CEO vacation, leaving two…… What are the water retrograde things Uber encountered this yearTalki

CEO vacation, leaving two…… What are the water retrograde things Uber encountered this yearTalki

two: most of the current Taobao guest website data is collected, it is required to make the chain link, because the site content is congenitally deficient, if you do not do the day after tomorrow that Kung Fu, naturally it is difficult for Taobao customers but now many talent shows itself, Taobao also guest webmaster to pay attention to this point. Even some Taobao passenger station also spend money to buy the chain, but when the purchase of the chain should also pay attention to some methods, don’t buy the black chain, or site itself is a waste of the link, although relatively cheap, but is likely to make your website is K, so that you can work in a previous River gone for ever,


at the end of February, shlf1314’s driverless car company Waymo Uber, a paper petition to the court, said: the former shlf1314 executive Anthony Levandowski stole confidential information technology company in shlf1314 before departure, and then set up their own unmanned startup, and the Startup sold to Uber. >

wise remark of an experienced person!


six: use Sina, Tencent and other portal micro-blog platform to publish some fashion shopping forum to promote the chain in the chain, promotion has become more and more wide, the utility will improve the weight of the website is


four: to some heavy website take the registration fee, then you can create your own plate on the site, in his plate above as long as some violation of the post basically will not be deleted, such as Xicihutong provide such services, as a guest of Taobao if a little money no input, it is very difficult to achieve something

, Uber, CEO, Travis, Kalanick


accused of illegally using shlf1314 confidential technology



now many webmaster joined Taobao off the army, which is Taobao off the huge money effect has attracted the attention of many people, it is said that some Taobao – to achieve monthly earn tens of thousands, this is really enviable, but why most Taobao customers can not earn money, or just to earn a little money a lot! Of course, the reason causing this phenomenon, I just introduced one of the key points, that is for the construction of the chain is not enough attention, which leads to a lot of Taobao off site traffic is very small, mainly due to low weight, let the author to introduce some of the construction of the chain

three: you can choose some can send the chain famous website publicity, now many local forums also have about Taobao plate, after all, Taobao customers are very popular, so the corresponding plate can publish your own links, it is best to write an original post, the content of the post to have your keywords, so that it can more easily attract people! But also to let the search engines love

five: use SkyDrive to help our website to get outside the chain, as far as possible to pass some goods on SkyDrive pictures and small software and so on, can bring a lot of free web site in the title, SkyDrive has the

first of all, from the beginning of the matter. That’s: what’s the problem with Uber,

: we need to know the types of chain, mainly including Links, buy links, forum signature and forum posting and blog and the promotion of soft outside chain and so on, get visible way of chain is many, some people tend to only know this forum for the promotion of a tree, which leads to the difficulty of promotion even so, Taobao withdrew from the ranks of the guest

internal and external image collapse,


?The crisis of !

March Uber car sharing business President Jeff Jones because of sexual harassment issues left, the reason is "…… it is now clear that leadership beliefs and ideas of my occupation career with experience in Uber and see is not the same, so I cannot continue to serve as president." This implies that the Uber internal culture to make himself extremely dissatisfied with the side that Susan charges.

in January, President Trump issued a ban on seven Muslim dominated countries, triggering a general strike by taxi drivers at Kennedy International Airport in New York. The background of public opinion. A concerted effort by Trump, Uber has announced its own will continue to provide airport shuttle service. Then, social media on the vigorous expansion of DeleteUber activities, and that weekend, Uber travel volume dropped by 10%.

Uber has been fermenting since the beginning of this year.

DeleteUber Yu Wen is not scattered, in February a former female Engineer Susan Fowler Uber publicly issued a document, against sexual harassment in the Uber by Uber, and ignore or even turn to call her "a trouble". Susan himself as an example, describes the technology company’s internal classification, intrigue and gender discrimination and other harsh atmosphere. Bowen caused a storm in the social network, forcing Uber CEO Holder Travis Kalanick invited former U.S. attorney general Eric, to investigate.

, Sunday, June 11th, may be the toughest day in the history of Uber, the world’s most valuable start-up company. From ten a.m., the Uber board held a special meeting in Losangeles. At the end of two days, the last hours of the "marathon meeting", the company ushered in the top of the great change and shock – CEO "vacation", "number two turnover".

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