“Griezmann’s first year reminds me of Coutinho”

first_imgFormer FC Barcelona player Rivaldo said on Thursday that the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann should raise his level and his commitment in his first year as a Blaugrana, as it reminds him of what his compatriot Philippe Coutinho lived, now on loan to Bayern Munich after failing to win at the Camp Nou.“A greater impact was expected from a world champion well adapted to Spanish football, especially this season in which Coutinho himself is no longer there, that neither is Suárez or that Dembélé does not play due to injury. His first season reminds me of Coutinho, “he said in statements provided by Betfair.However, he believes that “he can still make a difference” in the eventual absence of Messi. “We must wait for him to adapt a little more to Barcelona, ​​its style and tactical system. It has quality to spare to perform at a good level,” he argued.“Griezmann has to commit a little more to really achieve his best football and become a decisive player in Setien’s plans,” said the bookmaker ambassador. In the event that Bayern Munich does not exercise the purchase option on Coutinho and he returns to Barça, Rivaldo wants him to fight to stay. “He must fight to continue in the club and try to convince Barcelona of its virtues. That should be your ultimate challenge. A way to show your personality as a player, “he said.“I hope that his experience in the Bundesliga has made him wake up and realize the reality. That Barcelona could be the ideal place for him, to shine once and for all in European football. I still believe in his abilities, but it will also depend a lot of his mental strength and what he wants to demonstrate to his critics, “he said.As for the striker Martin Braithwaite, signed after the winter market by the long-term injury of Ousmane Dembélé, he believes that he will soon be “forgotten” as soon as the Frenchman recovers, or before, the Uruguayan Luis Suárez.“As soon as Suarez recovers and if next season Coutinho is given an opportunity, I think that may lead them to forget him. Because, in addition, better players will come and he may not have the same opportunities to compete as now, to try to have a important role in Setien’s plans, “he concluded.last_img read more

GECOM must not interfere with the NRR

first_imgDear Editor,It is necessary and timely for all stakeholders in these critical and overdue General and Regional Elections to establish the measures of adeptness that will ensure the application of processes consistent with the applicable legislative framework. Certainly, non-compliance in this respect leads to default variances from the legitimate expectations by competing parties and creates partisan impacts that will likely favour one group against other competitors. Already, there have been myriad challenges to the applied processes including the tinkering with the NRR and RLE after publication without following the mandatory statutory processes.The National Registration Act Cap 19.08 establishes the divisional basis for continuous registration and stipulates the conditions and procedures the Commissioner and specific deputies must follow during any period of Registration. Specifically, Section 15 of this Act addresses the process including the right of appeal following Claims and Objections to which the Commissioner of Registration’s decision is final; before any name is added or subtracted from the National Register of Registrants Database. Certainly, there is no evidence that the Chief Elections Officer at GECOM is following these mandated obligations.Foremost, the halting of the Patterson/Lowenfield backdated infused House-to-House Registration following the CCJ’s ruling on the carried No-Confidence Motion (NCM). Therefore, GECOM’s decision to add unverified names from the truncated House-to-House Registration to the NRR given the existence and continuance of the legally binding Claims and Objections is clearly wrong and highly objectionable. It creates a recipe for serious confusion and lawlessness and the GECOM Chairperson must remember her ruling went against using of ‘voters identification card’, although, the political parties had agreed to that process.Clearly, the approximately six thousand (6000) unverified names cannot be added to the Revised List of Electors. Further, it is unacceptable for the Guyanese voting population to carry the burden of the uncertainty of names that GECOM staff and APNU scrutineers registered, which, within days cannot find the persons who registered them. It is of note that the Secretariat under Keith Lowenfield had utilised surreptitious approaches to exclude the scrutineers from the main Opposition or any other party from the process.To read in the press that the Government Commissioners walked out of the statutory meeting before Nomination Day is a clear signal of what is to come. The PNC as the core of APNU/AFC coalition is clearly exhibiting a determined manoeuvre based on procrastinating and delaying the process in order to stay illegally longer in office. The obvious approach is the use of an infiltrative approach at GECOM to realise a contaminated list which they hope and expect will be rejected, towards a recurrence of the 1990 position when elections were delayed by two years to clean up the mess.For quite some time, stakeholders have observed that Keith Lowenfield has continued to usurp the authority of the GECOM Commission. There have been numerous complaints from Commission members that he has implemented the decision of his own accord, without following or bringing the appropriate matters before the Commission for approval and directions. There are no objections by the proven highly partisan PNC/APNU Commissioners when these matters are discussed. Opposition Commissioners raise objections, and it indicates the existence of clandestine behind the scene manoeuvres which undermines the required level of transparency for this key organisation.The foregoing highlights the highly conflicting issue of hiring of staff, which functionally, fall under the Commission’s responsibility. Of real concern is the recent publication of hired Regional Returning Officers (ROs) who are supposed to be temporary appointments, while these persons are actually permanent members employed at the GECOM Secretariat without the blessings of the Commission members. Regarding the hiring of staff, Act No 15 of 2000 Election Laws (Amendment) Act 2000 states:“17. (1) There shall be a Permanent Secretariat to the Commission to ensure institutional memory and capacity and the Commission shall be responsible for the efficient functioning of the Secretariat.(2) The Commission shall be responsible for appointing on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Commission such permanent and temporary staff to the offices of the Commission as are considered by the necessary for the discharge of its function under the Constitution and any written law.18. The Chief Election Officer and the Commissioner of Registration shall, notwithstanding anything in any written law, be subject to the direction and control of the Commission. In essence, let us be clear, all hiring and appointment of staff, “permanent and temporary” must be done by the Commission.”Taxpayers and Guyanese at large cannot accept the continuously partisan and incompetent staff the GECOM Secretariat hired to do the House-to-House Registration, and which, within days, cannot find the registrants. I had forewarned that the shenanigans of those behind the farcical House-to-House, is strongly linked to milking cow syndrome of thieving and spending money. Further, it must be noted that the ‘unverified’ House-to-House Registration was done on the wrong statutory forms.Observers have noted that persons added to the RLE presumably from the truncated House-to-House, have been assigned an identification card number. These have included the thousands of unverified persons that are clearly challengeable. It is, therefore, necessary that we ask when will the GECOM Secretariat issue the National ID cards to the people who applied and are waiting for months for their ID cards.As in the previous General and Regional Elections, another area of conflict has been the absence and neglect of the GECOM CEO to provide the reconciled position of the electronic result to the Commission for approval before announcing and publishing the results of votes counted in the ascertainment of the elections results. I advocated for the definitive and procedural legal compliance in this respect. Section 96 (1) and (2) of Act No 15 of 2000 Election Laws (Amendment) Act 2000 states respectively:“(1) The Chief Elections Officer shall, after calculating the total number of valid votes of electors which have been cast for each list of candidates, on the basis of the votes counted and the information furnished by Returning Officers under Section 84 (11), ascertain the results of the elections in accordance with Sections 97 and 98.(2) The Chief Elections Officer shall prepare a report manually and in electronic form in terms of Section 99 for the benefit of the Commission, which shall be the basis for the Commission to declare and publish the election results under Section 99.”Hence, it is imperative that all systems must be in place for efficient functioning in the Information Technology Department. In this sense, the UNDP offer previously rejected by previous Chairman James Patterson must be accepted immediately. There must be no resistance to the UNDP IT presence at GECOM.Things are not looking good with the GECOM staff, the proven highly politically tarnished persons of the like to Melanie Marshall is bad news. The public demands that persons, which fall in this category, are not tolerated around GECOM!There are questions about why the Returning Officer for Region Five’s appointment was delayed and only named after Granger’s announcement about having to ‘win’ in this region. There is something sinister about this because Region Five is a suspect area for housing many Haitians, while the PNC representative had falsely tried to remove thousands of legitimate Guyanese from the voters’ list. What, therefore, is GECOM’s motive?Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img read more

