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Amundsen Sea bathymetry: The benefits of using gravity data for bathymetric prediction

first_imgBathymetric charts are essential for modeling oceanic processes, yet, in remote areas, direct measurements of seafloor depth are often scarce. It is possible to augment sparse depth soundings with dense satellite-derived gravity data to provide additional bathymetric detail in regions devoid of sounding data. We demonstrate this method by using marine gravity derived from the European Remote Sensing (ERS-1) satellite altimeter, combined with depth soundings, to form a bathymetric prediction of the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica. We estimate the root mean square error of depth estimates at unsurveyed locations in our solution to be ~120 m. We use a Monte Carlo method to assess the value of gravity as a bathymetric predictor in sparsely surveyed regions by comparing our solution to predictions formed from depth soundings alone. When less than ~11% of 10-km grid cells contain depth soundings, inclusion of gravity data improves the depth accuracy of the solution by up to 17%, as compared to a minimum curvature surface interpolation of the depth soundings alone. When depth data are sparse, our gravity-derived prediction reveals additional short-wavelength bathymetric features, such as troughs on the continental shelf, which are not resolved by interpolations of the depth soundings alone.last_img read more

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Jambi woman arrested for scalding her mother

first_imgJambi Police arrested on Friday a 24-year-old woman for allegedly pouring boiling water over her 51-year-old-mother.Jambi Police’s head of women and children’s unit Second Insp. Vani said the suspect, identified only as AF, told authorities that she was upset at her mother for not agreeing to her reuniting with her ex-husband.Read also: Police shoot man who allegedly tries to rape, open fire on his own mother The suspect claimed that her mother had been unhappy ever since she had started getting back with her ex-husband.”They argued about this matter a lot. AF refused to take her mother’s advice, she was upset, so she assaulted her mother,” Vani said.She said AF was boiling water to make tea while her mother was doing laundry when the incident happened.”Suddenly AF went to her mother and poured the boiling water over her face,” Vani explained.AF’s mother reported the assault to the Jambi Police.AF was charged under Article 44 of Law No. 23/2004 on the eradication of domestic violence. (nal) Topics :last_img read more

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Woman caught for illegal gambling

first_imgShe was nabbed on the strength of an arrest warrant around 10:10 a.m. on July 5. Police identified her as 52-year-old resident Leny Cosico. ILOILO City – A woman facing illegal gambling charges was caught in Barangay Dionela, Pandan, Antique.center_img The suspect was taken to the Pandan municipal police station./PNlast_img

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