Euro2012 Seeding done Group 3 and 4 most interesting

← Previous Story SEHA begins on September 10th – Vive Kielce still “in the game” Next Story → Ivano Balic about EURO 2012 Group D: “Disaster!” The seeding for the groups of the Euro2012 was done today in Belgrade. We will for sure see an interesting championship, and we’re looking forward to it.In group 1 in Belgrade will play: Poland, Denmark, Serbia, SlovakiaIn group 2 in Nis will play: Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, MacedoniaIn group 3 in Novi sad will play: France, Hungary, Spain, RussiaIn group 4 in Vrsac will play: Croatia, Norway, Iceland, SloveniaFrom the drawings, we can see very interesting group matches in Group 3 and 4, while Group 1 should also attract a lot of interest. It seems that Germany got perhaps the “easiest” group after getting somehow to the “pot 1” ahead of Denmark and others… read more

Vive Targi Kielce is Polish champion

← Previous Story “Decisive battle for EHF CL” – Celje PL VS Cimos Koper! Next Story → MKB Veszprem wins 20th Hungarian title! Orlen Wisla PlockPolish handball championVive Targi Kielce Vive Targi Kielce becomes the Polish champion after third consecutive win over the biggest rival, Orlen Wisla Plock 27:25 (14:13). After two wins in Kielce, team of Bogdan Wenta showed in Plock also that this year was better.Orlen Wisła Płock – Vive Targi Kielce25:27 (13:14)Orlen Wisła: Marcin Wichary, Morten Seier – Zbigniew Kwiatkowski, Piotr Chrapkowski 4, Joakim Backstroem 2, Nikola Eklemovic 1, Christian Spanne 4, Michał Kubisztal 6, Michał Zołoteńko, Adam Twardo, Muhamed Toromanovic 2, Kamil Syprzak 4, Paweł Paczkowski 2Vive Targi: Marcus Cleverly, Sławomir Szmal – Piotr Grabarczyk, Bartłomiej Tomczak 2, Michał Jurecki 4, Grzegorz Tkaczyk, Mateusz Zaremba, Thorir Olafsson 6, Patryk Kuchczyński, Mariusz Jurasik, Mateusz Jachlewski 1, Rastko Stojkovic 3, Denis Buntic 6, Zeljko, Musa, Uros Zorman 2, Tomasz Rosiński 3photo: read more

Montenegro for the Londons replay

← Previous Story Norway in the 6th EURO Final in a row! Next Story → Poland (Round 13): Wisla Plock beat Stal Mielec for 13th straight win After dramatic 60 minutes, Montenegro beats Serbia 27:26 (13:14) in front of 13.000 spectators in “Kombank Arena”, which is a new record for the Women’s Handball. Last shoot of Biljana Filipović was saved by Sonja Barjaktarovic for the start of big celebration of Montenegrian fans…STATISTICS

Danijel Andjelkovic Toulouse out for three months

Danijel Andjelkovic, Toulouse’s captain, has had problem with his shoulder, and after a successfull operation on Friday on that same shoulder, he is now expected to be out of field for about three months. With Damien Kabegele having left end of January, and with Andjelkovic’s injury, lot will be now depending on Jerome Fernandez. ← Previous Story Bundesliga: HSV Hamburg with huge 12 goals victory over SC Magdeburg Next Story → DHB-Pokal F4: HSV Hamburg vs Flensburg, THW Kiel vs Melsungen andjelkovicfernandezkabegeleToulouse read more

VELUX EHF F4 – A place where handball gets another dimension

← Previous Story DANIELA PIEDADE – “A brave woman and a born winner” Next Story → MADS HANSEN – “Fighters always win”  Loading … Come the end of the season, the whole handball world sets journey to Cologne for the final encounter between the best of the best. On June the 3rd this lively cosmopolitan city on Rhine, becomes the center of everything handball for the next two days, as the spectacle begins behind the doors of LANXESS arena. This monumental structure will host 19,500 handball fans and media representatives during two days of handball celebration, as the curtain falls on yet another EHF Champions League season. Indeed, the celebration of handball is what it’s all about, ever since the EHF launched their first Final4 back in 2010. Year after year this final tournament is only getting better, becoming a goal, everyone passionate about handball dreams about. Whether you are a fan or a coach, a journalist, professional player or an aspiring youngster, the EHF Final4 in Cologne is the place to be come June, if handball is what runs in your blood. SUPPORT VELUX EHF F4 LIKEView Results handball person 2013Velux EHF F4 read more

