Under the famous liar Taobao is dead

reputation is hard to live

– Taobao is dead

2006, the Internet is the most widely is non sars. And the most far-reaching impact, Taobao. Taobao has been the interpretation of the e-commerce model, meaning. In the e-commerce world countless people advocate, Taobao is undoubtedly the most effective and trumpeter vested interest.

when we look at the past, since the electronic commerce situation of Taobao after the birth of the strange, there are too many legends and legends! Because individuals have the opportunity to participate in the experience, is also a witness. The Taobao representative mode of electronic commerce for a dialysis, of course is a personal opinion, if there is a coincidence, or discord is normal. read more

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2015 open shop to sell what the most money, how much money to open a Taobao shop

and shop novice to learn from where we can start to grow and develop?

I am not a shop veteran, I am only a long time to open shop a little store. Up to now, I have been on the Taobao shop for two years. If you want to ask how my business? You answered forthrightly: do not lose money. Shop opened two years, my only idea is not to lose money. Only do not lose money, there is the opportunity to profit before they can get high profits.

two days shop management, I have not been changed. Just two years, I had two jumps. I started from the beginning of the shop to do virtual shop, is a class of business recharge. Wait until the official development of the shop, and I once again used the software – shop baby, not only to complete the transformation from virtual to physical, but also simplifies the operation of the shop process, reducing the risk of shop operators. read more

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nternet marketing platform for new ideas the user experience as the center

2010 is China e-commerce fast year, 2011 e-commerce still strong momentum unabated. The rise of e-commerce is driven by a strong growth in the overall network economy and network marketing. The first quarter of 2011, the overall size of China’s Internet economy amounted to 52 billion 200 million yuan, all kinds of network marketing platform is also accompanied by online games, e-commerce and other economic growth of the network has also achieved a major outbreak. Especially the network advertisement price rises, almost soared to online games, industry websites, e-commerce companies can not afford the high advertising prices generally rose 30%, let more talent shows itself a network marketing platform, to provide more marketing, Internet economy better efficiency, lower cost, more effective marketing. read more

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Alibaba business model innovation leader

10 million entrepreneurial opportunities; more than 100 million people a day on consumption; the annual turnover of more than 1 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 5% of total retail sales of social consumer goods, equivalent to the sum of eBay and Amazon’s annual turnover…… 2012, Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall achieved remarkable growth.

the 10 year turnover of only 100 million yuan of electronic commerce website, not only to achieve more than ten thousand times the size of fission, leading its business model innovation, change people’s consumption habits, and affect the production, wholesale and retail of the whole industry chain. read more

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Amazon said China does not shield the contents of a grab grab not imitate Jingdong

Amazon CEO Wang Hanhua (

China Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) October 27th news, blocked out the search on the occasion of the Jingdong,, Amazon CEO Wang Hanhua B2C website Chinese today publicly, Amazon China confident of their own prices, not afraid of shopping search, will not shield out content grab.

Wang Hanhua said shopping search is not a new form of business, from the experience of developed countries, shopping search and e-commerce is a parallel relationship. Shopping search engine must have B2C website information support, B2C website can also get more traffic from the shopping search engine. For businesses, so commodity information disclosure means a straightforward competition. read more

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How to establish the trust of the visitors to make your e-commerce business multiplier

what is the most important and most difficult is to establish trust e-commerce?! the difference between e-commerce and traditional business is not face-to-face transactions, all distributed in all corners of the country and has been used in reality face crunching business model, which in this virtual network platform to achieve the first step is to establish trust transactions. why do so? It is because they have the tools to Alipay secured transactions for online trading parties to establish a relatively effective trust. If there is no trust, all promotion of e-commerce are useless, the transaction is impossible, in order to clinch a deal, you have to give visitors a sense of absolute trust. Now a lot of people do not dare to buy things on the Internet afraid of being cheated, because there are too many online scammers, you want to let people willing to spend money to buy your things, the establishment of trust is the first. In response to this problem, the electricity supplier academic institutions 369 schools for everyone to support a few strokes: read more

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The core of the current electricity supplier is more drainage

is a lot of or about to enter the electricity supplier in the field of business may every day thinking about how to improve the performance, how to make the sales rose rapidly in the initial stage, and then the third party business platform focused on building their own business platform or join, the cost of capital investment to the development of website function or increased business platform when after a period of operation, and found the results expected to be quite different. In fact, we should be aware of the current electricity supplier transaction model has been very mature, from Tmall, QQ, Jingdong and other electronic business platform can be seen. A few years ago, many companies may still hesitant, in the end is the construction of their own electronic business platform, or third party electricity supplier platform. Today, it is necessary to change a train of thought: the core of the current electricity supplier is marketing, rather than trading, the core of the electricity supplier is more drainage. read more

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QQ online shopping renamed Jingdong online shopping to retain some of the original link

[Abstract] the content on the site is still being adjusted. Jingdong and Tencent cooperation in March began to slowly implement.

Tencent science and technology news (Du Huitang) September 2nd, as one of the content of Tencent and Jingdong cooperation in March 10th, QQ online shopping today officially changed its name to Jingdong online shopping, Jingdong has become one of its products.

is currently on the site of the commodity chain is still in the adjustment, some of the goods will be selected after the jump to jump to Jingdong mall, some will jump to pat Network, part of the make-up products are still stuck in the original platform QQ online shopping. read more

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The General Administration of Customs on export tax fraud the enterprises involved amounting to over

news July 29th, billion state power network that the day before, the General Administration of Customs released the national customs special anti smuggling "country sword 2016" combined with the results of the special action. In the first half of this year, the national customs seized export untrue declaration of tax rebate of 1408 cases, involving 2 billion 70 million yuan, involving 140 million yuan of tax rebate.

according to the General Administration of customs sources, seized the export tax fraud case is mainly through the high quantity, price or empty false export practices for the national tax. read more

Read More said the merger of the beautiful settled June as CEO

[Abstract] the transaction will be completed to fully convertible way, and beauty by 2:1 on the price of additional investment, Tencent.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reports

lasted nearly a year of rumors finally come true, earlier today, and beauty through the internal mail mode announced the merger, according to e-mails, June will serve as CEO lead the new development of the company, the transaction will be completed to fully convertible way, and beauty by 2:1 on the price of Tencent as the beauty of existing shareholders the additional investment, after the merger the new company. read more

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