Shanghai dragon Er novice website weight should have the ability to analyze

Shanghai dragon Er novice website weight should have the ability to analyze

flow of the three Shanghai dragon chain. The second Shanghai dragon do content, first-class Shanghai Dragon Mining User potential, I believe everyone in their technical levels has different understanding of these words, everyone is from a novice into the road, I was no exception, from personal experience and through some detours, in addition to the novice should have the basic ability to do outside the chain should also learn to stand in the data analysis, search engine angle to evaluate a website, as long as the thorough analysis of a site in POWER, I believe you will be able to develop good optimization methods and specific operating practices, do I believe success they will point the day and await for it.

is going to a domain name registration time is going to have the calculation of time domain, especially those to the analysis index of relatively large but ranked in the top ten websites, a domain name and age for 5 years the station and a new station just registered domain name optimization is a big difference. Especially for the noble baby, a long time domain name is often assigned a very high PR value, if a site has a high PR value to start optimization is handy, you can not be as easy as blowing away the dust a good two flow Shanghai Longfeng love Shanghai ER. or Google will be given the weight of good old station to the new page, the page to participate in rankings and flow into the skills are very strong.


novice Shanghai dragon Er should have the ability of

using the SITE command to check the site, many Shanghai dragon Er is through the paging carrying massive long tail keywords, and through the internal links strong do the long tail keywords ranking, in addition to the massive pages do auxiliary supporting on the web page and page keywords keywords, the reason is because the auxiliary support website promotion especially subject ranking to improve is more complete by external links, the snapshot time although limited to love Shanghai, but the snapshot can indeed very good website update speed of response, which may include website content updates, visit IP ‘update and the chain update etc..

Aleax see the IP number and the PV value is two point one, two is the number. This I do not want to say it, of course, sometimes ALEAX to station statistics is not very accurate. Love is to go to Shanghai index search site name, actually this is to analyze whether he is a brand, if you encounter is a brand index over 10000 competitors, then you may want to re evaluate the whole operation team and optimization strategy, of course, the brand also has a size and area, and not each brand is so hard to subvert.

Website weight

3.ALEAX and

brand index

1. domain name registration time, and the PR value of the domain name

2. included quantity, the number of the chain, the snapshot time

The amount included in

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