August first weeks, China’s total.COM domain name increased by nearly 30 thousand U.S. nearly 40 tho

IDC network ( on 12 August 08 reports: according to the latest data released by the, in the first week of August, the total amount of China.COM domain with 7339136 ranked second in the world, a net increase of 40072, compared with last week, the increase is reduced. This week, the most noteworthy is the United States, the.COM domain growth from negative to positive, a net increase of 29393. Below, please look at the IDC review of the relevant data collation and analysis. read more

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Five heavy beat.Com domain color green site is still a safe haven

December 29th news in the face of national pornography office, foreign affairs office, Ministry of industry and other nine ministries jointly combat, many containing pornographic content vulgar website has been sealed up or shut down, jurisprudence site remediation action has achieved initial results. However, due to the considerable number of mobile porn sites instead of registering COM domain name, mobile porn sites to combat the situation is still grim.

of the national anti pornography Working Group Office full-time deputy director Zhou Huilin said that the main problem existing at present, one is some pornographic websites have not been effectively dealt with, especially a considerable part of the server to the outside; two is a pornographic web site does not close in time, the main reason is technical and procedural the. read more

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The world’s 12 largest website that once cannot bear to think of the past

in different times have different tastes, popular things until N years after looking back, perhaps is "not fit to be seen", of course does not rule out some of the enduring classic. This also applies to the Internet, is precisely the website now, like Google, Amazon, Youtube such a great reputation website also has its "past" cannot bear to think of the past – there is no aesthetic layout, thoughtless Logo, too vulgar to be endured "of the century hand in" design and so on, it is really a little "embarrassed". read more

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2015 venture capital market data points O2O is still the biggest hot

with the development of Internet, mobile Internet and the popularity of all aspects of people’s lives in a qualitative change, the traditional entity industry challenges and opportunities coexist in the circumstances to transformation, innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities everywhere. Since China’s reform and opening up a number of entrepreneurial tide, many people will be defined as the starting point of the fourth entrepreneurial tide in 2015.

in general, although since the second half of 2015 Internet entrepreneurs encounter the so-called "winter", but from the trend of the number of occurrence of nearly five years of financing case, 2015 is still in the peak of the Internet business. read more

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Webmaster network daily broadcast GoDaddy was attacked online video price limit

1 programming code hosting website a new round of open source hot

source code is often the core competitiveness of a science and technology enterprises. Many companies, such as Microsoft, has so far chosen to grasp the core of the source code in their own hands, open the source code itself is a major challenge.

developers have developed a set of code, finally found a similar code can be found in the open source community, developers have done a lot of useless. So how to make more efficient development of a code hosting platform, focusing on a variety of open source code, so that different developers can share code and exchange experience, is undoubtedly the best way. And that’s what GitHub is doing right now. read more

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The dilemma and future of CN domain name overseas registrar

[GoDaddy what happened]

from the U.S. domain name registrar GoDaddy announced in March 24th: it no longer provides users with online registration of.CN domain name so far. I summed up the media say. GoDaddy reports on the following categories:

1, overseas media, almost all of the English media has two tendencies: one is that GoDaddy and another CN domain name registrar with Google company from overseas China government; two is also not exclude it as GoDaddy by means of event marketing ideas. read more

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Luxury website Portero $6 million 600 thousand venture capital

                February 21st news, luxury website Portero recently announced that the company received $6 million 600 thousand in venture capital. It is reported that the funds mainly from the headquarters of the LFE capital in Minneapolis, the original shareholders of the Fund (The Grosvenor) and other additional investment.

in the severe economic situation, Pertero’s revenue is still maintained substantial growth. The money will help us improve the user experience and increase the type of website luxury, Portero CEO Bob Schwartz said. read more

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Buy a number of sites to imitate the supermarket approach fee charged stripping cooperatives

group treasure network in the Beijing market, a supplier complained to the newspaper yesterday said that its recent cooperation with the group after the end of the first package of treasure network purchase, the loan has not yet arrived. In fact, buy more than a year to enter the country, the case of arrears in the industry when the price has occurred. This is just trying to "exploit" group purchase business cooperation of the tip of the iceberg. At present, imitate the supermarket collecting entry fee has become the new norm of the group purchase". read more

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discovered the secret after read 100+’s article……

secret is a secret, which can easily tell you.

Author Fu Xiaomeng

, the three class of new media operators meow.

– the super V in the field of new media writing — a controversial writer.

love her, that she is one of Hao Ran in her life for righteousness, the guide, read daily.

does not love her, that she would move her Detroit, hostility, the poison chicken soup, sniff at.

But no matter how to sell

her own story, colleagues and friends to sell the story, can not deny the microphone Mongolia topic ability, text manipulation ability, grasp of the hot spots and the starting point of view, are elusive and ordinary people. And don’t talk over with the media since operation ability, is indeed worthy of our people to learn from the media. read more

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The Supreme Law advertisers sponsored jurisprudence website can be convicted

on the morning of 12, the Supreme People’s court held a press conference, the introduction of the "anti pornography" work situation. The responsible person, against the interests of the chain is difficulty of "anti pornography", the supreme law recently issued judicial interpretation regulation of mobile phone pornography, operators and advertisers that dissemination of pornographic websites still provide support, will make the standard of conviction.

introduced the supreme law, anti pornography special action involving criminal cases mainly involving smuggling of pornographic material, production, reproduction, publication, sale or dissemination of pornographic materials, dissemination of pornographic material, charges of illegal business crimes etc.. From January to October last year, the country received a total of 1414 cases of the crime, 1744 people, 1580 people, and concluded 1273. Beijing City, 93 cases of the use of mobile phone reproduction, dissemination of pornographic videos to make a decision. read more

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