Oleksandr Zinchenko: Man City signing’s best bits – VIDEO

first_imgWant to know more about Manchester City’s newest signing Oleksandr Zinchenko? Check out some of his best bits here. The Citizens announced the capture of the teenage midfielder on Monday, from Russian club FC Ufa. He becomes Pep Guardiola’s third signing, following Ilkay Gundogan and Nolito through the door at the Etihad. Zinchenko leaves Ufa after just one season, having joined from Shakhtar Donetsk on a free transfer last summer.The 19-year-old midfielder went on to make 26 appearances, scoring twice, before impressing for Ukraine at Euro 2016, playing all three games.It remains to be seen how much Zinchenko will be involved in the first team next year, but take a look at what he offers in the video above.last_img read more

Incredible shrinking files

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinals160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! CONCORD, Mass. (AP) With more and more video surging across the Internet not just to computers but also televisions and handheld devices, something that could relieve the congestion or improve the quality would be a huge breakthrough. That is inspiring multiple efforts to chase a long-sought and often unachieved goal of better compression, the trick of shrinking a movie, song, picture or other large file so that it can be whisked over the Internet without anyone noticing a difference. Some compression companies are making some eyebrow-raising promises, such as the ability to squeeze a video file tight enough to facilitate high-definition television over the Internet. Others say their compression schemes will enhance existing video applications such as medical imaging. “We stand a tremendous chance of becoming a de facto standard,” boasts Daniel Kilbank, who founded Bethesda, Md.-based compression-technology vendor Qbit LLC with former Apple Computer Inc. CEO John Sculley in 2003. Qbit’s compression system is considered “loss-less,” meaning it can shrink a file without losing a detail from the original file. It uses pattern-recognition algorithms to spot recurring aspects of a scene rather than sending them multiple times. In contrast, today’s top method of video compression, MPEG-4, is considered “lossy” because some quality is sacrificed in shrinking the file. If you see fuzzy or pixelated images online, the faults could lie in the compression. Consequently, even if Qbit merely matches MPEG-4’s ability to shrink files but can do so losslessly, Kilbank argues that his technology “really creates a business argument” for new kinds of portable devices and Internet services with high-definition content. Qbit figures to find its best success in “professional imaging fields” that generate huge files, such as medicine, defense, movie production and oil exploration, In-Stat analyst Gerry Kaufhold believes. Eventually, however, Qbit expects to be able to shrink files that already have been compressed with MPEG potentially a boon to cable, satellite and phone-companies pumping out video content. A different compression approach is in the works at Euclid Discoveries LLC, based in this proudly historic Revolutionary War town. Euclid recently announced that it can dramatically improve on MPEG-4’s ability to render faces, while also shrinking files up to 10 times more efficiently. By focusing on faces first, Euclid hopes to spur “talking head” services, such as news broadcasts or videoconferences, on portable devices. The compression is not lossless, but Euclid founder Richard Wingard argues that mathematical tricks will make the loss essentially unnoticeable. For now, it appears Euclid still has far to go. In an April demonstration for The Associated Press, the system presented clearer facial images than files compressed with MPEG-4. But the edges weren’t smoothly integrated into the picture, as if the face had been glued on the background for a collage. Wingard said those problems will soon be fixed. And he said rendering faces is one of the hardest aspects of image manipulation, so having already solved that puts Euclid close to essentially removing bandwidth constraints for high-quality video. Euclid pledges to eventually get a two-hour movie down to 50 megabytes small enough to fit 20 on a portable USB drive, for example. Indeed, In-Stat’s Kaufhold believes that Euclid has “something valuable at its core” that might lead to delivering HDTV over the Internet. But other observers are far more skeptical. For one thing, innumerable compression claims have been made over the years only to fizzle. And while there have been notable compression advancements over the years from such players as Divx Inc. and On2 Technologies Inc., those technologies power niche applications. One reason is that existing, lossy compression such as the MPEG-2 format that encodes DVDs is usually good enough for entertainment purposes, said Predrag Filipovic, an analyst with The Diffusion Group. He also notes that a startup compression scheme always faces an uphill fight. It must attract the interest of equipment makers who are reluctant to stray from industry standards, and it has to overcome rival offerings from full-service providers such as Microsoft Corp. “Is there a need for yet-better compression? Yes, you can argue that there is,” Filipovic said. “The question is how much better somebody has to be in order to justify the huge cost of marketing this thing and the huge cost to the provider. “Those equations usually do not end up in a revolution.”last_img read more

