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Next month, the official implementation of the online shopping regulations should be open to the rea

online shopping industry can no longer be. Yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally promulgated the "Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), in order to improve the overall quality and market competitiveness of the network operators and network service providers. The approach focuses on the principle of protection of consumer rights in the online transactions, will be formally implemented in July 1st. read more

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A Chinese girl in the practice of the sraeli start-up company notes

had the magazine scoring competitions on the global multi national image, because Israel is due to the Middle East and around the country with conflicts, people always instinctively equating it to the Arabia Iraq, Palestine and other countries. In fact, Israel as a Jewish state, since its inception, has some of the characteristics of the Jews, especially scientific and technological achievements.

a book about Israel, the kingdom of entrepreneurship, is a book that every one of us will come to israel. The book referred to a paragraph: read more

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Electricity supplier price war playing the opponent is injured teammates

from the 8.15 electricity price war has been over the past two months, although the Gome, Suning and Jingdong and several business enterprise sales performance in the war has soared, can say is the winner. But there will be casualties in the war, and the price war is the most injured than the major electricity supplier teammates – suppliers.

supplier into supply injury

It is reported that the Jingdong

, the micro-blog mall price war demand is too low, in August this year, Haier has terminated cooperation with Jingdong mall. Gome and Suning are still working with the United States, because they are unified procurement of online and offline, so it can not be avoided. read more

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Taobao store network red business beautiful young + millions of fans

two days ago, the national husband Wang Sicong stir fried a girl. However, before the couple with a few rumored girlfriend, the network on the girl’s praise of the sound, the reason is: the United States and their ability to make money. Allegedly, the girl is a net red (referred to as the web), with a "money lady" of the Taobao store, only three years, annual sales of 200 million yuan. Her personal micro-blog has about 800000 fans, comparable to the stars.

network will be a fan of millions of purchasing power read more

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Double 11 online shopping Carnival countdown 360 three huge benefits kuangsong one hundred million

core tip: the annual double 11 online shopping feast is about to open. November 4th to 11, 360 launched a special poly Hui 11.11, the purchase of large price promotions is not as the theme of the three huge benefits crazy hit, 360 browser users shopping can not only receive the total value of one hundred million yuan coupons, a chance to get…… once a year "double 11 online shopping feast is about to open. November 4th to 11, 360 launched a special "poly Hui 11.11, low price promotions large enough" as the theme of the three huge benefits crazy hit, 360 browser users shopping can not only receive the total value of one hundred million yuan coupons, a chance to get a Benz GLA car, iPhone6, the right to use the Canon SLR camera other awards. read more

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Jingdong push public logistics package by square dance aunt completed the last mile

Zhao Chenting

by the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong personally led the O2O project team, in the 618 anniversary of the Jingdong on the day of the ceremony finally emerges, which is also home Jingdong President Wang Zhijun at the Jingdong home products on-line public debut.

Jingdong home clothing is a new green, I told you in this form of clothing, Jingdong O2O is different from the traditional business of Jingdong." Dressed in green T-shirt Wang Zhijun told the first financial daily reporters. read more

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The electronic commerce layout decision model B2B2C final chengdaqi

e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, the model for electronic commerce is becoming more and more fierce, everyone wants to find an optimal mode, after all decide the mode of development, but to a great extent, the layout is determined by the choice of pattern direction.

mode evolution, B2B2C trend

has two typical cases in the mode of e-commerce, is a big Chen Tianqiao, another is the electronic commerce big ma.

when Shi Yuzhu spent a lot of money to play a game, then ask Chen Tianqiao to play and creative team dinner, after Shi Yuzhu to three times the salary from the team, 4 years after Shi Yuzhu’s giant market, profit more than a grand. After Chen made a change: since I can’t be creative monopoly in this industry, then I will monopolize the whole market. Let go in the development of this link, turn to other chain rules, absorb new world order to make agents, to acquire, achievement of a stable and open platform. Chen to his transformation, with his B2B2C achievements of today’s strong position of a grand: to 20% share of the Chinese online game market leader. read more

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Besides AdSense cooperation model

Google does not prohibit AdSense cooperation, therefore, webmasters can rest assured, do not worry about violations. So, what exactly is AdSense cooperation?

is definitely not to cheat, but said, similar to the operation of a single account, in accordance with the requirements of the AdSense on the web site, advertising AdSense in formal way difference is that the mode of cooperation, is the same AdSense account under the ad code, while put to many webmaster website, webmaster to the mode of organization together to form a coalition. read more

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Teachers and students social learning website Edmodo financing $25 million

NetEase Francisco July 19th message, according to foreign media reports, the teachers and students interactive learning website announced the day before Edmodo, the company completed $25 million C round of financing. This round of financing by the global venture capital industry one of the leaders of the company NEA New Enterprise Associates (NEA) led by Vc firm Greylock Partners, Benchmark Capital, Union Square Ventures and Learn Capital participated in the round.

this round of financing, new investors NEA partner Toni · Florence (Tony Florence) to become a member of the board of directors. Currently, the total amount of financing Edmodo has reached $47 million 500 thousand. read more

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Commercial email does not specify the maximum penalty 30 thousand

Reporter yesterday learned through the relevant channels, 2, the Ministry of information industry officially released its website in the "measures" the administration of Internet e-mail services, the "measures" provisions include commercial advertising content in the Internet to send e-mail, if not marked "advertisement" or "AD" the message header information before being a fine of 30 thousand yuan will be the sender.

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