Website optimization is not difficult to create weight is the key

Website optimization is not difficult to create weight is the key

regularly send outside the chain, not to a specific time, the same number, as long as the number of hair every day almost on the line, did not say every day must be few, the anchor text chain allows keyword rankings, link chain, can enhance the overall weight of the site, if you want to increase the weight of home page, the chain form we have in our home page link, this is a common form of soft Wen contribute, stationmaster’s purpose is to use soft Wen brought countless outside the chain, to measure the weight advantage to promote the entire station.

in addition to the chain must be wide, to use their own resources outside the chain, not only limited to a few.

had a long love Shanghai period, when the site has some weight, we may only need to send the article, website weight can maintain and continuously improve, keyword ranking can also stabilize in a better position, so it is difficult to do pre Shanghai Longfeng, especially new sites do not trust a little below to talk about several ways to improve the site weight.

content is the soul of the website, without the support of content, everything is empty; optimize the site early, personally think that to update the article in the station, must let the site have a full content, people to see your site empty, not what the readability, will choose the search engine to also jump; the site grab, will not have a good impression, it is best to have a new high quality original articles, the original is not equal to high quality, must not deviate from the readability and relevance.

What is the most important

suggested that although website content are updated regularly is good, but at the early stage and content, the website can choose not to worry on the line, although the content of the updated daily can make them plump, but this is a relatively long period, why not start to do the content, and then slowly to the rich. For the content? Most sensitive to the number of soso, had done such a website, because too anxious on the line, not what caused the soso reject included, although the content is up, but do not be included.


, a content must be hard

two, regular chain construction

Shanghai dragon? Construction sites in Shanghai think the most important thing is to have a website weight, if there is a weight up to much, if the site is no longer included in distress, ranking see effect, updated daily snapshot; without even the weights of the website is the original article want to make love in Shanghai included also is very difficult, but also to the outside of the chain spider can barely be included, finally may be included in a couple of days and was removed from this phenomenon, believe that many webmaster have encountered, especially some newly built railway station, management and optimization is more difficult, and the do not see any effect, this time must have perseverance and willpower to persist.

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