Home-cooking staple now chic

first_img “It’s a food that’s quite consistent with an American attitude,” McWilliams said. “It is so open to interpretation and flexible. Its origins are humble.” President Reagan was a famous fan, and writer Jean Shepherd included family battles over meatloaf in the movie “A Christmas Story.” Little brother Randy declares he hates meatloaf, and The Old Man threatens to use a screwdriver and plumber’s helper to get some down him. Chicago piano salesman and sometime food writer Lee Maloney grew up loving his mom’s meatloaf, and kept looking for something that would measure up when he traveled the country as music director for various circuses and ice shows. Most of the stuff he found in diners and truck stops was awful, but circus friends made marvelous variations. A Czech trapeze act made it with hard-boiled eggs in the middle. Others baked whole tomatoes, gherkins, sausage, stuffing and foie gras inside. But the closer to Mom’s the better. “My parents have long been gone, but it brings back very fond memories of coming home after school, and eating meatloaf, mashed potatoes and creamed corn,” said Maloney. About 10 years ago, cookbook author David Rosengarten started seeing meatloaf tarted up with wine sauces in New American Cuisine restaurants, but now finds it in neighborhood bistros, where it is treated with respect in the classic style, with ketchup. Competing with New York steak and seared scallops, meatloaf is one of the top entrees at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, on Oregon’s coast, where golfers fly in from around the world to walk as many as 36 holes in a day. All that walking makes people hungry, and if they are staying over a few days, they also want something familiar, said executive chef Don McCradic. At the Blacksmith restaurant, McMichael mixes ground beef and pork with eggs, cream, roasted tomato puree, poblano chilies, shallots, garlic, onion and Japanese bread crumbs. He bakes individual loaves in cylinders, and serves them with a tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, green bean-carrot-and-onion saute, and creamed corn. Smith said he expects meatloaf to keep going strong. His kids like it, and the reasons it became popular – low cost and good taste – remain. “It’s very good wholesome, nutritious food, depending what you put into it,” he said. “And I like my way better than in the restaurant. Because it’s my way and reminds me of what my mother made.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! BEND, Ore. – Growing up in Texas, chef Gavin McMichael used to ask his mom to make meatloaf for his birthday each year. Now that he has his own restaurant, meatloaf is on the menu, along with quail stuffed with foie gras. “I was a huge fan, so of course I had to have meatloaf on my dinner menu,” said McMichael, a partner in the Blacksmith restaurant in one of the fastest-growing sections of Oregon. “We are creating foodies as fast as we can. Then they want to try things like foie gras.” Mom made meatloaf to stretch the food budget. Dad ate it because it tasted good, especially with lots of ketchup. Now baby boomers are ordering it in restaurants. Meatloaf may not be tops on the healthy food list, though it can certainly be made that way with lean meats and lots of veggies, but this comfort food that became an American staple during the Depression is hanging on, growing up and branching out. “It has graduated from diner food into restaurant food,” while remaining a home-cooking staple, said Andrew Smith, editor in chief of the “Oxford Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink,” from his New York home in Brooklyn. “It is real American food. It is something that is part of our early lives and part of our heritage.” AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORERose Parade grand marshal Rita Moreno talks New Year’s Day outfit and ‘West Side Story’ remake Meatloaf comes out of the late 19th century, when meat grinders became popular, said Lynne Olver, editor of the Web site Foodtimeline.org. The 1884 “Boston Cooking School Cookbook” has recipes for ground veal mixed with bread crumbs and eggs, baked in small individual molds. “A big old loaf of meat would violate the American Victorian sense of decorum,” she said. The word meatloaf appears regularly in the New York Times in the 1930s and 1940s, when the Depression and World War II made stretching food dollars imperative. But it was the 1950s when America “embraced” meatloaf. “I have cookbooks from the ’50s with all sorts of filled meatloaf, gourmet meatloafs, meatloaf for the grill,” Olver said. James E. McWilliams, assistant professor of history at Texas State University at San Marcos and author of “A Revolution in Eating, How the Quest for Food Shaped America,” sees meatloaf’s roots in scrapple, a mixture of ground pork and cornmeal made by German-Americans in Pennsylvania since Colonial times. last_img read more


