The common search engine drop right phenomenon

The common search engine drop right phenomenon


generally higher than the weight of the first page of the inside pages, but in some cases the pages within the website snapshot above the home page. The main reason for this phenomenon is the site of the internal links to that page and page is not smooth, the search engine can not timely return to home or take longer to return to the home page. In addition, if the number of outbound links page too much, this phenomenon also occurs, so when we do Links must limit the number, not the more the better Links.

website snapshot were normal and keyword ranking disappeared, there are two possibilities, one is the site right down, if you recently on the site has made a big adjustment, or the chain is not stable; two is the search engine fluctuations, because the search engine algorithm changes constantly, in the adjustment period will be very volatile, so that keyword ranking disappeared, so every webmaster should regularly observe the change of search engine, to master the rules and measures.

four, website snapshot included normal, keyword ranking disappear

In fact, every

, a website was only included home page

Er Shanghai Longfeng optimization can easily, do not need to keep an eye on the search engine, search engine just as we provide services to bring traffic, bring customers, and our website is ultimately to the client, so the content of your site, improve the user.

home page snapshot not update, the content has been included to increase

website optimization is a need for careful and patient work, and for the grass-roots webmaster, the site in the problems will lose the direction, I do not know what to do, in fact, website optimization needs the correct analysis, find out the reason. Each person in the process of optimization problems are not the same, but today I have some phenomena of search engine common to everyone said, hope to help you in some optimization.

big revisionThe

website is the general objective in order to improve the degree of user experience degree, another is the website structure does not conform to the search engines that do not reach the rules, layout optimization, code optimization objective. For the website snapshot not update is a normal phenomenon, because the site after revision is equivalent to changing a new face search engine has a period of observation on your site, in the meantime still want to keep the site updated daily information, good external links, the observation period will be normal website snapshot.

if your site is just on the line soon, this is a normal phenomenon, because the search engine on your website during this time recognized the need, must do the site update, so must not give up; if the old station is included only one page, it is the serious drop right, you need to find out why right down for example, Links was K site, the chain number soared, greatly modify the site keywords, title, description, just find the problem, adjust, insist on a period of time will be able to recover.

three, website snapshot of real

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