Analysis of 3 examples of the sequela chain surge did you learn a lesson

Analysis of 3 examples of the sequela chain surge did you learn a lesson

although I station is a new station, but there are still two key row on the home page, the main flow is by bringing them up, but today, the two key words ranking has dropped to second, the flow is not to mention, also dropped a lot. Originally, the increase of the number of chain is to bring better keywords ranking, but a sudden increase in the chain may have low quality, do not trust the love of Shanghai website, will bring more losses.

domain: website The

chain jumped two: reduce the sequelae of keywords ranking

The success!


I have a small station, has been into the chain of books, then do not know what the reason is, in November 12th, the website chain number suddenly increased to 10600, this statement I didn’t use any chain tools, may be a sudden increase in forum signature like. In 12 days before, many webmaster forum included is not very good, but I also keep every thread, 12 day forum restoration included, the chain suddenly increased. A few days later to observe what has not much impact, but this day Shanghai update, check my website, found some problems, the analysis results and the chain surge is a great relationship.

today I check the site, first discovered is a snapshot of the original November 3rd into October 24th, snapshot snapshot! Perhaps you will say that there are many reasons, I also analyzed the great cause of snapshot, my site every day will increase 6 pieces of high quality articles, which excludes the site content is not updated and reproduced, false original content too much, so that the main reason is the sudden increase in the chain.

chain jumped three: sequelae in the first

domain: everyone knows that a website is not in the first place, almost ranking will decline, may appear small drop right owners say. After the show, I found the website although are updated every day and increase the chain, but due to the chain website before surge >

The snapshot

chain jumped sequela of love: Shanghai

(domain: site in the first place)

"content is king, the chain for emperor" is the winning rule of Shanghai dragon, the most important thing is the chain of Shanghai dragon Er every day, but the chain is not possible, the chain and content, but also to the pursuit of high quality. The chain surge may bring a short period of time, but a few days, the chain increased after a little show. The sequential increase links can make the website weight improve, but if the surge link may be K station. Improve the chain quantity and quality at the same time, it is a good point, there is no need to emphasize the grand goal of a superman in the shortest time, do one thing, the stick is the

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