first_imgFINN Valley’s Gerard Gallagher romped to victory in one of the toughest 10km races in the Donegal calendar at Ballyare.With thanks to Kieran Carlin for the pictures:All the results are below: Ballyare 10k 2014 Place Time  No. FirstName Surname Category Club1 33.16 103 Gerard Gallagher SM Finn Valley A.C.2 36.10 148 Ciaran McGonagle SM Rosses AC 3 36.23 120 Noel Diver SM Rosses AC4 36.58 80 Liam Doherty SM Cranford AC5 36.58 104 John Sweeney SM Cranford AC6 37.16 165 Brian Crossan SM Individual7 37.17 72 Jude O’Donnell M40+ Individual 8 37.30 73 Raymond Birch SM Letterkenny A.C.9 38.35 102 Paul Doherty SM 24/7 Triathlon Club10 38.40 144 Brian Ferry SM Letterkenny A.C.11 39.28 155 Paul Murray SM Finn Valley A.C. 12 39.31 156 Barry Coyle SM Individual13 39.42 130 Paul Dillon M40+ Individual14 39.46 77 Joe Gallagher M40+ Milford A C15 39.58 71 Pat Hegarty M50+ Finn Valley A.C.16 39.59 68 Anthony Doherty M45+ Individual17 40.03 66 Joe Hegarty M40+ Individual18 40.11 65 Michael McHugh M40+ Milford A C19 40.27 97 Damien McGoohan SM 24/7 Triathlon Club20 40.28 112 Raymond McGahey M40+ Individual21 40.29 83 Nick Fowell M40+ 24/7 Triathlon Club22 40.30 79 Paul Cullen SM 24/7 Triathlon Club23 40.31 99 Paul Lynch SM 24/7 Triathlon Club24 40.46 163 Michael Murphy SM Cranford AC25 41.11 85 Gerard McGettigan M50+ Milford A C26 41.15 161 Mark Connolly M50+ Finn Valley A.C.27 41.16 114 Des Goyvaarts SM Individual28 41.18 157 Declan McCann SM Individual29 41.43 124 Adrian Gill SM UHG30 42.10 94 Colm McTaggart SM Individual31 42.13 98 Brian Doherty SM Milford A C32 42.17 134 Terry McFadden SM Milford A C33 42.19 123 Johnathon Edwards SM Individual34 42.43 149 Francis Gildea SM Individual35 42.51 75 Eugene McGettigan SM 24/7 Triathlon Club36 42.54 146 Karl Crossan SM Individual37 42.55 136 Paul Gildea SM Individual38 43.11 160 Kieran McMonagle SM Individual39 43.31 91 Daniel Cullen SM Letterkenny A.C.40 43.33 140 Paddy McCauley SM Individual41 43.33 135 Patricia Nulty SW Milford A C42 43.34 122 Hugh Coll M40+ Individual43 43.40 84 James Gibbons M50+ Milford A C44 43.43 141 Carl McGinley JM Individual45 43.52 162 Paul Friel M40+ Milford A C46 44.19 107 P.J Lyons M40+ Individual47 44.25 151 Paul Lee M40+ Letterkenny A.C.48 44.43 132 Emma McGee SW Letterkenny A.C.49 44.49 119 Gavin McCrossan SM Individual50 44.52 82 Tony Gallagher M50+ Finn Valley A.C.51 44.58 131 James Whoriskey SM Milford A C52 45.02 87 Mark Houston JM Individual53 45.06 106 Noreen Bonner W50+ Finn Valley A.C.54 45.14 126 Gerard McConnell SM Individual55 45.51 143 Ciaran Burke SM Individual56 46.12 86 Gerard Dorrian M50+ Individual57 46.41 133 Catherine McKinley SW Letterkenny A.C.58 46.45 142 Eugene McGinley M40+ Individual59 46.52 96 Seamus Ferry M40+ Milford A C60 46.52 125 Tim Flanagan M40+ Milford A C61 46.58 154 John Ward SM Milford A C62 47.15 90 David Connors SM Milford A C63 47.31 129 Darren Ferry SM Individual64 47.55 110 Mary Hippsley W40+ Finn Valley A.C.65 47.56 88 Martin Anderson M40+ Finn Valley A.C.66 47.57 101 conor Mc Gonagle M40+ Finn Valley A.C.67 47.58 92 Liam McGinty M40+ Finn Valley A.C.68 47.59 67 Joseph Casey M40+ Individual69 48.00 111 Sean O’Leary M50+ Finn Valley A.C.70 48.06 129 Darren Ferry SM Individual71 48.42 105 John Ferry M40+ Individual72 48.43 100 Marian Kerr W35+ Letterkenny A.C.73 49.02 108 John Pollock M50+ Individual74 49.13 89 Brian Duffy M40+ Individual75 49.23 128 Margaret Shields W45+ Letterkenny A.C.76 49.38 150 Kenneth Moore M40+ Milford A C77 50.22 145 Catherine Regan SW Letterkenny A.C.78 50.23 138 Shaun O’Donnell M50+ Lifford AC79 50.34 152 Derek Brennan SM Individual80 50.41 69 James Doherty SM Milford A C81 50.47 118 Claire Molloy SW Individual82 50.47 116 David Doherty SM Individual83 50.52 164 Francesca Patton SW Convoy Runners84 50.55 137 Noel Kilpatrick SM Milford A C85 51.22 147 Gary Price SM Individual86 51.23 166 John Carr SM Individual87 51.25 167 Paul Thornton SM Individual88 51.29 78 Mark Gildea SM Individual89 51.40 109 Aidan Dorrian JM Milford A C90 51.46 117 Barry Fox SM Individual91 52.10 158 Oliver Gallagher SM Individual92 52.14 95 Darina Ferry W40+ Milford A C93 52.31 74 Bridgeen Doherty SW Individual94 52.41 76 Hugh O’Donnell M50+ Individual95 54.02 70 Tommy Naughton SM Individual96 54.26 81 Mary Martin W60+ Finn Valley A.C.97 57.06 115 Christine Coyle W40+ Milford A C98 59.49 93 Ann Doherty M60+ Milford A C99 60.10 121 John Lafferty M40+ Individual100 61.16 64 Lisa Smith W40+ Bangor101 62.44 159 Rachael Gallagher SW IndividualTotal Runners: 10115 August 2014 RESULTS AND PICTURE SPECIAL FROM THE BALLYARE 10K was last modified: August 16th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:ballyare 10kpicture specialResultslast_img read more


