Super practical love Shanghai new site dry cargo included brief introduction

Super practical love Shanghai new site dry cargo included brief introduction

Title: This is the Shanghai dragon sets the most important intention, be sure to pay attention to. In general, the company website title by "name + two or three core keywords company or product name + company + location, such as home – micro enterprises – Chinese leading H5 website platform – free website, website, website construction.

this work suggested in the station start setting, especially home, avoid in the process of site, love Shanghai is included in your site, if not set, the love of Shanghai will be included with the Shanghai dragon Jianzhan template set, then later have to wait for the love of Shanghai update, there is a period of time will affect the website promotion effect.

company made a new website, then you need to do site promotion, Shanghai dragon due to its free, effect continuously, become an important channel to promote enterprise. The premise of Shanghai dragon is the search engine website, especially the love of Shanghai included. The micro enterprises user station as an example, a brief introduction of Shanghai Raiders included in the new love.

must first set up a good foundation of Shanghai Longfeng three, namely title, keyword, desctription, commonly known as TKD.

, a Shanghai Longfeng station set

if there is no love Shanghai webmaster account, this can register an account 贵族宝贝>

recommendations are set up, so that love Shanghai are included, all using the same title ", will be considered cheating for love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon adverse. In addition each web page at the best custom, such as our www.wqdian贵族宝贝/about-us.html too long "link, for the love of Shanghai included is not friendly.

two, opened Shanghai webmaster account and love and website


Desctription: is set with the two sentences about site status, such as the company’s positioning, industry status, advantage and service content. This is also very important, love will be displayed in the collection of information in Shanghai.

micro enterprises website platform how to set up the website of Shanghai dragon three, please refer to the use of: 贵族宝贝bbs.wqdian贵族宝贝/thread-44-1-1.html

Keyword set: general set their own business several main core keywords can, these keywords is the site in the rankings after going to love Shanghai. This can be a reference site of the Shanghai dragon set. How to view specific keywords peer site settings, usually view the website source code, you can find a keyword. Keywords don’t too much, too much is not easy to be included.

Each page

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