FULL PACKAGE IN PLOCK SG Flensburg divide Group A on two parts

SG Flensburg won in Plock against Wisla 34:30 (17:15) and divided group A of the VELUX EHF Champions League on two parts! It’s now clear that in the most dangerous position for the placement among TOP 6 will be RK Celje Pivovarna Laško and Turkish Besiktas MOGAZ.However, German team showed self-confidence and won points on the place where Veszprem lost one at the start of the competition.Rasmus Lauge Schmidt was most efficient with nine goals in the winning team, while Bosnian NT playmaker Marko Tarabochia netted five in the squad of Manolo Cadenas.Orlen Wisła Płock – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 30:34 (13:17)Wisła: Wichary, Corrales – Daszek 2, Wiśniewski 2, Ghionea 4/3, Nikcević 2, Kwiatkowski, Rocha 1, Oneto 4, Racotea 1, Pusica, Zelenović 3, Montoro 2, Tarabochia 5, Konitz 2, Żytnikow 2.Flensburg: Andersson, Moller – Svan 1, Wanne, Toft Hansen 3, Radivojević, Karlsson, Mahe 2, Eggert 8/1, Glandorf 8, Mogensen 2, Djordić, Jakobsson, Lauge Schmidt 9.STANDINGS: 1. Paris Saint-Germain Handba…6501196:173(23)10 6. Orlen Wisla Plock6114157:181(-24)3 5. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …6303152:154(-2)6 Orlen Wisla PlockSG Flensburg ← Previous Story EHF CL: Away wins for Baia Mare and Kadetten Schaffhausen! Next Story → HAMMER: Mikkel Hansen “DING-DONG” against Mirko Alilović 4. SG Flensburg-Handewitt6402183:162(21)8 7. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko6105157:170(-13)2 2. MVM Veszprém6411165:152(13)9 8. Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu6105157:198(-41)2 3. THW Kiel6402180:157(23)8 read more

DOMINATION El Jaish Sports Club win Qatari Championship

El Jaish Sports Club win Qatari championship 2015/2016! The best team of Asia showed dominance in the 22 matches of the domestic Championship led by Spanish coach Toni Gerona. The “Army team” had impressive score of 21 wins and one draw, which was more than enough to take the first spot ahead of the biggest rival – “Police”, Lekhwiya team.STANDINGS:1 El Jaish 65 22 21 1 0 679 – 486 1932 Lekhwiya 56 22 17 0 5 678 – 589 893 Al Rayyan 52 22 14 2 6 611 – 559 524 Al-Gharfa 52 22 12 6 4 562 – 537 255 Al-Quyiada 51 22 13 3 6 679 – 582 976 Al Wakra 44 22 10 2 10 577 – 588 -117 Al Ahli 41 22 8 3 11 575 – 587 -128 Al-Arabi 40 22 8 2 12 608 – 645 -379 Al Sadd Doha 36 22 6 2 14 603 – 620 -1710 Qatar SC 36 22 6 2 14 635 – 676 -4111 Al-Sahmal 28 22 2 2 18 538 – 702 -16412 Al Khour 27 22 2 1 19 494 – 668 -174 el jaish sports clubQatari handball ← Previous Story EHF CL weekend BEST 7 with three PSG stars Next Story → Marin Šego to PICK Szeged read more

