Shanghai dragon Er why your website ranking is not stable

Shanghai dragon Er why your website ranking is not stable

we know that in the optimization process of any one industry will face fierce market competition, the website optimization industry is a truth, but also in the optimization, competitors site optimization do very well, the details of the deal is also very good, so this time why our sites will be optimized in the process of ranking floating and Volatility? The author thinks that we can through the following ways to analyze and diagnose, well, so without further ado we entered.

third, according to the performance of the site must be adjusted to the site. The two preceding is website optimization process we should pay attention to the most basic work, in addition to the above details, website changes we have time in the process of optimization and observation site optimization, optimization of enterprises with their own examples to get a new station, to the optimization of the key. I started the operation optimization around the keywords, after two weeks or even a month’s time to check the site condition, the growth of the chain and the website optimization keywords from 100 to 100 in addition to enter, even better performance, according to its website, you will be for optimization method for the next step of development, did not enter the top 100 how to deal with? In the top 100 but did not enter the sea before love >

first, you have not read carefully the love Shanghai search engine optimization guide. We know that the current search engine optimization we need to do most is to love Shanghai website optimization, but now I found many webmaster especially new optimization in the process of optimization only by virtue of their experience to optimize the operation, in fact, each of us has a learning optimization book, good, is love Shanghai search engine optimization guide is also called love Shanghai as a webmaster optimization white paper, we must carefully study and research love Shanghai search engine optimization white paper, although the content is relatively simple, which provides clear, but we read carefully you will find the optimization of love Shanghai is not imagined so difficult, in accordance with the requirements of the white paper. Regular white hat optimization method is love Shanghai search engine optimization, the most important issue for concern.

second, have a choice to learn from others’ experience in optimization. I have always believed in learning methods to the letter as a book, optimization is a truth, in the article the author of the optimization, the author also recommends the selectivity to learn these optimization methods is the author in the optimization process of some experience, I have to use on our site, some selective learning and imitation and cannot accept any experience and skills, have a certain life cycle, try attitude to observe the website optimization effect, get that will help us improve rankings and thinking skills step by step from use is very important, so as to continue to progress and beyond the others, but not completely copy and copy the optimization idea of others, this is absolutely not desirable.

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