, ascents and descents have to be determined, In this case, neither team can be given as champion, nor who goes up and who goes down until the end of the season. “last_img read more

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