See from the trend of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai big update

See from the trend of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai big update

look at the big data 2013.10.23 love Shanghai adjustment:

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changes can be seen, no rules, but on the whole, Shanghai increase in the amount of love and to reduce the amount of almost all, estimation is love itself in the reconstruction of Shanghai data.

love Shanghai 2013.10.23 big update, the update frequency is more and more irregular, recent data from various aspects are summarized, mainly to adjust the direction of love Shanghai is an index system optimization, graphic display, snapshot display mode. Through the observation of is currently operating poly way travel, the current index system optimization is nearing completion, and the graphic display is like a raging fire, snapshot shows the method is still being adjusted.

from the above we can see that love Shanghai reduce included in a large range, and the K ratio reached the highest in history 1.4%. Do not know stationmaster friends yesterday did feel a change in your site

Dai Ming blog yesterday at the poly way travel data, the morning amount collected from 18000 down to 3100 (in fact have so many times, have been calm), and about 3 in the afternoon again, but only returned to 17900 other entry number is ranked among the top 50 an increase of more than 80.

This paper starts from the

so the blog advise you webmaster, during this time, try not to use the gray hat techniques to optimize the site, easy to be punished, in addition, the new station included and ranking will be relatively longer, the new Adsense also don’t be impatient to do optimization work.

let’s change curve and then look at the love Shanghai this week:



so, what we can get a conclusion from these data above? Love Shanghai is on the side of the layout of the mobile Internet (the acquisition of 91 assistant is a good example), while busy lawsuit with 360 (for robots file), while they are busy updating algorithm, Scindapsus graphic algorithm, algorithm of pomegranate. We can see that the love of Shanghai a bit confused, it must reconstruct some data. In this period of time, its ability to accept new things will become weak, especially for sensitive content more strictly.

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