The old owners how to pay you to better analysis of the web site

The old owners how to pay you to better analysis of the web site

believes that every Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster all know, we are in the process to optimize the site in addition to make detailed planning work on the site itself, we still need more time to understand the site optimization method, because only in the us through the analysis of website optimization situation to judge their optimization method whether it is more conducive to search engine rankings, can we make a good guide to the whole process of website optimization, but specifically how to do it? Today I and analyze in the analysis of the web site is a few key points to note.

first, we first need to focus on the site’s domain name and the year now and past ranking status. Do optimization webmaster are clear, the longer the search engine to a domain name registration site is more popular, give weight is better, so if the site keywords ranking also ranked in the search engine home page, we can go beyond the site in the short term to make a general judgment for the domain name, I suggest that you pay more attention to the domain name registration time, usually in more than five years, the search engine will give a high evaluation, we through the domain name market transactions can be seen, in addition to the domain name are key words covered by this site? For example the main keyword domain contains our site or abbreviations and regional spelling the encoding and so on, these factors we are within the scope of our consideration of the. Also when we register some new domain as much as possible to pay attention to these details. Although the search engine to a site’s ranking is not only given to a certain extent in favor, but in the process of analysis we still need to pay more attention to these can give the auxiliary function of keywords and long tail keywords ranking factors, and specific statistical analysis work on it, because we all have high weight site the site is not only for the home page has a very good keywords ranking, an important channel for the long tail keywords is also a source of web traffic, so we can be very good for an important standard we examine before the analysis of the web site ranking in the change in each stage, and also can make us good to layout website and keywords. As for how to view the website ranking history, we can use Adsense tools to query.

second points, collected analysis site source of content and the content of the summary analysis. As we all know, the website content is undoubtedly the leader of the entire site is search engine and users for a study site basic, so for the web content analysis, we can observe how the quality of their websites, whether the site editor, original, or false original, or reproduced in other sites? We make a general judgment, also is the site of the update frequency, we can observe the site update status within a few months to see if there are a lot of, adhere to daily updates, and record the site update frequency as its Web site update >

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