Learn from Shanghai dragon thinking Robin classic case

Learn from Shanghai dragon thinking Robin classic case

Hello, I am a rock. Today Liu Huanbin read: Shanghai Longfeng case square dance teaching network this article, Liu Huanbin (Robin) have no stone to do this, in this article Robin has been described in detail in this case the actual details of the operation, the main station is content and column structure, the square dance teaching network in this case is worth study and analysis, at least for me this rookie, do not learn how to operate the chain, how to get content. I think more important is Shanghai dragon thinking problem, a long time Shanghai dragon I do like a lot of people, we do not own the Shanghai dragon thinking, that we have come across many problems of Shanghai dragon by virtue of their own thinking to operate, but always wanted to copy or imitate others. Not much to say, look at the basic situation of the case:

Shanghai: a dragon thinking that user from the data and life search needs

users to search the keywords, is the user’s search needs, for example: a corporate Web site, do product is crusher, crushing machine types and models of many users to search the product name most likely to buy, or want to know more information of this product, perhaps want to know how to maintain crusher equipment, perhaps is to know how to properly use this product and so on, these are the user’s search needs hidden. Here we need to reconsider whether the real value of the business under a station on the Internet is very simple, is to provide products and services. So an enterprise station can not do like the site of information, the enterprise should have the enterprise station station. The search needs of users in the data, such as through the love of Shanghai related search and analysis the needs of users to search, but more practical or realistic life, I want to repair his notebook computer, will search "Hefei where maintenance notebook computer", similar to the phrase. So do the maintenance of the computer.

thinking? Why


as shown above, Robin share in this case in the optimization cycle is about 2 months, 2 months or so this square dance keyword is the first page of Shanghai love, how difficult to square dance this keyword optimization? The author use Webmaster Tools simple view: included quantity (35 million), index (74669), belong to difficult words, 3 is now love Shanghai daily weight, about 27600 IP. Look at this station outside of the chain and included, especially the chain seems to have no what special, just Links more page links to 30 Links, but the correlation is relatively poor, may be the industry’s website is very few, several opponents more and you will not change the link, the link to the page in the page there are more than 50 Links, but I just check a lot of links has been removed. In this case I do not do more analysis, Robin have to share a very detailed, what can we learn from this case of Shanghai dragon

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