Month: November 2017

How to effectively prevent their own web site was hung black chain.

website to modify the time of their own, if not modified, the system will be in accordance with the file creation time to display, if I said that this website now upload time is April 1st, through FTP check, most of the documents are April 1st, suddenly see the modification time of a file into the now the similar time, then you will have this file may have been being cheated, was revised document source code, hang black chain, now you’d better put this file to download to a local, detailed view have to hang black chain traces a piece below the source code. Of course, check the time, if you are a asp+access site, you see the modification time of the database file and is now close to you, it can be ignored the basic right, for example statistics article clicks your site in the article, visitors to browse a website article, which will be written to the database, it will naturally change the modification time of the database. read more

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E times Shanghai dragon how muffled money

?Let us look at

remember the 2008 credit crisis, which triggered a global financial crisis of the year, the economic downturn, but the search market has increased year by year, what does this mean? With, the network is more and more important in people’s life, coupled with the low cost of network marketing, the enterprises have been the traditional marketing way gradually on the network to. Rui monster through this proof, just to tell you that the network is a collection of wealth, for we are due to the Wangzhuan confidence. read more

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