Buses resume transporting school children

first_imgKuru Kuru deplorable roadsAfter children were forced to walk at least two miles to get to and from school for several days, buses transporting these students to the Kuru Kuru Primary and Secondary Schools on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway have resumed their services as a section of the deplorable road was rehabilitated.A section of the road that was being rehabilitatedThis was related by a teacher at the school on Thursday during an interview with Guyana Times.According to him, “They (the contractors) only did a part of the road so the buses have resumed working and so the children are transported directly into school at the moment”. Those buses, he related, would have resumed working a few days after the workers began doing upgrades to that section of the road.It was further pointed out that there seems to be plans to fix other parts of the road as was related to him by the equipment operator. To add to that, the teacher said he even observed some materials which is most likely going to be used to fix the roads.While the residents remain thankful for the works being done to the road, they also clamoured for the rest of the road to be properly fixed to avoid future mishaps. School buses were forced to halt their services late last month after the roads became so bad that the buses almost toppled a number of times on the bumpy roads, lined with holes described as ‘craters’. Parents became fearful upon learning what almost happened to their children on their way to school and staged a protest, which triggered the rehabilitation works. The parents had vowed to continue industrial action until the authorities looked into the situation.It was explained that, “The buses used to go directly into the compound but due to the condition of the road they have to walk in…they are left to walk about two miles in because the entire journey is approximately two and a half miles. The entire journey (from when the bus turns off the Linden Highway) is about two miles”.At that time buses used to transport the children up to where it is safe for the vehicles, which is about half mile and would offload the children to continue their journey by foot.last_img

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