Czech Republic win in Poland in front of 5000 fans

Despite series of bad results and agony of Polish handball since Rio 2016 where they ended fourth, over 5.000 fans supported their team at home in defeat over the biggest surprise of Men’s EHF EURO 2018 – team of Czech Republic 21:25.POLAND – CZECH REPUBLIC 21:25 (10:14)Poland: Malcher, Kornecki – Daćko 1, Krajewski 2, Walczak, Nogowski, Łangowski 1, Genda 3, Potoczny 2, Moryto 2, Daszek 1, M. Gębala, Bąk, Przybylski 2, Paczkowski 2, Gierak, T. Gębala 4, Chrapkowski 1.Czech Republic: Galia, Adamik – Hrstka, Becvar, Jurka, Hanisch 1, Horak 4, Kontrc 1, Kasperek 4, Babak 3, Slachta, Petrovsky 5, Skvaril, Zdrahala 3, Cip 1, Mubenzem 1, Kasal. Czech Republic handballPolish Handball ← Previous Story Sweden with +7 over Croatia Next Story → Swiss team with two wins in Portugal read more

World record Daredevil Felix Baumgartner skydives from 242 miles above Earth

first_imgSKYDIVER FELIX BAUMGARTNER has made aviation history – setting a new world record for the highest ever skydive.The Austrian daredevil jumped from a record 24.2 miles above Earth – setting new world records for the fastest human freefall, the highest skydive and the highest manned flight in a balloon.The 43-year-old jumped after a 140-minute journey brought him from a base at Roswell, New Mexico to 128,000 feet above ground at about 7:10pm Irish time.He was in freefall for about four-and-a-half minutes before deploying a parachute and gliding to the ground – landing on his feet.A spokeswoman later added that Baumgartner had broken the sound barrier in his freefall back to Earth – becoming the first person ever to do so unaided.His capsule was being parachuted back to Earth, and carrying a trove of readings and data which engineers hope can eventually be used to ensure the safety of regular civilian spaceflight.Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil and skydiver, had been preparing for the mission for years – and in July successfully jumped to Earth from 18 miles.Two attempts earlier this week had to be aborted due to inclement weather conditions, and today’s attempt was delayed for several hours as mild ground winds posed a risk to the balloon that was bringing the Austrian into the air.The mission director for the Red Bull Stratos project, Joseph Kittinger, held the previous record for the highest skydive, at 19 miles.last_img read more

Deadline for submissions on Eirgrids Gridlink project closes tomorrow

first_imgEIRGRID’S DEADLINE FOR for public submissions on the Gridlink project expires tomorrow, however the construction of huge electricity pylons across the country are coming under increased criticism by opposition groups.It has been argued that the pylons – to be built as part of three projects  – are needed to service the grid and for the creation of jobs and infrastructure.The Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton weighed in on the debate, by telling The Irish Times that the Gridlink development, which will stretch from Cork to Wexford, is crucial to regional job creation.Controversy The controversial project would see the construction of hundreds of kilometres of overhead power lines suspended by pylons throughout the south-east. At a number of recent public meetings across the country has resulted in Eirgrid coming in for criticism over its public consultation approach.Those living in affected areas have voiced their concern about potential impacts on the environment, their health and property prices, with demonstrations against the building of pylons now gaining force and protest groups established all over the country.Despite the wind and rain, a march against pylons took place at Vinegar Hill in Wexford yesterday, in what organisers said would be the first of many in their campaign(Wexford Eirgrid Action Group Facebook Page)In response to the Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte stating there has to be a “trade off between the comforts of modern civilization and some element of intrusion” the group said that it is an intrusion on their health, history, culture, tourism, environment and livelihoods that is making them stand up against the development.SubmissionsMinister Rabbitte is expected to meet with the board and senior management of Eirgrid later this week to discuss submissions made. The minister has previously said that he would like to see “Eirgrid do everything it reasonably can to secure community acceptance”.Eirgrid plans to re-submit a planning application to An Bord Pleanála in early 2014 to erect over 400 pylons across Meath, Cavan, Monaghan, Armagh and Tyrone. Poll: Are you concerned about plans to build more electricity pylons?>Read: ‘They were whipped into line’: Committee backs appointment of Eirgrid chairman>last_img read more

