This iPhone Dock Has No Wires

first_imgIf you’re the type who has wood paneling in their car, a bamboo iPhone case, and a solid-wood desk, the Koostik iPhone Dock will fit perfectly with your motif: it’s an iPhone dock that’s made entirely of wood, with no wires or speakers at all. The dock is designed to amplify the sound from the iPhone’s built-in speaker using the natural acoustics carved into the wood, and the folks behind it say it can make your iPhone’s speakerphone up to four times louder than it already is. The Koostik will set you back $90 retail (with free shipping,) mostly because each one is hand-carved by the master woodworker who invented it. You can order them in a variety of colors and wood varieties, including combinations of Maple, Walnut, and Cherry faces and bodies. It’s not built to be a replacement for an electronic dock or amplifier, and it won’t charge your iPhone because it doesn’t require electricity. Still, if you like a touch of elegance on your desk or just love all things wood, the Koostik is for you. AdChoices广告last_img read more

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