Shanghai Longfeng talent in the end should move towards specialization or complex

Shanghai Longfeng talent in the end should move towards specialization or complex

found a few times this year, see a lot of boss and human resources to recruit people of Shanghai Longfeng talent demand in this regard is really have a feeling. The general situation is basically the boss does not understand Shanghai dragon, dragon and phoenix only know that Shanghai is one of the network marketing. Basically be the matter to the human resources department, human resources department will not know what is the Shanghai dragon, so they do not know how to write the recruitment requirements. According to my own estimate they should be from the network to see what others write, "pseudo original" to resume out (because I am very clear, some participated in the Shanghai dragon training clients to ask me how to write resumes, they participated in the Shanghai dragon training, at least. A little bit, so don’t know the boss and human resources don’t even say). So many people recruit the confused minds, for the situation of the boss, no matter how well you, people will not give you a high salary. Unless you can prove yourself after work, unless you have an acquaintance recommended.


remember the most frustrating is that if you are going to a small and medium sized enterprises for Shanghai dragon, people will ask what you will, if you go to the network recruitment, general small and medium-sized enterprises are all-around talents for Shanghai Longfeng requirements. But if you go to some big companies, the Department will be relatively complete. It asks you to do things very professional. A professional is a comprehensive, this is a bit of conflict for our Shanghai dragon Er, in the end should take the professional route or should take a comprehensive route? In fact, I think it has to do with your occupation career, if you want to relax for a lifetime, you can add a the company is only responsible for his job, his small field can be responsible for good. But if you want to start your own business, or to some start-up companies, or some small and medium-sized enterprises, engaged in network marketing. You need to take comprehensive talents.

love big business and professional personnel, small businesses love comprehensive talents. So we should be moving towards specialization or complex, the key is to look at your occupation career is how to arrange. But here I have a suggestion, take the professional talents need to have comprehensive vision, you want to see more, not necessarily what will be done. But we must understand some industries with their own professional downstream, such as we are doing the Shanghai dragon, the whole network marketing we must understand what kind of impact on Shanghai Longfeng, or at least can master a in Shanghai Longfeng outside traffic sources, for Shanghai Longfeng downstream, you should at least know some of the code, procedures, such as knowledge of art. Can not write what procedures and code, or at least know how it is.

then the integrated personnel should master at least one foreign core technology, familiar words, good ten strokes will not drop drop as a fresh cooked, cooked. For example, what micro-blog marketing, Q>

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