first_imgDaniel and guests launch today’s strategy for older people. Pic by Northwest Newspix.Daniel O’Donnell has pleaded with people not to dismiss the opinions of older people no matter what their age.The singer was speaking as he launched the Donegal Age Friendly Strategy today.Daniel, 53, is back in Ireland from his base in Tenerife and will spend the summer months in his native Kincasslagh.Daniel taking a break to read up about today’s launch. Pic by Northwest Newspix.The strategy was developed following extensive consultation with older people across the county and aims to ensure that older people continue to play an active role in their communities.Daniel said young people often forget the knowledge and wisdom which our older generation have to offer.“Many people born in the 1980s and onwards know very little more than about computers and technology and they really are missing out on so much.“Many do not realise or appreciate the vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom that our older generation have to offer them.“I think if these people sat down with this older generation and listened to them, then they would learn so much.“Where two rivers meet there could be a huge current of knowledge,” he said.MUMDaniel said his thoughts were with his mother Julia who passed away at the age of 94 last summer.He said that she would have loved an occasion such as yesterday’s which tries to look after the needs of the elderly.“She would have loved it and like me, she would have been very proud to know it was starting in Donegal.“She was very active and she was always doing something or out and about. It’s great to see so many of our older generation here today,” he said.The star said he was delighted to have been in a position to have played a fundraising concert for Dungloe Community Hospital last Sunday where his mum spent her final days.The concert raised more than €30,000 as a result of the event.“The weather wasn’t great but I just wanted to give something back to the hospital. It may sound strange but if we wanted mammy to spend her final days anywhere, then we could not picked a better place because she was so well looked-after by the staff,” he said. WEATHERHe revealed that wife Majella is in good health and that the couple are looking forward to some nice Donegal weather in the coming weeks.“It’s nice in Tenerife but if we get anything like last year then we’re in for a good time at home,” he added.The Donegal Age Friendly Strategy was launched earlier today in the Regional Culture Centre in Letterkenny.This launch is an important milestone as it sets out a blueprint for how we will plan and develop communities in the coming years to ensure that Donegal is a truly great place in which to grow up and grow old.Speakers included Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr John Campbell, Catherine McGuigan, Regional Programme Manager, Age Friendly Ireland and Donegal County Council’s Chief Executive Seamus Neely.The strategy was developed following extensive consultation with older people across the county and aims to ensure that older people continue to be supported to play an active role in their communities.This strategy will be the driver of collaboration by a number of organisations who will work together over the next five years with a focus on improving the quality of lives of older people in Donegal.Older People themselves are central to this process. They are directly involved in this process through membership of Older Person’s Councils and Age Friendly Alliances.This strategy is a direct response to the views gathered from older people over the age of 55 years in Donegal. The values, vision, mission and strategic goals that will drive the Donegal Age Friendly County project come directly from the views of older people, service providers and the organisations taking part in this project.The model has been adopted from the World Health Organisation’s model of Age Friendly Cities and Communities Programme. This is part of the national roll out of Age Friendly Cities and Communities by Age Friendly Ireland.Speaking earlier this week Donegal County Council Chief Executive and Chairman of the Donegal Age Friendly Alliance, Seamus Neely said positive ageing and healthy ageing were in everyone’s interest.“The Donegal Age Friendly Strategy is one of the many ways that we, as a society, will realise the aims and aspirations of these two vital national documents. I am heartened to see the high level of involvement from the public, private, community and voluntary sectors in this initiative,” he said.The Donegal Age Friendly Alliance, which consists of representatives from all stakeholders who have an influence and impact on the lives of older people have crafted a strategy that is far-reaching in nature with a number of new cross cutting actions that will be delivered by a number of organisations over the three year implementation period.Many of the actions will have a very tangible impact on the county, while others, will be more subtly felt. This strategy is innovative in nature; it will see the implementation of national programmes that are new to the county such as the fall prevention programme and the Cúl Taca programme.It also aims to create brand new initiatives that build on the local resources of the county such as enterprise mentoring and an age friendly business programme. Also included are actions that will make a substantial impact on the lives of older people such as Age Friendly Town Planning, Age Friendly Hospitals and increased participation by older people in social, cultural and sporting activities.A critical component of the delivery of this strategy will be the creation of the County Donegal Older People’s Forum, which will be an extensive network of older people which will form part of the Donegal Public Participation Network.Implementation of the twenty one actions outlined in this strategy will obviously have a positive impact on the lives of older people and the collaboration between agencies and service providers that will occur through the work of Donegal Age Friendly Alliance and Donegal Older Persons Forum will also have longer term effects on the overall vision of making Donegal an age friendly county.DANIEL PLEADS WITH PUBLIC TO LISTEN TO OLDER GENERATION AS HE LAUNCHES AGE STRATEGY was last modified: May 23rd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Age Strategydaniel o’donnelldonegallaunchold folkslast_img read more

