New friends to learn Shanghai, should pay attention to several points

New friends to learn Shanghai, should pay attention to several points

Shanghai dragon is a low barriers to entry, master a technology difficult. General for simple corporate website, can through self-study all can achieve good keywords ranking. But to a large site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must consider many factors, analysis, data analysis, traffic monitoring and so on optimization keywords layout – – – from the station outside the station optimization Website – website construction – keywords. New friends to learn Shanghai dragon Hongshou personally think that the most important points: the mentality, method, interest, the execution of

Shanghai dragon as we learn Chinese, English as rigid, as long as you can grasp a good learning method, can be flexible. The operation is not very difficult, if you want to learn very proficient certainly needs a process, this is not one or two days can reach the height of.

Hongshou recommendation is to find a good Shanghai dragon training institutions, can have a unique learning method, it is handy. If you want to participate in the Shanghai dragon training camp, select combat is right, we are using the reverse thinking, unique teaching methods, implement different teaching methods for different groups.

Shanghai dragon is a very boring, because every day to deal with is the website and search engine. It will often contact some of the code, procedures, articles, the chain etc.. If it is not built on the basis of interest, generally difficult.


learning attitude will lead directly to our study results, before Hongshou wrote an article: do several different mentality of Shanghai dragon can decide the different results. Hongshou our best advice before learning Shanghai dragon is to have an empty cup mentality, don’t always think before they come into contact with some of Shanghai dragon knowledge, know yourself how great, despises the contemptuous of the, if this is that there is no way to learn Shanghai dragon.

in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the rise of many Shanghai dragon training institutions, many of my friends are beginning to have a preliminary understanding of the Shanghai dragon. But a lot of friends before did not come into contact with the industry, it will inevitably encounter some problems more or less, or even into a misunderstanding. Because the red Tao also do not know from what stage over, so today I want to share some new friends to learn Shanghai dragon should pay attention to:

approach mentioned here refers to the study of Shanghai Longfeng method, a lot of friends through the network can learn very good self-study. For example: Xiaohan is from a network company clerk came, and then slowly through the network self-learning. Of course, this method is not feasible, but there is no basis for a friend, to take many detours, of course, is also the most waste of time.





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