Is there life on Mars Ten years on the Opportunity rover is

first_imgWithin just months of landing on the surface Spirit had verified that the 100km wide crater it landed in was indeed a vast lake in its early history, Opportunity’s landing was nothing short of remarkable. It scored a ‘cosmic hole in one’ by inadvertently landing within a tiny 22m wide crater upon a vast flat plain called Meridiani Planum, suspected to have been a sea on Mars billions of years ago.When Opportunity sent back images from the Meridiani Planum, the structure and salt deposits shown verified for that it had indeed been a sea on Mars billions of years ago.John Callas, Mars Exploration Rovers project manager. (Pic: AP Photo/Reed Saxon)Since then, Opportunity has survived four Martian winters at temperatures below -100 degrees Celsius and trekked for three years across 20 km of sandy plains to its current location at the rim of Endeavour Crater.“It has been reprogrammed from Earth to be an autonomous artificial–intelligent ‘thinking machine’ capable of planning excursion and scientific investigations on its own and without instruction from Earth,” explains Nolan.The power levels on the solar-powered rover have unexpectedly improved and a recent selfie by Opportunity showed dust on its solar panels wiped away by blowing winds.(Youtube / NASA)In 2012, Opportunity was joined on Mars by Curiosity, which is currently rolling across bumpy terrain toward a mountain.With snazzy tools like a laser, Curiosity quickly became the world’s favorite rover.But Opportunity snatched some of the attention back earlier this month when it discovered a rock shaped like a jelly doughnut that suddenly appeared in its field of view, probably after its wheel kicked it up. Scientists said it’s unlike any rock they’ve seen on Mars before.It costs about $14 million a year to maintain Opportunity and NASA periodically reviews missions that have been extended to decide where to invest scarce dollars.In several months, Opportunity will decamp from its winter haven and head south to what scientists are calling the mother lode a clay-rich spot that should yield more discoveries.- Additional reporting was provided by Associated Press.More information on Opportunity and its ten years on Mars can be found on the official NASA mission website. Read: Meet the Irish man who’s been shortlisted to go to Mars and never come back >Read: NASA’s MAVEN Mars mission launches from Kennedy Space Center > ON 24 JANUARY 2004 NASA achieved the still rarefied feat of successfully landing a rover on Mars. Opportunity was only supposed to explors the Martian surface for 90 days but today, 10 years on, it has driven driven for 40 km and is still going.One of its six wheels and two instruments stopped working long ago. It has an arthritic joint. Its flash memory occasionally suffers a senior moment, but it is still going.Opportunity’s twin, Spirit, stopped working in 2010 after getting stuck in some Martian sand.Their original goal was simple, to investigate whether there were once large bodies of standing water on the Red Planet.Kevin Nolan of the the Institute of Technology Tallaght and the Irish coordinator the Planetary Society, says their success was almost immediate:last_img read more

Revenue has almost more confidence in helpline after alleged fraud

first_imgTHE CHAIRPERSON OF the Revenue Commissioners, Josephine Feehily, has said that she has almost more confidence in the property tax helpline it uses following allegations of fraud.It emerged yesterday that an operator on the line has been suspended after unnecessarily asking customers for their credit card details.Feehily told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland this morning that the issue was raised by a customer using the helpline. She said that “nobody has suffered a loss”, which is the “most important” thing.The Revenue is going to continue using the company, Abtran, said Feehily. A worker at Cork-based Abtran’s telephone property tax helpline has been suspended following allegations that they inappropriately asked callers for their credit card details.The worker attempted to “effect transactions” but failed to do so, the company said. The incidents are now under investigation and gardaí have spoken to the employee involved, but there have been no arrests.ConfidentFeehily said that “in some ways I’d almost be more confident” in Abtran, saying the company is “very professional” and that it got a “fright” over the incident. She said that Revenue are expecting that their calls “will be monitored even more closely” and the service provided will be even more secure.Calls are dealt with by Abtran staff, but if they need to be escalated, are then sent on to Revenue staff. When asked if customers will mind not speaking to someone from Revenue on the helpline, Feehily said she didn’t think so, and that: I think that it’s about providing them with a secure, professional and competent service.Feehily said that she would like to assure people they can have trust in the helpline, and that the calls are supervised daily by her officers and there are Revenue employees working with Abtran and monitoring the calls closely.She added that she is satisfied that the issue came to light, and that it was handled professionally. Revenue will be meeting with Abtran to review all of their policies following this incident.Any customer with concerns about their payment can contact a dedicated Revenue number, 1890 22 63 36. This is a separate helpline and is not the one operated by Abtran.Read: Property Tax helpline staff member investigated over alleged card fraud>last_img read more