Still good as gold: Olympian lost Paradise home, but not his Rose Bowl ring

first_imgCHICO — Jack Yerman sits in the living room of his apartment, clutching a framed black and white photo.“I’m lucky to have had this reprinted,” Yerman says while staring at the picture of him with his son Bruce as a baby, sitting in a trophy cup that he’d won in Philadelphia.He stands up, walks to the front of the room and proudly places the photo on the TV stand.It’s one of the few photos that Yerman has been able to reclaim — he purchased the photo from a newspaper — after his home was …last_img read more

South African fans’ guide to Rio 2016 – WEEK 2 (13-21 August)

first_img4 August 2016The Summer Olympic Games begin on 5 August, with South African track starand official flag-bearer Wayde van Niekerk leading the South African team of 137athletes into the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the openingceremony.Over two weeks, a worldwide audience of more than 30 million will have tonavigate wall-to-wall sport action, and for any patriotic South African sport fan, it’svital to have the all the details of when athletes from the national team arefeatured.Here is a guide to important Olympic events featuring participants from TeamSouth Africa at Rio 2016. You can also check out the South African athletes’ socialmedia profiles to stay up to date with their preparations and send them some goodluck.Please note the time differences between Rio and South Africa – South Africa is five hours ahead of Brazil. All times in this guide are local South African times.Times and events are subject to change. Consult the official Rio Olympics 2016website or the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) website for moredetails about events and participants.Also check your television service provider for detailed schedules.You can follow all the South African Olympic action on Sascoc’s social mediaplatforms:Facebook,Twitter,andYouTube.Week 2Saturday, 13 AugustMen’s football. Quarter-finals01:00-05:00: Athletics. A big day as one of South Africa’s biggest hopefuls, multiple record-holder Wayde van Niekerk is in action in the heats for the men’s 400m. Long jumpers Stefan Brits, Luvo Manyonga and Rushwahl Samaai vie forposition in the men’s long jump heats.Rushwell samaai jumps another RIo qualifier, 8,34 to lead long jump. @SPORTATSABC pic.twitter.com/rhJEhA1xEs— UdoCarelse (@udocarelsesa) April 16,2016Alyssa Conley and Carina Horn run the women’s 100m heats, up against theworld’s best including the US’s English Gardner and London 2012 gold medallistShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce from Jamaica.Tweets by AC_Speedy 03:00-04:30: Swimming. The 100m butterfly final may feature Chad le Closagain, up against the US’s Michael Phelps. 14:00-18:00: The athletics afternoon session features Justine Palframan andTsholofelo Thipe running the women’s 400m heats, and Henricho Bruintjies, AnasoJobodwana and African 100m record holder Akani Simbine in the men’s 100m,challenging big guns Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, both from Jamaica. The men’s 100m final, the pinnacle of the Olympic athletics competition, takeplace on Monday, 15 August from 01:00.Sunday, 14 August01:00-05:00. Athletics. Today is jam-packed with most of the semi-final eventstaking place, including Wayde van Niekerk in the 400m semi-finals. Also happeningare the long jump finals and the men’s 800m finals, featuring Kenya’s DavidRudisha.South Africa’s Stephen Mokoka is in the men’s 10km track marathon, whileChristine Kalmer, Diana-Lebo Phalula and Irvette van Blerk (Van Zyl) participate inthe women’s road marathon. 04:00: Swimming marathon. Michelle Weber swims in the women’s 10Kmarathon this morning. Monday, 15 August01:00-05:00: Athletics. Men’s 400m and 100m finals, plus women’s 400m semi-finals. Depending on their success, South African athletes could feature in theseraces, including Wayde van Niekerk in the 400m final.14:00-17:00: Athletics. Godfrey Khotso Mokoena looks to start his campaign foranother Olympic medal in the men’s triple jump. He won a long jump silver medalat the 2008 Beijing Olympics.Tweets by mokoenajumper1 Wenda Nel is in the 400m hurdles heats.Thanks for helping me make my #RoadToRio such anexciting journey! Grateful for all the support! @NEWTONAGENCY @hpcRSA @NSWZA @Nike— Wenda Nel(@Wenda400mh) July 23,2016Tuesday, 16 AugustWomen’s football: Semi-finals01:00-04:00: Athletics. African Championships and African Games goldmedallist Antonio Alkana is in the men’s 110m hurdle heats.Thefamily of Antonio Alkana (26) who will be representing SA in the Rio Olympics sayshe’ll always be a champion. pic.twitter.com/C4bfiwfuba—Newsbreak (@Newsbreak_Lotus) July 18,201613:00: Open water marathon. Chad Ho looks to improve his 2008 Beijing ninthplace in the gruelling 10km swimming marathon. He is the current World Aquaticschampion in the 5km race, and is also the only South African Olympian withoutofficial sponsorship. He is being crowdfunded through online donations from fans. 14:00: Athletics. Anaso Jobodwana and Akani Simbine participate in the men’s200m.Wednesday, 17 AugustMen’s football. Semi-finalsSA’s javelin queen @Sunette_Viljoen is in fine shapeahead of the Rio Olympic Games.Read the @SaturdayStar tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/9rMykp3nNO—Sam Naik (@SamNaik01) June 17,201601:00-05:00: Athletics. Sunette Viljoen throws in thewomen’s javelin heats,looking to improve on her London 2012 fourth place and add an Olympic medal togo with her African Championships and Commonwealth Games golds.Lynique Prinsloo competes in the women’s long jump qualifiers, the first SouthAfrican to compete in the event since 1992.