Meitu Xiu Xiu Wu Xinhong from the boy to the hundreds of millions of millions of Mr.sh419 direct num

Meitu Xiu Xiu Wu Xinhong from the boy to the hundreds of millions of millions of Mr.sh419 direct num

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the story was told by Xiong Jun in Xiamen in the spring of 2012. One day at the end of 2012, when I had been on a business trip to Beijing to verify the authenticity of the story, Wu Xinhong nodded and said, "that was when he was very young.". "Now he’s 6 years old, yelling at me every day to drive him for a ride,"

he came to Beijing to attend the annual meeting is the entrepreneur, in his discussion of the concert, Pipiru Ya flag, jumei Chen Ou, force the United States advertising Shu Yi, Gu Zhicheng, cool disk game matrix Xu Yue, only a 90 entrepreneurs is talking about the Xu De Chen, but he look to this special age maximum ratio of Wu Xinhong in more mature. In other words, as the founder of Meitu Xiu Xiu, Wu Xinhong is this group of people looks the most "deceptive" a.


‘s quiet exterior and wild heart is Wu Xinhong’s self definition. Sitting in the lobby of the Millennium Minneapolis in the East Third Ring Road in Beijing, he was born in 1981, more like a 90 after a fluffy curl of thick hair, below is a restrained and slightly shy baby face. I asked him East, and he would never say anything.

this is not a story about how to get rich, but how a "Mensao male" into millions of users have the super product manager.

why does sh419 need to push direct number?

what is the direct number,

frankly, we didn’t expect it when we first launched the "upstart under 30" in the startup magazine in 2011


has its father and has its son. In 2006, Wu Xinhong bought his first car in life: BMW 325i. He soon became obsessed with drag racing and joined the club. A car sits on his 2 full years old son, Wu Xinhong sudden acceleration in Xiamen open road, saw his face slowly turned by calm astonishment, like most of the day on the Internet after a very red face the same "Scene" foreign friends: life where no pit. Dad".

point guest: early engaged in SMS platform and other business, in WeChat lead

WeChat official data show that at present, WeChat monthly active users more than 400 million, the public account number of 5 million 800 thousand enterprise users accounted for a large proportion, 95% businesses opened WeChat store. 67 thousand mobile applications have access to WeChat, the average daily creation of mobile App400. WeChat platform has gathered 100 thousand developers including individual developers and corporate developers. Third party developers will become industry solutions creators. Officials say it is WeChat’s attitude to open up an ecosystem with developers.

Abstract every year under the age of 30 upstart entrepreneurs will be some new faces, at the same time, there are also ", such as the 1981 birth of a fish escaped through the Seine" Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong. Of course, this is about my vision, but it is undeniable that in many places in the north of Guangshen, are "hidden" are not known to the outside world of young entrepreneurs, their low-key, their experienced and their achievements, for example, the same as Xiong Junhe Yao Jianjun was born in 1982. These people achieve their life just thirty years of age, for them, entrepreneurship is endless, never late upstart.

introduction sh419 announced the launch of a direct number after the product launch, attracted media and media people applauded chenkuai, but also caused WeChat related practitioners of anxiety, fear no direct negative impact on their business. This concern is not unreasonable, the direct number must have some impact on WeChat public number, thus affecting the WeChat related industry chain, including WeChat third party developers and platforms. But in the long run, this may be a new opportunity for WeChat developers to welcome the next good opportunity.

later, Xiong Jun founder Wu Xinhong brothers, synchronized push often take this small nephew fun: "go, take your dad’s car to go?" the little guy always panic shook his head: "no, I don’t want to sit!"


no doubt, this is a sh419 in order to resist WeChat public accounts in the mobile internet field of great influence offensive warfare. As we all know, sh419’s main service object and profit source is small and medium enterprises, which is highly coincident with the use of WeChat public account group. WeChat development to now, not only the size and speed of users and including sh419 giants, including accidents, and even WeChat himself did not expect.

development to this stage, it is not only a simple APP or social tools, it has become an important part of the mobile Internet, has built its own ecosystem independently, in this system, are derived from the ecological system and a variety of small, which in the current domestic in the field of mobile Internet, is thriving, it will evolve into a vast empire, for any Internet giants including sh419, are unable to ignore. From the current WeChat third party platform developers, to cite several typical examples, you can basically more clearly understand the current WeChat’s influence, WeChat is not only the Tencent’s WeChat, has evolved into a national WeChat:

The WeChat

direct number simply, businesses will have an official service account in sh419 mobile platform, mobile search, account based form, so that users can access the business through mobile phone browser directly to the merchant service. Including online booking, payment, etc. most of the links can be completed in the direct number, in addition, users in the use of direct numbers can interact with businesses in real time, but also can share the social open platform. The entire page is developed based on HTML5.

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