Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will support Kinect

first_imgHalo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be the first Halo game to support Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. That much was confirmed by Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s general manaer of game studios, during an interview with GameSpot yesterday.Beyond that we know very little of exactly how Kinect input will be added to Microsoft’s number one gaming brand. What we can be sure of is Microsoft won’t mess with the Halo formula, and at the very least any Kinect input will be an option, not something you can’t turn off.AdChoices广告The question remains as to how Kinect can improve upon an FPS? Forza 4 is using it for head tracking so the driver will look in the direction the player does, but is there an equivalent for Halo?The one area we could imagine it being used is for secondary weapons e.g. throwing a grenade, or for using melee weapons. But there’s no way Microsoft could ditch the main controller completely, is there? We suspect any Kinect functionality will be tacked on so you’ll be carrying out actions while holding your controller, so don’t get carried away and throw it at your TV in the heat of battle.Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is currently undergoing an update for its 10th anniversary at 343 Industries and Saber Interactive for re-release on the Xbox 360 on November 15. Expect HD visuals, tweaked controls, 7 multiplayer maps ready for Xbox Live play, achievements, and the now confirmed Kinect input in some form. Microsoft is also teasing some new fiction to uncover on the official website for the game.via GameSpotlast_img read more

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