On site code optimization some details need to be noted

On site code optimization some details need to be noted

navigation optimization

and a little CSS, which used to the style sheet must be removed, but also to try to compress the CSS file, which is beneficial to the web page loading speed. Another point is that a web page with only the best to call a CSS style sheet, the streamlined code to increase search engine friendliness or have a certain effect. If is the imitation of the template, usually more than one CSS file, can go with a manual, also do not forget to delete the redundant and duplicate content.

2, JS

today, most of the sites are using the DIV+CSS form, but a lot of template CSS are external calls, and the name of the class style sheet will have a lot of repetition. Especially for the generic template, class name basically will not change, resulting in a lot of code duplication of a relatively high degree of website, which is detrimental to the optimization work. I do a new station, will be the template code of the class name to modify the name, the corresponding CSS file is to be modified, thus forming a out of the ordinary website code.


usually pay more attention to Shanghai dragon ER in process of website optimization in the article and the chain optimization, and most people have ignored the website code optimization. In fact, reasonable code optimization can not only increase the search engine friendliness, but also enhance the user experience, the Shanghai dragon can play a good role in promoting. Today the author according to their previous experience doing stand, and share the website code optimization some caveats.

generally, site navigation station is universal, navigation is crucial role, we recommend to use text navigation, it is best not to use pictures and flash, if you have to use the pictures must add the ALT attribute. Flash to avoid as far as possible, although Flash visual effect is very good, but is too slow, the search engine can read the Flash file, so it is easy to give a bad impression of spiders.

1, CSS

website JavaScript file all the best external calls, do not use js code written in the web page, and the need to minimize the number of script files, this is not only conducive to the page loading speed, but also conducive to the search engine spiders crawl. The author is usually used to merge a web page into a JS file, and then put the last call to HTML code, personally think better than at the site of head.

h1-h6 tag is many webmaster friends love the label, to make good use of Shanghai Longfeng work and to do a certain role, but is not good but easy The loss outweighs the gain. Usually, H1 is mainly used to modify the main title page, and H2 is a paragraph title >



4, Hr Tag Optimization

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