#LyniquePrinsloo believes in going for gold: https://t.co/OErP1nktp6 pic.twitter.com/gTAngJOnJ5—Varsity Sports (@varsitysportsSA) March 1,201612:00:Golf. Paula Reto and Ashleigh Simon tee off in the first Olympic women’sgolf tournament, which takes place over the next four days. 14:00: Athletics. Willem Coertzen competes in the men’s decathlon.Totally overwhelmed,cant describe the joy I am feeling right now!Rio herewe come!!!!— Willem Coertzen (@WillemCoertzen) July 14,2016Later in the afternoon, South Africa’s most promising medal hopeful, CasterSemenya (a silver medallist in London in 2012), begins her Olympic campaign in thewomen’s 800m heats.I’mfighting to be the best @nike #JustDoIt pic.twitter.com/5SvVAwyuSz—Caster Semenya (@caster800m) July 23,2016She is coming off a highly successful season, becoming the first runner to winthe 400m, 800m and 1 500m titles at the South African National Championships, aswell as setting a new national record for the 800m in July.18:00: BMX racing. While London 2012 trailblazer Sifiso Nhlapo might have lostout on a place in the Rio team this year, Kyle Dodd is more than qualified to take upwhere he left off. As current South Africa champion, Dodd aims to bring home agold. He rides in the first round of races today, with the finals starting on Friday, 19August.Riois drawing closer and closer, excitement is definitely kicking in!!! #teamSArise— Kyle Dodd #216 (@Kyledodd211) July 24,201622:00-05:00: Athletics, including women’s long jump final, women’s 200m finaland men’s 200msemi-finalThursday, 18 August16:00: Triathlon. Richard Murray and Henri Schoeman participate in the swim,ride and run event.Dayin , day out , @Rio2016_en calling. #teamSArise#Sworks just under4weeks left . pic.twitter.com/0roVfEjLEU— Richard Murray (@RD_murray) July 22,2016Mycustom Rio @swiftbike #HyperVox is readyto roll in the streets of Copacabana !! ?? @Olympics ? James Garaghty pic.twitter.com/4r2DI6e6fH—Henri Schoeman (@H_Schoeman) July 25,201622:00-05:00: Athletics, including women’s javelin final (possibly featuringSunette Viljoen), women’s 400m final and men’s 200m finalFriday, 19 AugustWomen’s football. Gold medal match13:00: Athletics. The men’s 50km walk marathon featuring South African MarcMundell. Anel Oosthuizen competes in the women’s 20km walk later in the day, at19:30.Trying out my new @saucony Type A6 shoes on my 18kmtraining session!Extremely satisfied! #road2rio @SauconySA pic.twitter.com/txuPWpWqa0—Anel Oosthuizen (@anel_oosthuizen) July 20,2016Saturday, 20 AugustMen’s football. Gold medal match16:00-19:00: Women’s triathlon, featuring past Olympic veterans Mari Rabie(Beijing 2008) and Gillian Sanders (London 2012).Hey everyone it’s #OlympicDaytoday! Join mein getting out there & getting active ??? pic.twitter.com/SQAOCRcaaN—Gillian Sanders (@gillcurrsanders) June 23,20168thplace for @marirabie at @worldtriathlon Hamburg! Could notbe prouder of our Stellenbosch ambassador! pic.twitter.com/Cvx6cKBCrC—S’Bosch Ambassadors (@SboschSA) July 16,2016Sunday, 21 AugustThe final day ofcompetition01:00-05:00: Athletics. A big highlight today is Caster Semenya possibly in thewomen’s 800m final. Other athletics events wrapping up today are the men’s 5000m final and the men’s marathon, perhaps featuring South Africans Lusapho April,Lungile Gongqa and Sibusiso Nzima.Tough long time trial this afternoon for @LusaphoApril ahead of a big trainingweek. #RoadToRio @teamsa16 @adidasZA pic.twitter.com/HMfoCNe5BQ—Team Lusapho (@teamlusapho) July 16,2016Lungile Gongqa of @Nedbank_RC finishing strong in 1stplace ???prep 4 Rio#DonLockMemorial #CrampNOT #RoadtoRio pic.twitter.com/94c7fEbNOw—Best 4 Sports (@best4_sports) June 5,2016@S_Nzima confirms he is ready forOlympics after his CGA 10km cross country victory at 29:16 #CGA #xcountry pic.twitter.com/3l3Xk5gJvt—CGauteng Athletics (@CG_Athletics) July 2,2016The trio will be attempting to follow in the footsteps of Josia Thugwane, SouthAfrican marathon gold medal winner at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.17:30-20:00: Mountain biking.Alan Hatherly and James Reid have the last opportunity to add to South Africa’smedal tally when they both ride in the men’s cross-country event.This event was a particularly exciting highlight at the London Games in 2012where the late Burry Stander had South Africans on the edge of their seats with hisdynamic progress up the leader board during the race. While Stander could only geta hard-fought fifth place in the end, it was a great example of South Africansporting spirit.Hatherly and Reid will no doubt have Stander in mind during the race and gofor the gold in his honour. “Dreams do come true sometimes”Thanks toeveryone involved in every small part of this ?… https://t.co/CPUnzFF6B8 pic.twitter.com/ZGGgrycpGZ—James Reid (@james_reid01) July 14,201601:16: Closing ceremonyAppropriately the Rio Olympics closing ceremony begins at 20:16 in Rio, 01:16South African time, once again at the Maracanã stadium, where Brazil officiallybrings the Games to an end and hands off to Japan, which will host the 2020 Gamesin Tokyo.But not before Rio hosts the companion Paralympic Games, which begin on 7September.Source: Official Rio Olympics 2016 websiteWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SouthAfrica.infomateriallast_img read more

