5 methods of test site access speed

5 methods of test site access speed

web page loading speed is the key for a web site, the noble baby will have a website loading speed is factored into the website ranking, that is to say if you have enough content, and load faster than others site faster step, then you get a better ranking. Then the following quickly test your site, improve the site access speed.

3: a full range of free website speed test tool GTmetrix


test method and the ping command is similar, just change Ping to tracert www. your web site贵族宝贝, the number of "tracert" is used to detect the jump from the terminal customers to your server in the engine room and the response time, is to test the connection speed server and the customers all over the country, when arrives at a gateway, tracert will conduct a three test, and the test results of the three MS units, of course time time as short as possible.

gtmetrix贵族宝贝 provides a detailed measurements of the rich, it combines Page Speed and Yahoo noble baby! "The speed test function of YSlow, and provide feasible suggestions to help you improve the speed of the site. No need to register to use the tool as a member, and suggest how to optimize each element on the page, the most important is according to the specific circumstances of the site, causing the site to tell you slow to load the root where.

method is simple test website speed with the Ping command.

also, the owners of the house of the Ping tool is also good at 贵族宝贝ping.chinaz贵族宝贝/

Ping results belong to that bytes said to send how many bytes of time is time, time is faster, TTL can determine the other operating system, TTL=119 XP system, but TTL is generally not allowed to modify the registry, the server can change the TTL type, the more detailed velocity approach, please search.

(Beginners only need to pay attention to the meaning of the red box can be

Ping can be used to check whether the network patency or network connection speed, click start run, enter "CMD" enter or click OK in the operation, the input Ping www.贵族宝贝 can you.


novice just look at the bottom line, the shortest time, the long time and the average time (time as short as possible), so you can roughly determine the site speed.


method is simple test website speed with the tracert command.

as a member of GTmetrix, you can set.


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