Month: March 2017

Xining 5 years of renovation so that garbage is no longer around the village

Full of weeds, the village is covered with thick soil, the villagers home piled up debris, past in the countryside, this garbage everywhere phenomenon is common. Starting this year, Xining will carry out a comprehensive rural garbage 5 years of special action, so that the rural living environment more beautiful.

to do a good job in agricultural and pastoral areas of special garbage treatment work, improve rural living garbage reduction, recycling and harmless levels, and improve rural living environment, combined with the actual development of the rural areas of Xining special rectification work to implement the views of garbage. Identified since 2015, Xining rural refuse rectification and rural "three, five, cure six disorder" village environment of unity, combined with promoting the plateau beautiful countryside construction, carry out a comprehensive 5 year special action. By the end of 2015, the county and the City Park Village, rural suburbs to establish long-term mechanism of environmental sanitation management in rural areas, sanitation facilities, environmental sanitation to maintain regular cleaning, garbage Nissan Nissin, closed gathering rate reached 100%, harmless treatment rate reached more than 90%. After all, three county established "rural living garbage in rural areas, county town village collection, transport" collection, transportation and processing system, the city’s more than 90% villages living garbage be treated effectively reverse the village environment dirty and messy situation, to establish a comprehensive management system of rural garbage treatment of urban and rural. The formation of long-term mechanism of rural garbage treatment, agricultural and pastoral areas to enhance the quality of living environment. read more

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Xining residents with natural gas prices rise from now on residents do not adjust gas

according to the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission authority news, by the Xining municipal government executive meeting to study, and report to the provincial government agreed to, today, Xining City, non residents with natural gas prices will rise, residents with gas prices do not adjust.
[non gas price] why increased
it is reported that the province residents, natural gas station prices have risen. Since 2013, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the adjustment of natural gas prices, natural gas price adjustment by the public attention. According to reports, the price adjustment is mainly because the country to speed up the pace of reform of natural gas, since 2013 has two times to adjust the price of natural gas station.
in 2013 July, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the adjustment of the price of natural gas, the price adjustment of non residents with natural gas station, residents with gas prices are not adjusted. In March 20, 2014 and August 10th, the national development and Reform Commission issued on the establishment of residents living with gas price ladder guidance system and on the adjustment of the stock of non residents with natural gas prices notice, improve the stock of non residents with natural gas station price. By the two national natural gas valve station price adjustment, the natural gas station in Qinghai province prices have also risen. Xining city did not undertake grooming affect national natural gas price adjustment, because income level is low, and the bearing capacity is weak, Xining residents in 2013 consumer price index is high, the Xining municipal government decided to suspend the price of natural gas was adjusted by non residents.
however, ease due to the formation of national natural gas price and the price of the contradiction is imminent, according to the relevant national spirit adjustments in Xining City, the non resident natural gas price adjustment, in order to protect Xining’s natural gas market supply, the non resident natural gas price tends to be reasonable. It is worth noting that the adjustment of the price of natural gas to residents with gas prices do not adjust in the city of Xining, the residents of gas including residents living with gas, school teaching gas, pension and other welfare organizations gas, not including gas central heating.
[price by the provincial government agreed to implement strict procedures according to
]; read more

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Qinghai Tibet Railway Company Xining West to Lhasa K9811 passenger train

with the advent of summer, the train tour of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the United States and the United States and the increasing number of tourists. In order to meet the Tibet Qinghai Tibet railway passenger demand, the company will open the line from Xining West to Lhasa K9811 passenger train on May 6th.

According to

, K9811 second passenger train in the opening line of 22, originating from the Xining West Railway Station, the Golmud Railway Station arrived at 7:32, 21:40 arrived at Lhasa station, along the way after known as Namtso Lake in the headwaters of the Yangtze River Tuotuohe, Sanjiang source, Kekexili Nature Reserve in Tibet, one of the three great lakes, is the best tourist experience along the Qinghai Tibet Railway scenery time train. read more

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Qinghai tourism ushered in a revolution in public toilets

June 2nd at 11 am, the reporter came to have a small plateau of the south, said the Guide County, an endless stream of tourists in the waterwheel plaza. The shore of a yellow and white "public toilet" eye-catching, into a look, clean and hygienic, no smell. According to Ms. Xu said the manager, she contracted the toilet free of charge, the toilet charges per person (Times) for one yuan, up to hundreds of dollars per day, at least tens of dollars. Charges to their own, but must be responsible for environmental health inside and outside the toilet. At the same time, opened a small shop in the toilet area, paid for tourists to provide drinks, food and other daily necessities. To a large extent, provide convenience for personal income.

