Actually, the highlight of Liverpool’s winner was Tuchel’s reaction

first_img Ancelotti tells fans he has Champions League dream for Everton I need a gif of Tuchel drinking that tiny bottle of water after watching his team concede the losing goal at Anfield yet again and I need it now.— Thom (@SavvySalah) September 18, 2018 Tuchel is drinking from a comically small bottle of water after Bobby’s goal.— Decorative Gourd Season (@knitmeg) September 19, 2018 When Roberto Firmino scored sealed a 3-2 win for Liverpool, Anfield went mental and rightly so.However, for those not inside the Reds’ noisy home, they spotted something that made them smile just as much as the Brazilian’s winner.Yes, it was Thomas Tuchel, the Paris Saint-Germain manager drinking from a tiny water bottle.Or maybe it was just Xherdan Shaqiri’s water as one fan joked in reference to the Liverpool man’s height.Here are a few tweets in the moments after the goal that earned Liverpool three Champions League points, while others preferred to use social media to hammer Neymar for his Premier League predictions. Highlight is for sure Tuchel’s tiny water bottle— Rich Clayton (@richclayton10) September 18, 2018 1 Top scorer in 2019: Messi, Mbappe and Sterling trailing Europe’s top marksman Enjoyed Tuchel’s feigned nonchalance as he sipped an of course precious sized craft water bottle and felt the edges of his boy genius label unwrap again (AGAIN! he raged) before the death metal Klopp football. #LFCPSG— PM (@FCDC1052) September 19, 2018 Thomas Tuchel drinking wee Shaqiri’s water #UCL #LIVPSG— Danny B (@StudioVice) September 18, 2018 BOOST Take that Tuchel with your tiny water bottles— Diarmuid Corkery bluetick (@dermcore) September 18, 2018 Hahahahahahahaahahah Tuchel drinking a water the size of them little coke cans my nan always used to get in for me— this is anfield this is what they do (@arghappy) September 18, 2018 gonna need tuchel sipping that water bottle in slow motion with “hello darkness my old friend” playing please— Narrative Ultra (@NarrativeUltra) September 18, 2018 Tuchel mate what’s even the point in that bottle— ✖️ (@OrigiFlair) September 18, 2018 Most popular Champions League news Aiming high Tuchel the giant or small water bottle?— jeff (@CarlJeffery) September 18, 2018 ready? Atletico handed huge boost for Liverpool tie with Diego Costa returning from injury Best thing about that wasn’t the finish or celebration but the camera panning to Tuchel. What’s with the tiny water bottle? #LFC— BM (@RMjnr) September 18, 2018 Couldn’t stop laughing at Tuchel drinking from the smallest bottle in the world after we scored 😂— SpiderMariella (@Rishi_Lorenzel) September 18, 2018 on target Liverpool set for Champions League boost as Takumi Minamino will be availablelast_img read more