Orders to return to the good faith single threat to Shanghai dragon Er way

Orders to return to the good faith single threat to Shanghai dragon Er way

seemingly has nothing to do with the issue of integrity, but it is the integrity of the basic. Website optimization how to charge? For this point in the industry generally positioning is not very clear, the lack of a unified price stability. The same optimization of a keyword, for personal consultation, prices may be much thousands of access, how to select customers? Low price is not necessarily a liar, not lack of technology, the high price may be worth so much. It is because of the lack of unified keyword optimization charges, has brought an opportunity for many swindlers, and orders, and then fled a few, returned to the customer in the course of time, personal trust? Shanghai dragon Er month reputation in the minds of customers to.

three: customer service service without security

Therefore we mentioned

cannot guarantee the optimization of time

: the lack of unified fee standards


binary to a customer’s identity has done several surveys, you can complete the optimization task within a given time? Some of the more professional Shanghai dragon Er answer because the search engine rules and competition problems, cause website ranking is not stable, the optimization cycle may differ, but more than the duty cycle is too long will the refund. But there are some Shanghai dragon Er afraid to fly out when he reached the list, can guarantee to complete. Through the exploration search engine rules, how do you ensure complete keyword ranking within a given time? Finally as a deposit of bait fooled customers, but took the money, they did not see the optimization effect list more to go, how many really give customers a refund? This point, not a few exist in the industry, integrity of Shanghai Longfeng industry worth worrying.

Web2.0 led to the enterprise economic electricity supplier, and search engine optimization ranking has become the enterprise competition between the like a raging fire battlefield, determine the site keywords ranking of the life cycle, the real economy linked directly with the company. Thus, who engage in business enterprise, which one did not own Shanghai Longfeng engineer, or hired someone to optimize the site? But the attendant problems. Because of the virtual network, many Shanghai dragon Er orders easily, but because of various factors lead to the optimization of the site has not reached the goal, customer requirements from a single, direct from the phenomenon of It is often seen.

website optimization, the reason why more and more enterprises even more service fees to optimize company will not go to a man,? Integrity threats to personal Shanghai dragon Er way, and this phenomenon also highlights up day by day.

The development of

and the Shanghai dragon optimization after the company signed a contract, after optimizing the website ranking, will carry out the agreement "ranking cycle", the general commitment for 365 days in the rankings, the rankings off up, until the 365 service. While working with individuals often lack the Shanghai dragon Er "contract", the optimization of related after they will be charged the full cost. Ranking continue to say, but.

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