Effect of keyword research and competitive search for display advertising

Effect of keyword research and competitive search for display advertising

for the network media strategists, the existing PPC advertising campaign can be said to be a treasure trove of information. The effect of different keywords can help them create a different style of writing activities, from the idea of writing, advertising text, web site, to track position, new niche opportunity. If there is no ready-made PPC advertising activity can reference? You can for a new start of pay per click advertising campaign for keyword research on several aspects mentioned above.

you can choose from sorted lists you love the most, and switch to click on the quantity estimation tool of these keywords flow and cost estimation. If the media buyers want through the display advertising to create a direct response to the activities, so these two factors are to be considered, but also according to the actual needs of the advertising.

The Keywords

keyword contains a lot of information

can start using pay per click advertising expert keyword research tool commonly used:


analysis: know what keywords has confirmed will flow into a site, the traffic will flow to the site, and what these will flow into the target behavior is very meaningful. The target and the actual target of advertisers for comparative analysis, we can get some information from the gap, and the direction of future efforts.

traditionally, online display advertising and search marketing belong to different areas of work. A large online marketing strategy can include these two kinds of marketing methods, but search marketing personnel generally do not involve display advertising, also don’t understand display ads, and vice versa. But recently, the industry for the two fields together seems to have more interest than before. In addition, because the search traffic has turned into a social network, Google will be the "content network" was renamed "network", these factors may accelerate the integration of the two fields. In any case, when the search and display advertising professionals gathered together, they shared information will give a lot of spark. Today, I will from the point of view of the search field, and puts forward some suggestions for media planning colleagues.

AdWords of Google keyword tool: this free keyword research tool is the earliest in the field "". The tool can not only allow users to evaluate according to the search volume of a keyword or keyword group popularity and importance, but also determine other related key phrases. The tool also allows you to control all the way through to your query. For example, you may search by location, device type, product categories and other options to limit on the search results. Once on the key word, you can also operate and classification of data. For example, search results will be limited in anti-aging category of search, I choose the United States through a range of mobile devices skincare search keywords, and in accordance with the keyword search popularity in the United States to sort.

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