Australian identity theft a real threat

first_imgAustralian Passports are popular on the black market Government documents have revealed fake or doctored Australian Passports have been detected, on average, once per week in the past three years.Details regarding the illegal documents have been few and far between to prevent damage to international relations and protect information provided by police and foreign governments.Australia is still reeling in light of the incident involving Israeli spies using forged passports of actual Australian citizens to assassinate a Hamas leader in Dubai.Doctored passports have been recovered from spies, thieves and people smugglers at ports in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Ghana, Britain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Egypt.The issue is so widespread that fake passports have been detected at local airports, banks and even in the hands of underage kids in pubs.The Australian Passport Office’s fraud section director Michael Lynch said about 1800 passport frauds had been investigated in the past three years, according to The Australian.There is a strong trade in passports, many of which have been stolen in Asia and distributed around the world. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

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