How to cultivate their own news websites to improve the amount collected

How to cultivate their own news websites to improve the amount collected

First, we talk about the early

news website how to train operation, the first step is to build our news website, some friends will ask how to establish a news website? First news website to create a high amount of information such as home sites, we want to distribute a number of modules, such as: the entertainment news, social news, international the news and so on each kind of news, or write some different industry news or industry news module can be, the module where the latest update news shows and then to the home page, you can see Sina Sohu and other major portals news station, they are using the latest updates to real-time news to attract the spider crawling, and the weight of the website increases rapidly, we must structure website second smooth, not too complex, for example The directory is not too complex and as much as possible to reduce the directory level, which is beneficial to the spider crawling smoothly, can generate static web pages, we all know that a static web site search engine spider is very love, the website title don’t write too can optimize the feeling, as long as the nature, the best to express key words you have to do it with a word, the website Links best appear on the home page, because some Adsense exchange links that you do not want to be connected with the inner page exchange, so it is necessary to pay attention to the news website, basically at the early stage of culture so much, is very simple, mainly the initial training is to adjust the structure and website and spider interconnection work, the success of the initial training and work to do mid-term news sites, so start The work you don’t relax your vigilance.

culture The mid

news website

just said a mid news site training, may we already know, the next step is to enter the formal optimization.

do not know if you have noticed, in our usual update the Shanghai dragon, usually included news articles is the largest, and even some of the same news article can be forty or fifty also included, so from this we can see the news search engine is very love, some of my friends have now know this, so every day in the search engine search news updates on their website, but this approach is right, but included probability is much much lower than those of pure news website probability, then how can we solve this problem? It is actually very simple as long as we do have their own website culture news website can see some friends, I may feel that is impossible, because there are a lot of news websites are needed A large amount of investment and a large number of personnel to maintain training up, but this is right, but you have not thought about, if your website in the news website, so our website is very good, and although we are the personal webmaster do not have huge funds, but also can put your site training a news website, so how to operate below I to share with you:


At the beginning of the news website

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