Three reasons about keyword ranking fluctuations

Three reasons about keyword ranking fluctuations

is the first search engine itself: the search engine is a huge data processing system, there will be a huge amount of web pages are created every day on the Internet, there will also be numerous web pages to update or delete. So the search engine face every day is massive amounts of data and processing, need to crawl and grab, indexing, storage, pretreatment, correlation calculation and some other column, so a single site in front of the huge data processing fluctuations are normal. Many webmaster feel noble baby than love Shanghai more stable, even so, a few years ago, there are well-known aristocratic nobles baby baby dance, but it’s better now. This shows that rank fluctuation is normal, as long as it is wide fluctuations, don’t worry too much about the webmaster.

followed by competitors: every day we are hard to do link for the site, everywhere the hair of the chain, update the original, your competitor is so. Maybe they do more than you, more good. So in the fierce competition in the industry, a performance not regress itself is progress, because your website has new content every day, every day in the strong. The ranking is bidirectional, the search engine as a referee, whose website is strong enough, who is the winner, who ranked on the front. So we see the rankings fluctuations don’t doubt yourself is not wrong, sometimes they do not work, but also need to continue to persist, competitors are doing, you can do it all, and he does well, then your ranking will gradually surpass him.

is for their own reasons: its causes include two aspects, one is the weight of the website is not enough, there will be fluctuations. Two is the excessive collection, included is deleted problem. The reason is not the website weight is in many ways, the most important is the site of the external links, website content repetition time is short, too much. If you are collecting or false original, perhaps just after collecting search engines will be included. "

many friends have such experience, the website did not do what special thing, will link the day as usual, will update the original article, but the site’s ranking is not stable, and often will fluctuate. Many new Adsense all thought it was his improper operation, or what "out of line", which leads to their site is down right. In fact, many times for many reasons, there may be some details of the cause, there may be the search engine itself is the problem.


do we need to adhere to the Shanghai dragon itself, may be the beginning and no profit, so the keyword ranking is our greatest power. If the keyword ranking is always fluctuating, one aspect is correct we will deny their level and practice, will have an impact on the optimization of the later work, another is the attenuation effects of power and passion. See the webmaster to post will encounter such problems in many forums. Today, according to some experiences these problems and their reasons to share keyword ranking fluctuations, hope this paper will help everyone, welcome.

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