n 2014 the 13 companies most likely to counter attack

in 2013 the birth of a number of hot start-up companies, into the new year, what will be the development of start-up companies. BusinessInsider on which one of the most promising to make their own judgments. Some of them are currently facing human or technical difficulties, but the new year will be staged a counter attack, is also one of the attraction. PS. these 13 have to do the payment or financial management, it seems that this is a big trend, oh,!

Birdi: the next Nest?

mentioned intelligent Home Furnishing, we first thought should be Nest (on behalf of the product with temperature controller and intelligent alarm, click to see, but the function of intelligent alarm reports) Birdi production is more comprehensive, can detect the smoke and the content of nitric oxide, and through the intelligent mobile phone alarm when an emergency occurs. In addition, this intelligent detection device can also determine other ingredients in the air, the air quality of the family breathing. At present, the public investment in the site IndieGogo Birdi $50 thousand financing plan, has raised $25473. read more

Linktech Farrell CPL advertiser officially launched.

dear affiliate member:

. Advertisers: Farrell (www.3suisses.com.cn


type: CPL


can lead to a successful payment standard: will be registered as payment of commission 3.5 yuan

. The data transmission mechanism: real-time data return.

. Payment: monthly settlement.

does not support custom links.

instructions: Please affiliate members according to the type of their website to obtain the corresponding code, the specific content is as follows:

1, not the following 6 categories, the target page: read more

Google AdSense (advertising alliance) users will be specific arrangements for the exchange

In order to promote the communication with the majority of the Google AdSense (advertising alliance) users, and draw more excellent webmaster to join. After collecting online advice, we decided to hold the two large series of activities covering a total of ten in the city this year.

the first half of the year at the end of May to early June held a line of Nanjing – Shanghai – Hangzhou, another line of Wuhan – Chongqing; the second half of the year is expected to be held in October, a line for the Xiamen – Shenzhen – Guangzhou, another line of Zhengzhou – Xi’an.

the first field tour for the time being in May 28th -6 month 1 days, the specific schedule is as follows:

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read more

How do get angel investment

Author: Fan Sheng

I get the first investment in a city, is to train, I pretended to be relaxed to the boss friend that I have such a project, what has been, to what extent, the future will achieve what may get what, hope you can invest. After listening to a friend, said, ah, no problem, go back to you to implement this thing.

at that moment, I feel the world is beautiful, like in the clouds, but I still have to seem to be relaxed and calm and realistic description of the business and prospects. read more

Google Adsense alliance after the choice of K number

Google Adsense is the number of clicks to pay the Commission according to the website of the ads displayed, when one end of the month the Commission reached US $100 to pay a commission to the advertisement publishers. The choice of site placed CPC advertising, but since the last one or two months, because the Google has put forward higher requirements for the placement of Google Adsense ads, Google K began large-scale, there are many lucky friends, although the Adsense account is not k out, but lost the domain name K. read more

Alert Ali mother in the transmission of the disease

Ali mother has more than half a year, the highest score of 1378, detained 137 technology fee, while withholding 88 fee, the final income is 1152, the fraction of a few cents will not write, it was the site of the highest 10000IP, the average is 8000IP more than a day, 8000IP income 1K, you will be friends how to think? Income deducted 225 yuan (1378 to 137 +88, procedures) this is the shopping station flow my station is that http://s.zhibowang.cn is not a garbage station flow, which alliance to collect royalties? Never? The reason why so many people want to do Taobao customers, I cannot do without mom inside speculation, what week 5K month N million. read more

Talk about the past experience and lessons of grassroots webmaster

if three or four years ago, do the site and promotion service is very profitable. I often hear friends around this statement. In fact, many times, the more intense competition in an industry, indicating that the industry is more promising, but you did not find the right way. I share the experience with single over the past year a grassroots webmaster, when the right to initiate.

a, single channel

The author provides

service in a SEO two or three line of the city, and a studio with partner establishment, leisure orders to earn a little money. The author believes that the two or three lines of the main channels are listed in the following aspects: two. read more

Beginner might look to teach you how to do Wangzhuan

first if you do Wangzhuan for a long time, earn money. Please don’t look down. In this paper, and write Wangzhuan novice.

no matter what is the reason for your choice of wangzhuan. But at any time to remember, since the choice, we must stick to it!

as a beginner you must, in the face of the flying Wangzhuan information loss.

do not ask that within a week you start in a variety of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site registered less than 10 in your account.

but what was the result? You didn’t get a penny to do it. Is subject to a few dollars, is also very poor when you look at others, tens or hundreds of dollars in read more

Website promotion.