Police deploy in French schools after mass killing threat

first_imgPOLICE HAVE  BEEN deployed across high schools in the eastern French region of Strasbourg following internet threats by a young man to stage mass killings and shoot himself, a day after a gruesome suicide at a Paris primary school.The police also released photographs of the suspect, taken at an Internet cafe from where he posted his threat.“I live in a certain town where there is a certain high school and on Friday I will leave my mark in history,” the message said. “The lives of many, including mine, will end on this day.” My uncle has a hunting rifle and I have ‘borrowed’ his semi-automatic. I know how to use it and use it I will, believe me.Officials said 59 high schools in the Strasbourg region had been placed on alert with 750 police officers deployed.On Thursday, a 50-year-old man with a history of family problems shot himself dead with a sawed-off shotgun in a Paris primary school near the Eiffel Tower, in front of about a dozen stunned children.Police sources said the man, whose face was partly blown off, had apparently been depressed after separating from his wife in 2009. He had been a longtime resident of the neighbourhood and lived very close to the school.- © AFP, 2013last_img read more

Upset for Usain Bolt who loses out to Justin Gatlin in Rome

first_imgFive steps in I stumbled and I didn’t feel my legs, I guess I need to do more strength work,” he said. “It’s just (a question of) time this season, it’s back to ground zero. I was all over the place and at the end it just wasn’t me.”Bolt added, laughing: “At least I got under 10sec! At 50m I had some problems but the rest of my race wasn’t bad.”- © AFP, 2013YouTube credit: starboyunlimitedThe shin-kicking championships looks as painful as it sounds5 things to look out for in the NBA Finals AMERICAN JUSTIN GATLIN pipped six-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt to victory in the men’s 100 metres at the Rome Golden Gala, the fifth leg of the Diamond League, on Thursday.Gatlin came into the event buoyed by his victory in the opening leg in Doha and in Eugene last weekend, while Bolt was making his first appearance in Europe since his recent recovery from a hamstring injury.The American, an Olympic champion in 2004 who went on to serve a four-year doping ban, had a solid start and by 80 metres both he and Bolt were neck and neck as the pair pulled ahead of the field.As the finish approached Gatlin dipped his head over the line desperately, which was good enough to hand him the win in a time of 9.94sec, just outside his season’s best of 9.91 set in Beijing last month.Gatlin is shaping up to be one of Bolt’s biggest rivals this season but said times mattered little.“It’s about the dogfight, not (clocking a time of) 9.6(sec), it’s about putting a great show on,” said the American.Jamaican Bolt, the world record holder in 9.58sec, was second in a season best of 9.95, with Frenchman Jimmy Vicaut claiming a surprise third place finish ahead of American Michael Rodgers in a personal best of 10.02.Bolt admitted that after weeks on the sidelines trying to recover and with few top level races in his legs his technique was rusty.last_img read more

