Careful use of Shanghai dragon click Tools

Careful use of Shanghai dragon click Tools

entered through artificial simulation of search engine, search keywords you need, then flip to find your site’s ranking click go in, then wait for you to set the time to search a keyword is repeated and then automatically exit, this is Shanghai dragon click tools automatically click.



UV:UV and IP UV is the number of complete synchronization, access, that is the brush site through search engines to UV and actual IP fully comply with possible site traffic is not apparent, but for large traffic sites can be completely separated, not every day the coincidence of UV the same as IP.

for a long time did not concern Shanghai dragon industry dynamic, even Shanghai Longfeng are more and more strange, today I saw a network company Shanghai dragon is pay by the day to do rankings, and can implement rapid ranking, after careful understanding, found that they are using Shanghai dragon click Tools out of the brush in. How? Ranking can brush? Yes, but also fast ranking? Ranking can brush, it is fast ranking, but the premise is your site keywords ranking in the top five pages, click the tools they use any help you point up the rankings, but this method is the love of Shanghai is to catch the death penalty.

when your website ranking in the fifth page before the search engine is unable to determine whether your website and the competitor website which is more conducive to the user experience, so the search engine in the key judgment place is hit, when the number of search keywords click on the website more than his standard ratio, it will give you a lift Shanghai Longfeng rankings, click Tools happen to be simulated Click to enter the site, data analysis, search engine will naturally be given out after ranking.

query keywords "Shanghai dragon click on the tools of today’s index, since October 28 has soared, not to say is not being brushed, said recently that Shanghai ranked caught love brush news affected many go this way. But this is not the best way, because in principle, it is easy to see whether there is the phenomenon of cheating in the site. Let’s look at the principle of Shanghai dragon click Tools



Click on the .

IP: although it is a IP of a search for a keyword, but every IP search is the same, that is to say, you search for the keyword search under a keyword, and other IP operations are the same, just these two words have no correlation.

don’t think artificial click on the search engine cannot be identified, although it is artificial click but there are a lot of flaws will tell search engines this is out of the brush tool, rather than a true artificial click, here are some problems found when I operating software.

Shanghai dragon click tool principle

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