Col. Bruce Hampton & The Madrid Express Posthumously Release Live Album [Stream]

first_imgCol. Bruce Hampton and The Madrid Express used to perform every Thursday at The Vista Room in Decatur, Georgia. The first show was December 22, 2016 – and as the vibe was felt, the community began to grow. For six months Bruce would settle in with a team of the best musicians, refining his craft to it’s most focused and subtle.According to a press release, “The Vista Room was conceived with ears first and eyes second – a room built from the back to the front by a seasoned player. If the room was right for musicians, they will bring their friends, and so on. As is often the case, Bruce Hampton’s arrival affirmed the beauty of the mission and a common void was filled for both parties – a spot where the outside world stayed outside, with no TV and an intimate setup. Mike Rizzi [whose intent was to create a space that was truly a musician’s room] soon dubbed Bruce ‘The Pope Of The Vista’ as he and many others witnessed community through music each week. In Rizzi’s words ‘There wasn’t a brighter light in the Vista than Col. Bruce Hampton’.”On March 16th, just six weeks before his unexpected death, the bandmates recorded their sold-out show at The Vista Room. The show was recorded with the intent of releasing it on vinyl. For several weeks, the project was being finished by Bruce, and is now in the hands of his band with the blessing of Bruce’s estate. Col. Bruce Hampton and The Madrid Express – Live At The Vista Room captures the essence of Bruce and his bandmates, and the undeniable energy he shared with those around him.Stranger Than Fiction: The Cosmic Curtain Call Of Col. Bruce HamptonThe Madrid Express is made up of Tyler Neal (Vocals, Guitar/Slide Guitar), Franher Joseph (Bass, Vocals, Potarth), Darren Stanley (Drums, Yells), Dante’ Harmon (Lap Steel, Vocals), and Nick DiSebastian (Mandolin, Vocals). The Zambi All-Stars include Denny Walley (Slide Guitar), John Mailander (Fiddle), Daniel ”Tojo The ManHole Nakazawa” Wytanis (Trombone), Joey ”Papa J” Sommerville (Trumpet), Dallas Dawson (Drums, Cases), Guarav Malhotra (Percussion), and Raphael (Tamborine). It’s a fact that Col. Bruce Hampton only surrounded himself with the best of the best musicians.During his go-to performance of “Basically Frightened”, you’ll hear the Col. say to the audience: “We’ll be here for about six Thursdays in a row. Please come back and see us, because…..” and that’s it. Six weeks later, while still scheduled to perform The Vista Room, Col. Bruce Hampton collapsed and died on stage at his 70th birthday celebration. While throwing out random numerical values are typical of Col. Bruce, there are definitively “no coincidences” in his world.As of now, this is the last professional recording of Col. Bruce Hampton before his death.<a href=””>Live @ the Vista Room by Col. Bruce Hampton and the Madrid Express</a>last_img read more

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