We might need the stretcher for the reshuffle €200000 boost for mountain

first_img Source: Órla Ryan/Twitter Selfie time with @campaignforleo— Órla Ryan (@orlaryan) June 26, 2014 “We might need the stretcher for the reshuffle.”— Órla Ryan (@orlaryan) June 26, 2014 Source: Órla Ryan/Twitter THE GOVERNMENT HAS announced it will provide a one-off grant of €200,000 for Mountain Rescue Ireland to purchase new vehicles and equipment.The announcement was made today by Transport Minister Leo Varadkar and Junior Tourism Minister Michael Ring.Chris English, team leader of the Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, said the money is the equivalent of “almost a full year’s running costs”.“It’s going to make a huge impact to the running of the teams across the country.”English said that in the last ten years there has a been a big increase in the number of people the group has to rescue annually.Some teams have seen this figure jump from 20-30 in 2004 to over 100 last year, thanks to increased hill walking and tourism.center_img Banking inquiryIn terms of the banking inquiry not being able to discuss what happening during 30 minutes of a crucial Cabinet meeting in the lead up to the bank guarantee six years ago, Varadkar said he was not overly familiar with the issue.“I had understood that we’d passed an amendment to the Constitution to allow for Cabinet confidentiality to be lifted in some cases, but I’d need to study it more closely first.”Related: ‘Busiest year yet’ for Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue TeamRead: ‘Ridiculous’: The banking inquiry won’t be able to discuss 30 minutes of a crucial Cabinet meeting That’s a significant increase over ten years, at a time when we’ve had our funding cut significantly.The organisation’s budget was cut by 40% up to 2012, but has remained steady since then. said that, as a voluntary society, Mountain Rescue is happy to fundraise part of its running costs. Currently they have to raise about two-thirds of the money, while the government gives them a grant for the remainder.He noted that the group would like to see this scenario reversed.Crucial equipmentVaradkar said that he would “love” to increase funding for the organisation, but could not promise anything in the next Budget. He added that the €200,000 grant would help them to purchase “crucial” vehicles and equipment.Mountain rescue teams play a hugely important role in supporting trekkers and mountaineers. Hill walking and adventure sports are getting more popular by the year, and play an increasingly important role in tourism.“The various mountain rescue teams work closely with the Irish Coast Guard and the Gardaí on rescue operations. My department has stabilised current funding for mountain rescue since the general election, providing €363,000 for day to day operations since then.”Minister Ring called on local authorities, particularly those in coastal counties, to set aside money in their budgets for mountain rescue teams, saying: “It’s the least they could do.”As a West of Ireland Minister I am very familiar with the excellent work done by mountain rescue teams. I want to pay tribute to the heroism of these brave men who go out in all conditions, throughout the year.“We have some of the harshest weather in the West of Ireland, and we feel the full force of the Atlantic storms. I’m delighted that we could make this special allocation.”Ring added that he would be “delighted to serve the country to the best of my ability” should he receive a promotion in the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle.Both Varadkar and Ring made a few quips that the Mountain Rescue’s stretcher might be needed following the reshuffle. OversightVaradkar said he plans to hold discussions with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald about improving the current oversight arrangements of the organisation.Under Ireland’s Framework for Emergency Management, mountain rescue teams fall under the remit of the Department of Justice and are called out by the Gardaí. However, the Department of Transport administers the grant scheme, while the Coast Guard chairs the National Coordinating Committee for Mountain and Cave Rescue.“We need greater clarity concerning which Department is responsible for funding and supporting mountain rescue teams. I intend to discuss this matter with my colleague Minister Fitzgerald and provide a better arrangement for mountain rescue,” Varadkar stated.Road SafetyHe noted that he had a “really productive” meeting with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and the PARC Road Safety Group yesterday.“We focused on practical things that we can do together, improving some of the administration in the courts service and also things like bringing in the third payment options when it comes to penalty points.”The third payment system would give people an extra chance to pay a penalty points-related fine before having to appear in court.Frances has a real feel and understanding for road safety so things are going really well.When asked how she compared to her predecessor, Varadkar said that Alan Shatter was “extremely busy obviously with a number of different matters”, adding: “He certainly did an excellent job in a number of areas.”“You’d be amazed sometimes at how hard it can be coordinate ministers’ diaries and get two in a room at the same time.”last_img read more

360degree 80 Gigapixel Panorama is Worlds Highest Resolution Image

first_imgthese suckers have no clue that they are being silently judged from a mile one of the world’s most fabled urban metropolises is ready for its close-up. really close-up. crazy close-up. eighty friggin’ gigapixel closeup!photographer jeffrey martin took this 80 billion pixel, 360-degree panoramic image over the course of three days from the top of the center point building by digitally combining 7,886 individual photos. if the image was printed at normal resolution, it would measure 115 feet long and 56 feet high. the image allows you to zoom in on pedestrians or people going about their business inside buildings far off in the distance. you are even able to zoom into the westminster clock face to read the time from a mile and a half away.faces were blurred to protect their privacy and, according to the daily mail, the photographic team also had to censor one image described as “naughty,” though they declined to tell where it is or what uniquely british form of waggery transpired.last_img read more

