The five commandment Yahoo China failure

Since the original

in Yahoo China colleagues told me in August 30th is the last day of his work, in August 31st Yahoo China official line, even if foreseen things happen or not repressed his lament. Scheduled to visit China in September 1st, YAHOO, you see is a statement, and then the site will turn to Alibaba charity page. From 2000, is Yahoo China users in 2010, Yahoo China and short working experience, until the purple dream broken thoroughly in China. In contrast, the change Yahoo China, lamented over unavoidable and some enlightenment and lessons, at least can be regarded as a lesson and warning of project failure. read more

Starting a year from 1000 yuan to the real case of one million

recently a lot of friends advice: they say the mind is very contradictory, now work for the hungry, also not the rich, look around a lot of students buy a car rental business, but also their dwelling, was not always taste; always want to venture out alone, afraid of failure nothing! So the heart tangled, Chen, in the end how to do


actually, entrepreneurs like learning to swim, on the shore to see the water, always feel dangerous, extremely difficult, but if you never try the water, never learned to swim, but when the moment you jump into the water? How the buoyancy in the water? How to feel? What can be understood. read more

How to make 2000 young women crazy

said that if Ma by a group of "Prodigal girls" the achievements of Ali, then Zhang Huan is by a group of crazy "a beautiful young woman" the achievements of mad honey. Set up more than half a year, crazy honey valuation has soared from 20 million to 300 million. However, Zhang Huan’s purpose is more than that. He wants to make mad honey a religion. How exactly is he going to go to the end of the


, one of the thousands of Chinese communities, is made up of young women. Since its inception in November 2014, only 2000 members of the crazy honey paid. Why so little? Look at the conditions for membership: first-tier cities, more than tens of millions of assets; the two or three line of the city, more than 3 million of assets. Not only that, members also need to have a high value, and like to enjoy life. read more

Twelve year old girl breast development slow how to do female health network

some girls will pay special attention to their appearance, especially the chest. But you know that breast development needs to start from the child to make up. Slow development of the girl breast how to do? 12 years old is very important for the development of the chest. However, we do not have a good understanding of breast enhancement methods. Here we take a look at the slow development of the girl breast how to do?

slow breast development how to do

12 year old girl with slow breast development can try acupuncture breast. Acupuncture breast enhancement can regulate qi and blood, to provide blood for the breast, breast to get enough nutrition, you can let the breast growth and development. Acupuncture breast enhancement has two characteristics. First of all, this method has no side effects, in order to ensure the health of the chest at the same time, the use of acupuncture points to stimulate the acupuncture point, so that the full development of the chest, do not require oral or surgery, you can rest assured that treatment. read more

Squeeze up accessory cup Carcinogenic health network

buy a bra, you may buy Miss fudge said, wearing a bra must take the armpit fat plug in! Do women know? If things go on like this, you may get cancer. Long time squeezing Furu, cause local blood circulation is not smooth, will occur in proliferative diseases and increase canceration chance.

    fat chest chest

can improve the Severn

do not look down on the breast, it is also the same as the breast mood. The body has two "milk line" from both sides armpit to genitals, but human evolution has only retained a on the other side of breast, breast was degenerated. However, the clinical others can grow to two or even three of the breast, nipple and areola, the breast tissue. 95% of the breast occurs in the chest, more common in the armpit. A gland tissue accessory can occur with the menstrual cycle of pain, benign and malignant tumors may also occur accessory breast. read more