Month: July 2017

Optimistic about the timing of the first suite in Chongqing and two suites average commercial loan i

with nearly two years of real estate downturn, many people are hesitant to buy a house. According to the latest information, Xiao Bian here for you to talk about the first suite in Chongqing and two suites average business loan interest rates.

plans to buy a house for the public in the short term, is now quite cost-effective. Yesterday, a domestic financial institutions statistics show that in April the country’s first suite average personal loan interest rate of 4.52%, continued to hit a record low. The statistics of Chongqing (real estate) 16 banks in the city, the first suite of personal average loan interest rate of 4.38%. read more

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Web user experience feedback – small, functional, big design

feedback function, we have been familiar, but often ignored in the design of the function, make the products in the line after no channel for users to collect product information feedback, caused by initial obstacles. Or the design of this function is too casual, so that users are very difficult to use when the user experience is very poor, so that users feedback problems caused by the decline in enthusiasm, but also reduces the user’s participation. A line of products, no user enthusiastic feedback problems, this is terrible, because it is to close a window to communicate with users, have to rely on behind closed doors to solve the problem, though a bit exaggerated, but also illustrates the importance of this small function. read more

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Talking about the source of webmaster soft Wen (serial one)

many novice webmaster, I write text, feel exhaustion of ideas? Or write a few articles, found written most of the content has been written, it is not what is fresh to write down a long time ago, I also have thought when dry, but later I found some well, did not even close to what material, can also be thought calmly, copious and fluent write down hundreds of words, here is to share with you my way.

, look at the news, write

as everyone knows, webmaster of news source but so few: A5, Chinaz, DoNews, chinalabs and so on several, basically in the webmaster home all gathered a lot of news information and industry news, which is our source of writing. read more

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The experience of a migrant worker building a website

Lisa is a freelance, before starting online business, is a three years, nine to five years experience, and has been the company’s mid-level executives of the office workers. But when she became more and more unable to endure the rigid corporate life, she became an online freelancer.

Lisa is a professional enterprise planner and has professional knowledge of ADSL. When she searched the search engine, she found no professional website for ADSL, and she happened to have the expertise of ADSL, and she decided that ADSL technology was a good fit for Internet development. Therefore, after some consideration. She launched the "first professional ADSL information station" banner, began her online venture process. read more

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The firefly answers PHPwind’s doubts

first self advertising activities, has been carried out for more than a week, but we still have people do not know what is the firefly, so the opening for everyone to do advertising:

firefly ( is the first site to provide landing sites for all sites in china. In short, that is, the user registered the firefly account, you can no longer re registration, landing directly under its franchise site. For users, better and more convenient to remember ID and password, without registration, you can enter the site. For the webmaster, we bring you not only the stability of traffic, but also the backbone of the site – members, read more

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Vertical channel value highlighting local, middle and high-end users

economic crisis, the value of the first

in the economic environment is not very optimistic about the current situation, for enterprises, the best way to promote investment should be "low-cost, efficient promotion of investment" to defuse the risk." The more special period, but also risks and opportunities coexist, the key is to seize opportunities, strategies can be adjusted in a timely manner. In other words, the economic crisis will force the Chinese enterprises into the era of rational management, which can not be said to be opportunities in the crisis. In the economic downturn, it is the most important to grasp the effect of advertising costs, and when the economy is bad, the investment will be more rational and will choose more accurate and effective input methods. Cost performance will be the first condition of the special economic period. read more

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Do not even the vegetables

station 100 entertainment station has more than a month, every day in update, Baidu, Google and other search engines are included, but every day if not promotion, IP is very poor.

we all know, IP traffic is a station of the fundamental, no flow where income?. Read a lot of articles on the promotion of the site, but personally feel that most are soft, are on the webmaster Admin5 to promote their own. Write soft text as webmaster, everyone is commonplace, write good, will certainly send their own a ip. read more

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5 star rating system is not reliable s there a better choice for movie sites

believes that many people find the movie resources on the Internet, will first take a look at the film’s score, and then select a relatively high score to watch the movie, one of the important reasons is that the film too much, but we have a limited time. What is the evaluation standard of good and bad films, it has become an unavoidable reflection of Hamlett’s style, a lot of people feel tangled, confused. Some people say, go to IMDB to see TOP250; some people say, go to the watercress movie to see the score. Others say, watch the box office, watch the director, watch the actors. In short, opinions vary, the public said that the public and reasonable, the woman said, "good reason, read more

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Break the tradition and make a lot of money with advertising

first of all, this is my first time to write such an article, but some small ideas, and would like to share with you, so that we understand that small sites flow less, as long as the location is clear, still easy to make money!


now local information station is popular, but it is not difficult to find information or even chaos and today’s advertising not fit to be seen, but is less and less! Website on the content, good! May let you thought not, not only is the text resources, it can also be in advertising as advertising content! Maybe we will find is garbage, no real things no one can visit! When you accurate positioning, advertising has centralized, unified after things become different! This is my a network of shops recently, is new is not very complete! You will find, to spread the picture as the information display, instead of text information before the information station, will be more convenient and better benefit! Every one of these pictures exactly is an ad, we lower advertising costs, coupled with good service. The door for the shops take pictures, also fear no one? To advertising as a content with good service, without the need for a big traffic still paid! And for the transfer of shops, rental shops who can get a picture of the opportunity to show, the price is cheaper than in some newspapers, why not for read more

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Content electricity supplier into the era of the main theme, Taobao began to do from the media, said

September 14th, mobile phone Taobao in Beijing officially launched the content open program". Taobao also had to catch up "the content supplier of the trend of escalation in the consumer this breeze, from the red book, Enjoy, penguin and guide to some news headlines, portal application products hope users into related goods and services to consumers.

, and Taobao, the huge business platform, is now turning back, making a great deal of content, and is setting up an ecosystem of the vast numbers of creators. Taobao said, with 110 million active users of mobile phones, Taobao, has become the world’s largest mobile shopping APP. Based on the user base, hand wash will be fully open "Taobao headlines" and "good" and "red circle" and "love shop" plate, let the media and consumer advocate the attitude of various media, editors, from the media, community and shopping app settled platform. read more

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