Month: February 2017

CN has not been registered with the T digital domain name

2007.3.13  19:15 I scan has not been registered CN domain name, IT plus three Arabia digital domain name
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Mall website had to understand consumer behavior

is the electronic commerce website before and after the Spring Festival traffic peak, but recently several friends, site traffic than usual almost more than double the amount of orders, but not much improvement, is both happy and sad, watched the flow can not be realized, I think sad is a problem where


when we make the site optimization, need to collect Internet users search habits, in order to determine the most accurate keywords, using my words called Zhiyizhibi, and mall site than the enterprise portal station and to consider a layer, that is the user’s consumer behavior and consumer psychology, we use the a water purifier website as a case, a detailed analysis of what consumers are most concerned about in the purchase process of several major factors: read more

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CNNC interpretation of several issues concerning the implementation of domain name dispute resoluti

Some problems Chinese Internet Network Information Center on the implementation of "China Internet Network Information Center" and "Chinese CNNIC domain name dispute resolution policy" interpretation of the rules of procedure

and apply "correct understanding of Chinese CNNIC domain name dispute resolution procedures" and "China CNNIC domain name dispute resolution policy rules", the combination of dispute settlement practice, made the following explanation: read more

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Why not grow Listing, layout, competitive reasons, or Li Guoqing character and pattern

is now far from the shopping habits of many people. May be some ordinary users still remember a few years ago Li Guoqing separated by air "Morgan Stanley woman", but who can remember the luxury team Dangdang founder, which are from Microsoft, Intel, Bertelsmann executives? Who can think in high and vigorous spirits in the United States when Dangdang, in recent years the stock price is like a roller coaster of people in the industry are talking about death? Ali when listed Jingdong, Liu Qiang East tea sister love on this, the author of this paper is the analysis of "the reason of Dangdang early to catch a late set, think it is time to market, but also the business layout problem, but also the commercial competition. But in the final analysis, the founder of the character, the pattern problem. In the exaggerated rife electric business circle, which may be many people in the dream woke up. [ read more

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Let users make money online shady

Xinbaoxun according to the "Sanxiang City News" reported that "as long as there is a threshold where there is the opportunity to make money, so it is in the network." This is a netizen in Hunan, Yongzhou to make money. He with his personal experience, revealed to reporters some shady money network. For example, many people online Q coins, have to spend money to buy the network company, but I can not the profit, relying on the sale of coins, a month can earn 5000 yuan."

this netizen surnamed Liu, because the work is quite idle, so there are a lot of time. "I realized that the way to get rich, or read more

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Myiee green entertainment click ad pause

dear affiliate member!


due to the advertiser’s website adjustment, green entertainment click advertising to stop the promotion, please put the members, the code will be temporarily removed, to be formally launched after the promotion.

hereby notify

satisfied with advertising


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

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Value chain integration model is how the same thing

recently, the school issued a "China online retail: observation and Outlook" report, the report is copious and fluent tens of thousands of words or have a certain value, systematically reviews the development of the retail industry, and discusses the new mode of. The report referred to the concept of value chain integration, and Jingdong, Amazon as an example to explore. Supply chain integration we all understand, value chain integration is how the same thing?

value chain integration is one thing read more

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The big idea of small sellers to do a good job with big business mentality

this is an era of fierce competition, it is an electronic information age, on the Internet, you will find that everything in the running, combined with the city’s footsteps, in the lonely sky, if you find the fulcrum of your life? Or still lingers.

financial crisis spawned a short recession, the rapid development of domestic e-commerce, and constantly improve the online shopping environment so that many graduating students rushed to the front, hope that through self employment form, open up new horizons, to get more of the individual value, though, many white-collar workers also want to register a part-time shop is not what the difficult things that individuals provide proof can have a own shop. At first glance, it seems not as ideal, this year, the rise of large quantities of B2C sites, the emergence of a large number of buy site, so that the road to become rich C2C sellers more difficult. The sellers Voices of discontent. When you thought about your shop operators have a problem? Small silence while not too often what master, with industry friends, give you a small shop operation training, no, it should be said that the exchange is more appropriate. First of all, the small silence to give the seller to the point of chicken soup. read more

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Business services new venture enterprise industry back in April test

April online invoice test, baidu test does not start to register to buy micro purchase, credit payment, Ali test PayPal test, Alipay mobile phone test electricity providers of financial transfer to the bank card business, test management, test generation Yuantong electricity supplier build service business platform, the electricity supplier industry, enterprises around whether are unrestrained and frank. Brave test.

1 network invoice implementation

April 1st, the "measures" network invoice management formally implemented, that the invoice unit and individual must truthfully online network invoice issued, shall not control the network invoice for Lent, transfer, and other illegal acts of false. read more

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The most worthy of imitation of the 6 e-commerce website model

Internet business has become a lot of people nowadays, especially college students, young friends business the minimum threshold of the entrance, but the Internet business and so easy as people think, the Internet business is most in need of ideas, have a good idea, maybe half success, for any business people, not only is the Internet business it is very important.

here to introduce the same family can adapt to the electronic commerce website mode Chinese market, we can see the leisure boredom, maybe will jump out of a few new ideas. The website is as the acme of perfection ideas, broaden their horizons,, to give people inspiration, make the person produces Lenovo spark. For young people who want to start on the Internet, college students, and the Internet to deal with various types of personnel, are of great reference value. read more

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