this to a certain extent has become a normal tourist attractions in Qinghai. However, this situation does not change the situation of public health toilets, not to mention the fact that every year in the province’s tourism peak season, the problem of difficult to use the toilet toilet. In the individual ace in the overcrowded area, public toilets, toilet paper, toilet everywhere smell, people are not under foot in place, not to mention that these managers to improve health.

and between the scenic spot and scenic spot in our province distance, many roads are difficult to set up public toilets, few people tread, the humble farmhouse let many foreign tourists do not want to enter the toilet.

also so, in 2015, with the further implementation of the "toilet revolution", our province will further increase the tourism toilet construction plans to the new tourism toilets 103, to 2017, in the province for the construction of 500. At the same time, one after another Shiyibuque, upgrading, upgrading, maintenance improvement, renovation and expansion, unremittingly, the toilet revolution as a long-term task.

solicit experts, visitors, design units, unified design, logo, determine the appearance of the architectural style and interior construction standards in the tourism toilet, architectural style, exterior signage design and tourism toilets, public toilets to ensure the unity of Qinghai tourism, the province’s highway traffic tourism toilet appearance identification more eye-catching, public information graphic the symbol is complete, can identify the characteristics of strong. In accordance with the principle of reasonable, scientific, convenient, public toilets mainly in the construction of the highway, relying on the town, gas stations, scenic spots and tourist attractions and other tourist attractions.In order to solve the

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Xining Railway Station hub reconstruction and related project construction in full swing

September 18th, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company of Xining Railway Station hub renovation construction headquarters in the new vehicle section is located in the Hamlet started swearing, marking the construction of Xining Railway Station renovation investment budget of 8 billion 223 million 690 thousand yuan, the planned duration of 2.5 years and the related project in full swing.

it is understood that the transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering including the implementation of the completion of the Xining West transition engineering, Yushu earthquake relief and post disaster reconstruction project of Xining North emergency transportation center; Xining is building building engineering; the upcoming construction of the extension project of Xining Railway Station yard, freight car, bus depot (including the whole bus service the depot) and renovation project, the new car use, Xining East machine and double walled freight center, perfect North Xining cargo center, Ning branch XiaoQiao Railway Station to the western end of Xining north station reconstruction project of electrification of existing lines. With the start of the new project, the transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related construction projects into the implementation phase, the project is expected to be completed in 2014. read more

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Xining deepening medical reform, efforts to create a warm and harmonious doctor-patient relationship

July 13th, Xining, the establishment of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area mobilization meeting. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, the provincial health department deputy director Wang Xiaoqin, deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen, the Ministry of health and public hospital reform pilot city liaison Chen Weimin attended the mobilization meeting, the municipal government deputy secretary general He Bin presided over the meeting.
the city to create; read more

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West the transformation of the farmers market to bring new changes to the lives of the people

each livelihood projects and policies are closely related to people’s lives. 2013 is about to pass, in this year, the West District of Xining City, a number of concerns about the "basket" of the people’s livelihood has brought new changes in the livelihood of the people.

bright environment, neat booth, clean floor, in the West District of Xining City, "Ma sister-in-law" who is like buying food into the supermarket, don’t worry about the street markets dirty and messy, noisy crowd". If there is any doubt to buy vegetables, can be used to the detection of pesticide residues in the vegetable market. Comprehensive upgrading the farmers market, let people applaud. read more

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Xining difficult workers to help the center to promote the work of fine service

Xining City Federation of trade unions of helping poor workers center was founded ten years ago, the aid as the implementation of the maintenance function, as an important starting point for the party and state, the difficulties workers to work, to build a "rescue, protection, service" three-in-one helping work pattern, and constantly enrich the carrier, broaden the field, good deeds.

in the four district, three County Federation of trade unions to establish a comprehensive center for helping poor workers, liaison in the establishment of the 21 district offices, 49 towns, 135 communities, 341 enterprises helping poor workers stand and help to form the city and district (county), the three level network system of the grass-roots trade union work to help. As of now, the family per capita monthly income of less than 400 yuan or 400 yuan, and due to illness, children’s education, the accident caused 17630 workers of family life difficult, all difficult to establish employee files, enter the national trade union assistance system. read more

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Provincial authorities, two learning and doing study and education exchange held

8 5, the provincial authorities, "learning to do one of the two" study and education exchange held in Xining. The meeting of the exchange of "two learn to do" learning experience, to do the next step.

meeting pointed out that the two learning to do since the start of the study and education, the provincial authorities adhere to the leadership of the various units to take the lead, adhere to the training in the first place, adhere to precise guidance, adhere to the deep study of fine, adhere to the combination of learning. The overall progress of the study and education activities in an orderly and effective manner, and achieved a phased effect. read more

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