360degree 80 Gigapixel Panorama is Worlds Highest Resolution Image

first_imgthese suckers have no clue that they are being silently judged from a mile away.london. one of the world’s most fabled urban metropolises is ready for its close-up. really close-up. crazy close-up. eighty friggin’ gigapixel closeup!photographer jeffrey martin took this 80 billion pixel, 360-degree panoramic image over the course of three days from the top of the center point building by digitally combining 7,886 individual photos. if the image was printed at normal resolution, it would measure 115 feet long and 56 feet high. the image allows you to zoom in on pedestrians or people going about their business inside buildings far off in the distance. you are even able to zoom into the westminster clock face to read the time from a mile and a half away.faces were blurred to protect their privacy and, according to the daily mail, the photographic team also had to censor one image described as “naughty,” though they declined to tell where it is or what uniquely british form of waggery transpired.last_img read more

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