This time, more and more websites, has far exceeded the number of cattle, so make a website more easily; website promotion, more and more difficult. Recently, there are often many users to help me, I do not have much time, and according to their own experience, here are some of the more useful ways to feel for your reference

as for the site you can go to the shit page recommendation www.dabian8.com or "web site library" column in search of suggestions to find home "friends station links, they generally want to exchange links before landing shit; if your web site is the webmaster want to apply for the district to apply for promotion can recommend your website, as in the past will shit for you to do the promotion work!

site not but beautiful, special trial commercial website, must be practical technology first, followed by appearance. In addition, many of my friends website, although not beautiful, and some are ugly, but it really brought them money. Oh, please remember this website design concept, practical first

the search engine to the site to bring traffic will be more and more, there are many other landing landing Jones software (version download address). But the most effective or manual landing. In my poems of Suo makeup sale network (http://s.suoshi.com) in statistics, through the manual login to the NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines will bring a lot of traffic to the. Some of the other portals currently take a toll landing, you can choose according to their own circumstances. But I personally think that its investment and return is not worthwhile.

read more

Uber expansion inventory from the creation of the global layout for only 4 years

November 28, 2013, foreign car rental application Uber in Shenzhen, China began to test, which is the second in August this year after entering Shanghai, Uber in the second layout. As a start-up company was founded in 2009, Uber has now left footprints in 22 countries around the world, and in the expansion of the road frequently. Uber products on the road to the process of global expansion of the following:

was founded in the early days, with San Francisco as the basis for domestic radiation

2009-2011 was founded in the early years, Uber is not positioning itself as a high-end car rental application, but with UberCab as the company name for the integration of idle resources taxi, car rental services to consumers. Until May 2011, Uber was not related to the United States Department of transportation taxi company license in the name of a $20000 fine, only the company name officially changed from UberCab to Uber, and focus on high-end car market. Although "eat the lawsuit", but Uber at headquarters in San Francisco based small scale expansion is not affected, Seattle, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Denver and other twenty city in the United States have Uber’s car in the active. read more

Google long-term retention of spam pages to make money

      some people think that Google never remove junk content in its search results, but Google will generate a large number of Web spam in search results, in order to earn ill-gotten gains. But this is for the Chinese Google, but less of this concern, because the Chinese Web page snapshot is not accessible, even if it is not valid to retain the garbage page.

      Google is the core of its search technology, and the other in its context to match the pay per click model. With the development of time, this kind of text matching display ads and click pay mode is becoming more and more real core. There are two reasons: first, this directly to the Google brings benefits, and the other is that competitors such as Yahoo (including Microsoft and Baidu) related products is not enough to fight it. read more

Digg case study why technical people are important users

I have always thought that Digg is a Web2.0 application I miss, want to study and study, thanks to Ding Ding!

Analysis of

* * *: big thunder and heavy rain

text published: October 15, 2006 read more

Our station depends on whether P money

simple to talk about my site

in 2003 the establishment of pure static website: in alliance, is a star of the website

at that time do not understand the optimization, the blog is not popular… On their own page by page to do a little by little by hand to add content..

2007: http://s.98kankan.cn

lazy Theater

just started Baidu included good, but not much IP, and later included less and less, facing almost K risk

began to analyze the reasons:

content on the acquisition, it is needless to say, the problem is a key read more

dle idle from 100 yuan to 1 million road series

first of all, thanks to the king’s support for me, the king is much bigger than me, although I do things with him may not be the same, but a lot of thinking can be exchanged. Most of the time, the domestic and foreign situation is completely different, of course, is also in line with the characteristics of China, do foreign Wangzhuan, you only need to do your own can be, but the country is with the traditional industries, need a personal pulse circle. Including links from the exchange of links, you have a network with no network is completely different. read more