This iPhone Dock Has No Wires

first_imgIf you’re the type who has wood paneling in their car, a bamboo iPhone case, and a solid-wood desk, the Koostik iPhone Dock will fit perfectly with your motif: it’s an iPhone dock that’s made entirely of wood, with no wires or speakers at all. The dock is designed to amplify the sound from the iPhone’s built-in speaker using the natural acoustics carved into the wood, and the folks behind it say it can make your iPhone’s speakerphone up to four times louder than it already is. The Koostik will set you back $90 retail (with free shipping,) mostly because each one is hand-carved by the master woodworker who invented it. You can order them in a variety of colors and wood varieties, including combinations of Maple, Walnut, and Cherry faces and bodies. It’s not built to be a replacement for an electronic dock or amplifier, and it won’t charge your iPhone because it doesn’t require electricity. Still, if you like a touch of elegance on your desk or just love all things wood, the Koostik is for you. AdChoices广告last_img read more

How Chris Lees Shirtless Pictures Makes Everyone Like Gawker Again

first_imgAfter rolling out a site-wide redesign on the 7th, Gawker seemingly became the most universally disliked thing on the Web since Kenneth Cole put down the BlackBerry and stepped away from Twitter. The site was almost universally deemed unreadable by users, prompting founder Nick Denton to tell his staff to, “stay cool: we’ve been through worse backlashes.”And then site uncovered a picture of a Republican congressman flexing shirtless in fron of the bathroom mirror, MySpace style. Christopher Lee of New York, apparently looking for ladies on the “Women for Men” section of the site’s personals, sent the image to a woman asking to “prove to me not all CL men look like toads.” Lee’s e-mail stated that he was a “divorced…fit fun classy guy.”Thing is, the congressman is married.Lee resigned from office soon after, stating in a press release, “I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents. I deeply and sincerely apologize to them all. I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness.”The New Yorker points out that the story has really gone a ways toward validating Denton’s insistence that the blog format has the tendency to bury important stories. With the new format, Gawker has been able to continually promote what it has deemed an incredibly important scoop.It’s what they call “the old shirtless congressman play” in football.last_img read more

California Tops List of Top 10 Solar States

first_imgThe New York Times has released a list of the top 10 solar states, and California has come out on top. In fact, California’s solar output makes up 47 percent of all that comes out of the United States.That puts second place New Jersey at a distant second, with 14 percent. But those two states completely dominate the list, as the rest goes as follows:AdChoices广告3. Colorado: 5 percent4. Arizona: 5 percent5. Nevada: 5 percent6. Florida: 4 percent7. New York: 3 percent8. Pennsylvania: 3 percent9. New Mexico: 2 percent10. North Carolina: 2 percentBut not everybody is happy about the influx of solar panels. “It’s just an eyesore,” one New Jersey resident told the Times. The state is currently in the process of a solar revolution, which aims to have 23 percent of New Jersey’s electricity coming from renewable sources.last_img read more

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will support Kinect

first_imgHalo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be the first Halo game to support Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. That much was confirmed by Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s general manaer of game studios, during an interview with GameSpot yesterday.Beyond that we know very little of exactly how Kinect input will be added to Microsoft’s number one gaming brand. What we can be sure of is Microsoft won’t mess with the Halo formula, and at the very least any Kinect input will be an option, not something you can’t turn off.AdChoices广告The question remains as to how Kinect can improve upon an FPS? Forza 4 is using it for head tracking so the driver will look in the direction the player does, but is there an equivalent for Halo?The one area we could imagine it being used is for secondary weapons e.g. throwing a grenade, or for using melee weapons. But there’s no way Microsoft could ditch the main controller completely, is there? We suspect any Kinect functionality will be tacked on so you’ll be carrying out actions while holding your controller, so don’t get carried away and throw it at your TV in the heat of battle.Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is currently undergoing an update for its 10th anniversary at 343 Industries and Saber Interactive for re-release on the Xbox 360 on November 15. Expect HD visuals, tweaked controls, 7 multiplayer maps ready for Xbox Live play, achievements, and the now confirmed Kinect input in some form. Microsoft is also teasing some new fiction to uncover on the official website for the game.via GameSpotlast_img read more