Meet Miss South Africa 2017: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

first_imgThe 21 year-old business management student Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has been crowned Miss South Africa 2017 at a ceremony at Sun City on 26 March 2017. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (centre) has been crowned Miss South Africa 2017 at a ceremony at Sun City on 26 March 2017. Adè van Heerden (left) and Boipelo Mabe (right) were crowned first and second princesses respectively. (Image: Miss South Africa, Instagram)CD AndersonThe new Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who hails from Cape Town, takes over from last year’s winner Ntandoyenkosi Kunene. The country’s most prestigious beauty pageant title’s prizes is valued at over R3-million, including a R1-million cash prize, making it one of the world’s richest pageant contests.Adè van Heerden and Boipelo Mabe were crowned first and second princesses respectively.For the first time in the history of the pageant, the public voted via SMS for their favourite semi-finalists. It contributed 25% of the overall final vote.The pageant’s judging panel consisted of some of the country’s best known names and trendsetters, including actor and businessman Maps Maponyane, radio personality Unathi Msengana, Olympic swimmer Cameron van der Burgh and former Miss South Africa winner Claudia Henkel.Judges agreed that Nel-Peters come out on top largely due to her response to the question session. The same question, chosen from hundreds of submissions from the public via Facebook, was asked to the Top 5: “What is the greatest fear you had to overcome to be where you are today?”Nel-Peters answered: “The fear of fear itself. We forget that we are only human and that everything you need to achieve greatness is already inside of you.”Semi-finalists for the pageant were chosen over the last few months through a series of interviews, photo sessions and tasks relevant to the work of the nation’s queen.Other highlights of the live pageant included a display of the contestants’ fashion collaboration with University of Johannesburg design students, and live performances by music stars Lira and Lebo M (who performed the song Circle of Life before the announcement of the overall winner).South African hip hop star Proverb hosted the event alongside media personality Lalla Hirayama.In accordance with the pageant’s platform, the holder of the Miss South Africa title represents the ideals and attributes of the modern South African woman – focused and committed to the empowerment of women and protection of children, and to be a responsible representative of all South Africans.During her reign, Miss South Africa will go on to represent South Africa at both Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. In addition to those highlights, Nel-Peters will also be involved in promotional and charity work, largely drawing attention to a number of local non-governmental organisations that work with the underprivileged, including women and children.The newly crowned Miss South Africa will also make appearances both locally and internationally, representing the country at various high profile events.Watch an interview with Miss South Africa 2017 right after her crowning: Source: News24, Miss South Africa website Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more