How to effectively prevent their own web site was hung black chain.

How to effectively prevent their own web site was hung black chain.

website to modify the time of their own, if not modified, the system will be in accordance with the file creation time to display, if I said that this website now upload time is April 1st, through FTP check, most of the documents are April 1st, suddenly see the modification time of a file into the now the similar time, then you will have this file may have been being cheated, was revised document source code, hang black chain, now you’d better put this file to download to a local, detailed view have to hang black chain traces a piece below the source code. Of course, check the time, if you are a asp+access site, you see the modification time of the database file and is now close to you, it can be ignored the basic right, for example statistics article clicks your site in the article, visitors to browse a website article, which will be written to the database, it will naturally change the modification time of the database.

can use the webmaster tools "website links detection function, check all the links of the web page, you can view the tool that can access inside the website link, also can show all links to web pages, when you find the unknown link, take measures immediately and delete this there may be a black chain link.


often modify the site FTP username and password

is now the black chain of this industry is becoming more and more developed, sell black chain of friends everywhere, in several well-known website webmaster tools, often can see the sale of black chain of friends hanging advertising, as for their black chain is how come it? Some formal way to obtain some. Hang others site by illegal means links, and then sell, if hang love Shanghai plucking links? Obviously, it will hurt your site is down right, even by the K, today I want to talk about is how to effectively prevent their own web site was hung black the chain, to explain how to prevent hanging black chain five.

some black chain linked to a friend, you will get to the website FTP password through illegal means, if your FTP password is very simple, such as "123456" dangerous password, themselves are not a little bit safer >

Webmaster Tools "website links detection function

often view the website source code

in general, most black chain is hanging in the home, perhaps some sell black chain of friends will love hanging in the website page preferences, this can slightly deepen a little bit difficult, often need to check the webmaster website source code, click on your text position, right, there is a "view the source file" option, you can view the opening. If your site has a forbidden right key, can download some good use browser to view the website source code.

modified using the FTP tools to view the web site filesEach file has a

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