Pomegranate algorithm on site is k drop right has no effect

Pomegranate algorithm on site is k drop right has no effect

server stability is an important factor of website operation and the development of infrastructure. If the server is not meeting cause love Shanghai search engine spiders can not visit the site. We can be sure that the web server is really important.

Every day I

in this small series: updated high quality sites, simultaneously in the station optimization and the construction of the chain, to write a soft wen.

7, the content of the website has not been updated for a long time. The website has been copied. Suggestion: to update the website article, best to write a bit more original articles.


1, the website of the chain is too poor and too single, excessive optimization.


The quality of

many of my friends have said that now the Shanghai dragon is a difficult job, Xiao Bian and many senior webmaster also talked a few times this problem, also gives some good advice for small. Many novice feel difficult to do should be done for a long time the keyword ranking also do not go up, have to give up. Keywords it is really hard to know what time can enter the top ten, but if I move a lot of Web site keywords, inside the heart because of a sense of accomplishment. But confidence in work of this small series last week was hit, small sites do not know what the reason is K. I heard love sea new algorithm upgrade, will not be affected on my website

my site is a regular industry related business, server rental, double room rent, double rack rental etc.. Whether the target is

from the analysis of the data, last week updated love Shanghai chain decreased, the site does not have time to update these reasons there is a certain effect.

for Links, owners need timely and continuous monitoring, the best day to check.


5, the website chain is normal. No friends of the chain

generally speaking, be rather baffling website K, may have the following 7 reasons:

6, the website is not secure. The site was linked to horse, are obviously black will affect the quality of website. No

2, temporary right down the problem. Unlikely

I suggest sharing

3, the stability of the server. The site can normal open, stable server.

through this.

4, website or modify the site three elements. No modification of


love Shanghai pomegranate target is: algorithm to combat spam chain; Shanghai released this love pomegranate algorithm, the main purpose: to combat spam. An important part of the page is garbage garbage, garbage content has seriously affected the healthy development of the Internet, love Shanghai, there is no way, can only continue to release a new algorithm to maintain the healthy development of the internet.


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