January 2007 full network Unicom SP revenue ranking

SP code SP;             GSM                  CDMA                  total

10000 Sina             6196935.87 1301688.11 7498623.98

30014 an irresistible force

91229 network of vision 3996068.11 1364872.27 5360940.38

90300 Beijing air messenger 3775000.24 7587.02 3782587.26

90079 Beijing chixuntong 2530058.39 626425.75 3156484.14

30006             2117698.31 982635.22 3100333.53

20001             819186.06 1936899.23 2756085.29

91356 Guangzhou Heng Jun 2019822.97 101124.33 2120947.3

10033 Taikang Gerbaud 1759030.61 221273.81 1980304.42

20000 Shanghai blue 1067239.78 388730.03 1455969.81

30018 Beijing Qingdao Branch 1049752.37 388219.59 1437971.96

91463 1427469.01 643.02 1428112.03 Chengdu Monternet

30003 huadongfeitian 1341198.48 79375.37 1420573.85

60004             888502.11 453214.61 1341716.> read more

Alibaba vice president Jiang Zhiqiang talk about how to achieve profitability of small and medium si

              Ali mother Xi’an station today 14 concert held in Xi’an.

              Mr. Jiang Zhiqiang to an Internet veteran status to share his advertising and marketing experience, and how the site of the mom through the platform to find their own website profit point.

              vice president of Alibaba Jiang Zhiqiang talk about how to achieve profitability of small and medium-sized websites, the full text is as follows: read more

When will you be able to start a personal online venture

When can you start a business?

divided, perhaps can be divided into several entrepreneurs:

l                feel stronger than the boss and entrepreneurial;

l                customer resource;

l              financing capacity;  

l                have the dream of getting rich;

l                want to solve a practical problem;

l                without him, only entrepreneurial zeal.

l                in the content of the carrier to make a big breakthrough, blog, video has become the mainstream of communication;

l                made a major breakthrough in the content of hezonglianheng, community search and community people’s vision expansion polymerization;

l                in the content of the theme of the combination made a major breakthrough, according to a certain theme of people, books, music, movies, etc..

in these breakthroughs at the same time, we note that the main features of the three to promote the progress of entrepreneurs is:

l              financing capacity;  

l                want to solve a practical problem. read more

8 kinds of earn money

I was not a series of

network to make money online webmaster, I have their own views:

first class work: a hot, not one of the constant one. The construction of Web site, especially the promotion of the website to invest a lot of effort, the success of the webmaster must remember such a plot: night a little more, is also the Internet bubble.

second categories: want to become a millionaire overnight through the site. People come to understand this point, and that this is not a temporary meeting of the. read more

Description of the non revenue Google Adsense ten invalid clicks

      1 the application software that is designed by using an auto click program or a special click advertisement.

      2 hire cheap labor or induce others to click on advertising links.

      3 publishers manually click ads on their pages.

      4 publishers to operate their own web pages in this way: the interaction between the user and the site lead to inadvertent ad clicks.

      5 was released to flow to the site can be purchased false extra traffic to their site to bring, including extra click on ads. read more

Do English website to get the first pot of gold

continued: do English website account with new friends to share

http://s.business-with-china.net (CHINA TRADE) this website started years ago, basically every day to spend a few hours on this site, the first time at the end of the day is to take a look at how GOOGLE included, how many of today’s IP, although spent so much energy, but little reward.

today as usual check IP statistics, see background there are no new messages, suddenly found another customer consultation, although usually also occasionally have several customers consulting products, but has not done a single function. See a message, but I have to see a customer release faucet products that is very interested, want to consult, then according to the customer’s EMAIL address to a letter in the past, including pictures of products, specifications, prices are similar several products together in the past, did not think second days on the back of the mail client, are satisfied with the price, and they said is the hotel chain, the amount is relatively large, and I hope we can send some samples in the past. Immediately back to the message said no problem, immediately went to the usual contact kitchenware factory, took 7 samples (with different customers in different countries of the China, 7 for them It is a lucky number, like the number 8 Chinese), and the product specification and installation and use instructions are sent in the past (we have detailed installation with the camera down). After receiving the customers expressed considerable satisfaction, a qualitative to buy more than and 40 sets, and said that after long-term cooperation can be. read more